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Travis Childers for D.C. Council? Stick to Mississippi, Activists Say

Activists with DC Votewhose executive director Ilir Zherka figures heavily into this week's City Paper cover story by writer Byron Tau staged a "file-in" demonstration on Capitol Hill yesterday, one by one filing into the offices of U.S. Rep. Travis Childers in protest of the Mississippi Democrat's efforts to gut the District's gun laws.

It was Childers' 11th-hour gun amendment that ultimately cost the District its best opportunity in years to finally obtain a vote in Congress.

Soft-spoken former D.C. Shadow Representative John Capozzi (as seen in the above video) politely encouraged Childers' staff to have him run for D.C. Council if he's so interested in local policy. "That seat is actually open right now," Capozzi noted.

Tau reports that the demonstration represents a return to more direct action on the part of the District's leading voting-rights advocacy organization, which has relied more heavily on consensus building in recent years, as a viable voting-rights bill had become a priority for the Democratic leadership. Or so it seemed.

Zherka tells Tau, "Given that we're stuck, and Democrats are either partially or mostly to blame at this point, it seems clear that we need to engage in more aggressive tactics to call attention to Democrats who are stymieing."

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  • Manor

    DC Vote, you should be organizing a siege of the capital, not a file in. Shut them down!

  • Typical DC BS

    Ho hum (yawn). Leave it to this idiotic organization to demonstrate against someone who at least has the balls to OPENLY contest the District's illegal ban on firearms, rather than the gutless Democrats who won't answer DC's whining about representation with the only plan that will work - making DC part of Maryland again.

  • Mike Licht

    Congressman Travers' House office: 202-225-4306

    Is it busy? Call his district offices:
    Tupelo: (662) 841-8808
    Hernando:(662) 449-3090
    Columbus: (662) 327-0748

    Be nice.

  • Guest

    All the criminals in DC already have -- and use -- guns. They use them with such a cavalier attitude because they know DC residents who look law-abiding are unarmed and unable to defend themselves.

    Let the citizens of DC defend themselves! Even allowing a fairly restrictive concealed weapons permit will do wonders for reducing DC crime because of the deterrence effect alone.

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