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Tampering Suspect ‘Didn’t Give a Shit’ About Touching Stuff at Scene of Robert Wone’s Murder

1509 Swann Street NW, rear view

1509 Swann Street NW, rear view

"I didn't give a shit what I touched," Joe Price told investigators as he tried to explain his state of mind upon discovering the bloodied body of longtime friend Robert Wone in a guest bedroom of his Dupont Circle home one August night back in 2006.

Price admitted to touching Wone's t-shirt and also a knife that appeared to be the murder weapon. But he denied moving the body at all beyond grabbing Wone's arm to check for a pulse. The touchy admissions came during a videotaped police interrogation the morning after Wone's murder.

Prosecutors aired the video Thursday as they continue to make their case against Price and housemates Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky, who stand accused of conspiracy, tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice in connection to Wone's killing. (Murder charges have never been filed in the case.)

The defendants have long maintained that an unknown intruder broke into their house at 1509 Swann Street NW and stabbed their friend to death. On the video, Price was adamant about making that point. "I don't have any doubts that the guy left something," he said. Price also voiced criticism about the police's handling of the investigation. "I've seen FBI agents interrogating terrorists who were more professional," he said.

Price further emphasized his belief in his housemates' innocence. "I don't have one itty bitty doubt," he said. "They couldn't spank a child."

An interrogating detective estimated that "it would be almost impossible" for an intruder to scale a fence enclosing the home's backyard, as the suspects had suggested. Price, however, pointed to a car parked nearby, which he theorized that the perpetrator could have used to boost himself over the tall enclosure.

Staff photo by Alex Burchfield and Kim Chi Ha

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  • DC Voter

    "I've seen FBI agents interrogating terrorists who were more professional," he said.

    I would hope so, idiot. We're in even more of a mess of trouble if the FBI isn't more professional then the MPD under the leadership of "Hogtie" Lanier.

    I can honestly say that if I came across the bloody aftermath of a good friend being stabbed 3 times in the chest in my home that my first thought would most likely not be that of concern to not touch anything for fear that later down the line I would be suspected of tampering with a crime scene. Especially, if i didn't know if there might still be a chance to save his/her life. Just sayin"!

  • Manor

    "They couldn't spank a child."

    Umm, wasn't the house full of hundreds of BDSM items? Methinks they could give a right good spanking.

  • Typical DC BS

    Joseph Price, prepare for your ultimate fantasy: attempting to try your domination fantasies on DC Jail crooks.

  • jonny

    hey price dont worry you guys will get all thge sex you need in prison. just be sure to have plenty of ky jelly and vaseline.