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Park Service Recognizes City Paper for Journalistic Gold

City Paper contributor Franklin Schneider continues to earn raves for his recent cover story, "Panned in D.C.," including this blind item on the National Park Service's web site:

A recent article in the local Washington, DC press documented the activities of several persons who were panning for gold in Rock Creek Park. It is critical that park visitors understand that any recreational or commercial activity that damages, harms or removes any natural, cultural or archeological resource is illegal. Violators are subject to fines and criminal prosecution by the United States Park Police.

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  • Erik Wemple

    Where's the link, NPS?

  • Josh Bowers

    Here is a wonderful new clue about the marker by the creek near the maintenance yard in Rock Creek Park. At the nearby Nature Center there is a 1867 map on the counter that indicates a road once led directly to the location of the marker in the creek. You can find the map on-line by searching Google with "Topographical sketch of the environs of Washington, D.C. : (survey of locality for public park & site for a presidential mansion) / to accompany report of N. Michler, Major of Eng'rs, Bvt. Brig. Gen'l U.S.A." The map on-line can be enlarged for detailed viewing of the site. There is a very large field on the map where the Rock Creek Maintenance Yard is now located. There with no structures indicated on the map. It is very odd that a road would lead across the field and terminate in the deep raven where the marker is located by the creek. The existence of the road indicates there was sufficient traffic to the creek to require the building and maintenance of the road across the middle of the field.