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Stripper Names Redskins’ Haynesworth in Paternity Suit

Describing the latest Albert Haynesworth scandal using only his preferred barroom parlance: The skinny bitch ain't on the rag.

(Hold hate mail until you read all links, please.)

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  • Rick Mangus

    Let's see a sports figure and a stripper, where have I heard that before!, humm!

  • Sean

    you link wasn't working when I tried it. Were you using this one?

  • Dave McKenna

    Sean: thanks for the bad link tip. should be fixed. and, yes, that was the same stripper suing albert haynesworth story that i was referring to.

  • sedcdude

    Ol' RICKY, thought I smelt your LEAKNESS, bizness as usual I see, HYPOCRITE, MUCH!