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Suspect Zaborsky’s Alibi: Watching Project Runway During Robert Wone’s Murder

Homicide detective Robert Lewis took the stand Wednesday, as the trial of three Dupont Circle housemates accused of covering up the 2006 murder of D.C. attorney Robert Wone continued with yet more video footage of police interrogations of the suspects.

This time, the video featured defendant Victor Zaborsky, dressed casually in a t-shirt collared shirt and jeans.

Among the details Zaborsky ends up relating is that he and fellow defendants Joe Price and Dylan Ward had steaks for dinner the evening Wone, who would later arrive to "crash" on a a sofa bed, was killed. Wone was stabbed three times in the chest area.

Zaborsky also states that when Wone arrived late that evening, he was already in his room, watching television.  Zaborsky says that he caught popular reality show Project Runway that night. He was eventually joined by Price and went to bed, he says. At one point in the interview, Det. Lewis stands up and crosses his arms as he listens to Zaborsky's story.

The defendants maintain that an unknown intruder broke-in and killed their friend.

"You see why it's kind of hard for us to believe right off the cuff," Det. Lewis says during the interrogation.

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  • Rick Mangus

    He should of been watch, 'Law and Order' or 'Lock-up'!

  • tomdc1

    You forgot to mention on the tape that the defendant was told that the other two had already told the truth (on him) and he had better say something to get off. Still after hours of questioning he held up. Pretty incredible.

    This is a horrible case of homophobia and self-hate by the local gay community that's played up for financial reasons by gays. Strangely, it's the straights who realize what a travesty of justice it is.

  • Rick Mangus

    'tomdc1', as a gay man if you think that this case and the police action is homophobic that your more stupid than your comments show. That house and these three was known in the gay community in Dupont to be party central with 'Tina' on the side, get it!

  • tomdc1

    Rick- The vigilante website set up to promote this prosecution is revolting. Tried to get money from defendants who refused. So worried there is too much reverse discrimination in DC in favor of blacks and gays. Yep, the detective's statement sums it up- "We all know what happens when three homosexuals are alone in a house with a straight man drinking wine." No homophobia there just common sense. Rape, murder, and cover up (by substituting their own knife for the murder knife) within 20 minutes. Yes, there is stupidity involved.