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Morning Roundup: Lazy Soccer Players Edition

C-Seedorf-1Good morning, Washington. For those who missed it, President Obama is sending 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to fix that “darned fence.” But Arizonans still aren’t satisfied.

Closer to home, prosecutors continued their marathon screening of police interrogation video in the Robert Wone murder-conspiracy trial yesterday, including footage of interviews with suspects Joseph Price and Dylan Ward. The gay men asserted – decisively – that Wone was not their “cup of tea;” but he was “a very good friend.” The pair also maintain that an unknown intruder broke in and stabbed their pal to death. But the one-armed man has yet to be found. Cops testified yesterday to finding no latent fingerprints on a backyard fence that the supposed burglar would have used in order to gain entry into the house.

Could a European soccer team be less enthusiastic about playing in the U.S.? Fans attending tonight’s D.C. United game against Italian powerhouse AC Milan shouldn’t set their expectations too high. Quoted in WaPo, AC Milan star and Dutch soccer hero Clarence Seedorf set the mood of the match:

“Well, we’re not motivated. We’re just not motivated.”

Seriously, dude? You’ve got all summer to lounge around in your coffeeshops and drink Amstel, so at least act like you care about playing in the U.S. It looks like U.S. soccer still has a ways to go in earning world-class respect.

Montgomery County public schools are removing police officers from their hallways in an attempt to remedy the county’s budget shortfalls, reports The Examiner. Parents fear that the cutbacks could lead to increased crime.

In other news, the war over a citywide soda tax hasn’t died out, after all. Vince Gray’s proposed beverage tax would include all sodas and artificially sweetened beverages, and help kids lose weight – so they say.

Photo by Elena Rybakova/Wikimedia Commons

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  • soda disaster

    Why not shut Whole Foods down instead?

    That store refuses to sell diet soda.

    When I asked why, I was told it is because the store believes artificial ingredients in diet soda will kill you, assuming diabetes doesn't get you first.

  • Rick Mangus

    A solution to the dumb ass, nanny state soda tax, give each member of the city council a bottle of soda, have them shake the bottle vigorously, open the bottle and stick it up their ass!

  • melissa

    I'll start worrying about the price of my soda after they take down the dang fence.

  • jammin with jimbu

    I hope Montgomery County also removes any soda machines from its school's hallways. But then, does the school get revenue from its high fructose corn syrup pushers? Who are the real criminals in school hallways?

  • Rick Mangus

    'jammin with jimbu', some of the profits from in school vending machines goes to some school activities, but don't paint the soft drink industry as the main problem. I feel that the main problem is kids and adults sitting around in doors video games!

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