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Defense Hounds Cops for Questioning Robert Wone’s Sexuality

Defense attorneys hounded investigators on Tuesday about their apparent obsession with murdered attorney Robert Wone's sexuality.

The subject is a recurring line of questioning during video footage of police interrogations of supects Joe Price and Dylan Ward, who alongside housemate Victor Zaborsky, stand accused of covering up Wone's killing.

While interviewing defendant Price on the night of crime, for instance, Detective Daniel Wagner asked whether Wone, a married man, was seeking "a little experimentation" while staying the night at the house of the three gay men now charged in connection to his murder. (Police asked similar questions of suspect Ward, who replied, "I didn't get any sort of vibe.")

Cross-examined by defense attorney Bernie Grimm about why he pursued that line of questioning, the detective replied that he simply found it odd that Wone didn't want to go home to his wife in Oakton, Va., that night.

Grimm also tried to raise doubts about investigators' thoroughness in processing the crime scene, asking whether Wagner had tried to obtain the phone numbers of contractors performing work on the house around the time the crime was committed. Wagner indicated he did not.

The defense contends that an unknown intruder had broken into the house and killed Wone.

Grimm challenged investigators' determination that no one had scaled the back fence based on undisturbed soil.

"Our conclusion was that no one had come over [the fence]," Wagner said.

"Based on the dirt?" Grimm asked.

"Yes," Wagner said.

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  • Rick Mangus

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck, it's not a dog!

  • sedcdude

    what difference does WONG's sexuality make when these 3 GUMPS sadistically killed this dude for SEXUAL DEVIANCE only!?

    hEY Ricky, you know suntin' don'chu girl?

  • Rick Mangus

    'sedcdude', you must be out of rehab. and back on that rock again!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    This is really the first time I've heard of gay on straight murder, but SEDC thinks it's some sort of epidemic sparred on by sadistic gay sexual deviants. Hmmm, interesting, but I wonder when compared to reality of who really commits DC crimes- most are committed by young, poor, black, straight males not older wealthy white gay men. You fucking douche.



    I love the Washington City Paper blog. It's always like Comedy Central up in here.

    I also wondering why a straight married male would spend the night with 3 gay males?


    I wondered why a straight married male would spend the night with 3 gay males?

    I don't think Mr. Wong was 100% straight. Maybe he was trying to come out of the closet or was on the down low.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Ward- he was roommates with Price in College. If you've attended college and have friends from this period of time, why would it be so out of place to stay over a night at someone he thought he knew and trusted. If it was experimentation, then why was he drugged, molested, and murdered. It doesn't add up. This has nothing to do with the victim's sexuality. It might have something to do with the defendants' however (motive for the assault).


    I attended college with lots of guys, but why in the heck would I want to go spend the night with them, unless I am visiting NYC, Philly, Jersey, or some place like that. But to spend the night with a college friend who's now a grown ass man and gay in the D.C. area, this don't make any sense. The man being gay doesn't bother me, but for him to spend the night with these gay freaks, he should have known better. He was asking for trouble and I don't think the man was 100% heterosexual.


    P.S. This is like spending the night with Miss Catania or Miss Graham, knowing these two Queens are perverts. What heterosexual man would want to spend the night with Miss Graham or Miss Catania knowing they are homosexuals?

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    One that's secured about his sexuality instead of fighting it like you are. I'm sure Wone could have found another alternative to explore his sexuality, than visiting a supposed friend and going to bed with 30 minutes of arriving. Not a wild, provocative night by any means. The guy was tired, crashed at his college roommate's house, and unfortunately, this happened. But to have assholes like you attack the man and someone make it seem as he's responsible because he put himself in a shady situation is just fucking stupid. But it's what I've come to expect from you Ward4, you dumbass.

  • Rick Mangus

    Here's the thing, Wone did not live that far away in Oakton, VA for Christ sake it's not that far away! Before I moved into town I use to live in Poolesville, MD, now that's far away!

  • Jesse Helms

    Adrian if you were a homosexual, you would be my kind of white boy.

    Rick and Ward 4 do make good points.

  • Jesse Helms

    Ward 4 I don't thin a gay man would want to spend the night with Miss Catania or Miss Graham. These are two ugly old Queens.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    The liberal Council of the District of Columbia has turned D.C. into Sodom & Gomorrah. D.C. will be destroyed soon! Any and everythings goes in D.C. I wouldn't be shocked if the D.C. Council allow Dogs to marry Cats.

    "Then the Lord rained brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the Lord out of the heavens" Genesis 19:24. "Turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly" II Peter 2:6. (The word for "example" means an exhibit for warning.)

  • steve

    Robert was not gay. Take it from a friend.

  • Black Omega

    The accused sound like monsters. How could this guy not know about their strange behavior?

  • Rick Mangus

    'Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich', "And the Lord said unto you, don't make ignorant statements on thy blog"!

  • sedcdude


    this OVER explains and leads me down the ROAD to redemption! Makes me pinch myself in order to let me know I'M NOT DREAMING when I read your perturbed perspective on ANYTHING!


    The fact that JESSE would state the obvious should render your clown ass silent for all future INTENT and PURPOSES!

    I'm with you WARD, BTW how you been??
    Alotta variables to consider, but WONG'S sexuality ain't 1 of em!