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Defense: Missing Blood Theory in Robert Wone Case Based on Faulty Tests

Defense attorney Thomas Connolly charged Monday that investigators' conspiracy theory in the puzzling case of murdered attorney Robert Wone is based partly on faulty blood testing.

Connolly pointed to some 170 items in the house where Wone was found dead in 2006 that initially tested positive for traces of blood. All 170 items were shipped to the FBI for further testing. Every test came back negative.

"You came to form a belief with these presumptive tests that there was a lot of unaccounted blood," Connolly said during the cross-examination of a police evidence technician on Monday.

Attorneys for alleged conspirators Joe Price, Dylan Ward and Victor Zaborsky, each charged with covering up Wone's murder, have complained about investigators' methods of testing for blood for at least the past year, court records show.

According to a motion to compel discovery filed last May:

In an apparent attempt to identify blood inside of 1509 Swann St., government investigators sprayed a forensic chemical substance known as Ashley's Reagent throughout the house. The application of the chemical led the investigators to concolude that dozens of spots were 'presumably positive' for blood. When tested by the FBI, however, they proved not to be blood at all.

In response to a request about the widespread use of Ashley's Reagent, [Assistant U.S. Attorney Glenn] Kirschner informed the Defendants that '[i]t has been determined that the Ashley's Reagent was used in a manner not intended by the manufacturer of that product'....

The government accuses the Defendants of knowing more than they have told, and lying to the police, based entirely on the absence of evidence to suggest that an intruder killed Robert Wone. That 'absence of evidence' includes no evidence of blood or DNA belonging to Mr. Wone anywhere in the house, except on the bed adjacent to the decedent's body. As we know now, it may have been the government's own action that contributed to the 'absence of evidence.'

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  • Typical DC BS

    Or, more likely, the defendents cleaned up the crime scene before they called the cops and then worked on their stories to make sure they were consistent!

  • Manor

    Like I said, these guys will get off due to the longstanding evidence handling problems in DC. Those procedures practically guarantee 'reasonable doubt'.

  • Rick Mangus

    They will go to JAIL!

  • ImJustSaying

    Are people paying attention? There is NO evidence that any blood or the crime scene was cleaned up. There would be evidence if they had. The government literally took parts of the house apart and tested them and found no trace evidence of blood or efforts to clean up blood.

  • creativemeat

    I'm not saying I know what happened that night but has anyone stabbed a human being? Why do we assume that a stab wound would result in blood spurting everywhere.

    You know, cars don't explode when shot at in real life, despite what movies tell you.

  • JoJoKing

    I've been stabbed before in the chest. The wound was small and I hadn't even noticed it initially during the fight. When I went inside and tried to clean up, I intially thought all of the blood was from someone else. My entire shirt was covered and there was a long trail of blood I'd left, about 100 feet. All of this, from a small knife wound.

    This guy was stabbed three times in the chest with a pretty large knife, yet the towel found that was used by the defendants to "stop" the bleeding only had a few drops. The knife found next to the body was carefully placed and had no traces of tissue or blood. And the knife that actually did the killing, part of these fellows cutlery set, is still missing.

    The police really screwed up this investigation and the crime scene. If they would have detained all three roommates after the killing and properly inspected the house, I'm sure more tangible evidence would have been found.

  • Rick Mangus

    This whole Mary Poppins defense will fail and the judge is not going to buy it!