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EMS Worker Was Suspicious of Robert Wone Pal Price

On Tuesday, prosecutors played the 911 call that brought emergency personnel to 1509 Swann Street NW when lawyer Robert Wone died under mysterious circumstances on Aug. 2, 2006.

The call was placed by one of three men present in the house when Wone died. Prosecutors believe Joe Price, Dylan Ward, and Victor Zaborsky orchestrated a cover-up of Wone's death. They believe the three men misled and misdirected police as to what really happened to Wone. The three have given accounts that suggest Wone was murdered by an intruder. The intruder allegedly stabbed Wone with a small knife from the trio's kitchen.

Via recording, in a panicked voice, Zaborsky is heard saying to a 911 operator on the night of the murder that he's afraid to go downstairs, ostensibly because of the intruder.  "We need help now," he demands, breaking into sobs. The operator tries to comfort him. "They're coming," she tells him of authorities, and instructs Zaborsky to look out the window for their arrival. "Here they are! Here they are!" the caller shouts when an ambulance arrives moments later.

Still on the line, Zaborsky can be heard talking to the new arrivals as they come in: "Someone was stabbed, they're on the second floor," he tells city medics, "please hurry."  "I think this back door isn't locked," he can be heard  adding before hanging up. (The so far unidentified intruder allegedly entered through the back door.)

Veteran EMS worker Jeff Baker took the stand following the airing of the dramatic audio. Baker and his partner got the call alerting them to the emergency on Swann Street at about 11:50 p.m. Baker testifies that it took the two about five to seven minutes to arrive at the scene of the emergency. Once they did, he says, he saw a "gentlemen" standing out on the stoop wearing a white terry cloth robe. The man was talking on the phone: "He said there's a stabbing, it's on the second floor. " The man is believed to have been Zaborsky.

Bypassing the man on the stoop, Baker says he made his way up the stairs where he encountered another man in a white terry cloth robe.  "What's going on?" he says he asked the man. But the man, believed to be Ward, didn't  respond, Baker claims. He merely walked into a nearby room.

When Baker found the bedroom where the victim was, he saw another man sitting on a fold-out bed. "He was sitting in his underwear," says Baker.  The man, believed to be Price, simply told him "I heard a scream," Baker says. Next to the man was Wone, suffering from three stab wounds to the "chest area." Wone was unresponsive, says Baker.

Baker was suspicious enough of Price to think he should keep an eye on him, as he might have a weapon: "I spotted him up," says Baker.

Baker grew even more suspicious of Price and the others at the house when, while trying to help Wone, he got a look at his patient's stomach. "I looked down and I noticed his abdomen," he says. "It looked like his abdomen had been wiped." Baker says Wone's midsection  looked like it had been cleaned of blood using a kitchen towel that had left behind a light film of blood. "Kinda like when you wash a window," he says.

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  • Rick Mangus

    No big surprise here!

  • Vet

    I believe Ray Charles could have seen what one or all three did and I am sure the Judge will see right through this BS, personally I beleive one or more wanted a little devient action and was turn down by Mr. Wone. Being stab that many times, blood would have been all over the place if it wasn't cleanup. Bubba is waiting for his new ladies!!

  • Rick Mangus

    That's right 'Vet' these white boys are going to have all the sex they want for the next thirty or so years, that's why one or more is going to cut a deal, watch!

  • Manor

    $10 says they get off scot-free. At the least, the various bits of evidence mishandling will get them a couple appeals.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    I'll bring in the race card. If any or all of them were black, open and shut case. But, you have three white boys, one of whom was a high powered lawyer, and four years later, a trial convenes based on a conspiracy theory.

    DC police are beyond stupid to begin with. A cleaned crime scene, a blatant lapse in time from when the crime was committed to a phone call, no forced entry, mismatched weapon, three stories that are suspiciously similar- even rehearsed, one might deduce. And because they are well-spoken white boys, no charges. Come on.

  • Manor

    ABM I'd argue you with you but white people are almost never arrested for murder in DC so the comparison is very hard to make and the allegation of blatant racism hard to test. Other than the Holocaust Museum shooter I cannot think of a single other murder in DC where the shooter was white, granted my memory is poor and I don't pretend to know of all murders in DC. Can you name any cases where a white suspect was on trial for murder in DC and found not guilty despite evidence? Can you even name another case where a white person was on trial for murder in DC?

  • Blue Pen

    Lots of black on black murderers get off scot free - not sure why people think if they were black, they'd be free.

    I also think they will be found not guilty.

  • Tasty Snatch

    Blue Pen,

    The incarceration rates for black men udergut your argument.

    NO ONE thinks that if they were black they'd be free. We do know that these 3 Crystal Meth white queens will go free for killing an asian though.

  • Tasty Snatch


  • Blue Pen

    Sorry, I meant to say "not sure why people think if they were black, they'd be incarcerated, open and shut."

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Manor- I don't necessarily disagree with you. In fact, this might even strengthen my argument. Maybe Blacks are more violent and muderous than Whites. Maybe Whites are manipulative and conniving and gets off each time. Who the hell really knows. One thing is certian though, is that if they were Black, it would have been an open and shut case. I think DC police sort of uses our line of reasoning- "if they are white, they might be alright. If they are black, throw their ass in jail"- Rev. Jeremiah Wright Sharpton Jr.

  • Manor

    I just don't agree. Review any of the Betts murderers or the South Capital Streets shooters (of the missing bracelet fame) and you'll see about 7 - 8 black men/boys with repeated convictions and tossed cases. Even when found guilty they got zero jail time, instead getting community service for CPWLs and other offenses. Or, see the infamous 'cheeseburger murderer' (

    I think we just have a soft and/or incompetent criminal justice system here in DC, that lets most people off. My guess is in your case, and I am sorry if this offends, you elevate whites to a godlike status over blacks as it justifies the lack of economic/social/political progress in black people in general. In short, its the modern slave mentality: I am helpless as the white man controls me in mysterious ways. (this assumes you are black of course)

    Case in point: a country with a black president, a city with a black mayor and black US attorney, plus majority black city agencies, and you still see the phantom white man holding you down... Why? Because its easier to blame boogeymen than achieve real progress.

  • Blue Pen

    Again, I agree with Manor when he/she states that black defendants would not necessarily be convicted. Anyone who's done jury duty in DC knows this.

  • Rick Mangus

    These boys will be going to the BIG house, that's a given!

  • Greg

    Check your facts. The murder took place at 1509 Swann Street, NW. Not 1507.

  • Tasty Snatch

    Greg, you MUST be a GENIUS!


    What the fuck does Obama have to do with any of this? You know damn well that race and class influence justice in a legal system that supposed to be blind.

    Attempting to turn a blind eye to the effects of institutionalized racism (an institution that didn't allow the election of a black president in the entire 230+ years of the existence of the US), doesn't meant it isn't there and isn't active. Influence is waning and progress is being made, but if the men who MURDERED Robert Wone were ANYTHING other than white they be in jail.


  • Manor

    Time will tell TS, my guess is in 50 years the poor blacks of DC will still be the same, talking tough and doing jack shit with their lives while blaming myths for their troubles. I am not saying there isn't a history of bigotry in the world and the US, but the worst enemy of DC blacks are themselves, end of story. Best of luck to you.

  • ImJustSaying

    African American defendants are acquitted of murder charges regularly in the District. I don't know what the hell some of you are talking about but you aren't familiar with D.C. crime and courts.

    The Wone case is a very weak case with very little real evidence. Tons of speculation, biases against gays and their peculiar lifestyle, and a prosecution desperate to poison the community with half truths and leaks which later prove worthless make up the bulk of this case. They may be guilty of something but the I'm not seeing the evidence yet for it.