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Defense: Cops Prejudiced Against Wone Suspects

Attorneys defending three men accused of conspiring to cover-up the 2006 murder of attorney Robert Wone say police have been prejudiced against their clients from the start.

Suspects Joe Price, Dylan Ward, and Victor Zaborsky, are charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and tampering with evidence in connection to Wone's killing.

"These three men are victims, as well," defense David Schertler asserted during opening arguments on Monday.  "[Police] decided they were guilty within hours of the murder."

Schertler says investigators found no evidence that Wone's blood had been cleaned up and also failed to follow up on four latent fingerprints found at the scene that don't match Wone's or any of the suspects.

Schertler says investigators had a hard time understanding why Wone, a straight man, would choose to spend time at a house full of gay men. He says police had accused the suspects of trying to "gay him up."

Schertler and other attorneys produced photographs from Wone's 30th birthday party which they say had been organized by the suspects. They argued the men had no reason to hurt their good friend.

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  • Kim Chi Ha

    "gay him up" sigh

  • Rick Mangus

    Let's see no forced entry, a sanitized crime scene, three queens in the house, who claim that they didn't hear a thing sounds like guilty or the biggest line of bullshit to me!

  • downtown rez

    It wasn't us! Someone mysterious person broke into our house and did it! The police are negligent because they didn't run down the prints of every guest we ever invited!
    What a lame BS defense.
    Too bad the trial isn't in VA where these "victims/men" absconded to.
    The appropriate penalty could be sought there.

  • Know the truth

    Shame OJ's in the Graybar Hotel himself, or he could help them find the real killers.

  • Tasty Snatch

    If the cops WERE prejudiced against these three white bitches, I think there would have been a concerted effort on their part to build a kickass circumstantial case against them.

  • A Father and a Man

    Hell, Know the Truth, next they will claim that either OJ or Nicole's REAL murderer is the culprit here as well!

    Uhmm. By the way, in our system of justice, cops investigate and lawyers (U.S. Attorney's office here in DC) do the charging. Even IF the cops were lasered in on these guys -- for whatever reason -- the hot shot prosecutor isn't going to bring the heat if he/she cannot make it stick.

    Why didn't the house mate use the UVA Lacrosse defense -- there was no INTENT to kill. It was just a harmless three chest stabs to a bound, probably semi or unconscious guy..... No DC jury will find for Murder One in such a case....