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Where Does Vincent Orange Stand On Gay Marriage?

Update: 8 p.m.

Today, Vincent Orange formally announced he will be running for D.C. Council Chair. From the D.C. Wire:

"Orange said chairman Vincent C. Gray's decision to run for mayor has created a leadership void and that he has the experience to fill it. He also questioned how his Democratic rival, at-large council member Kwame R. Brown, would be able to work with Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, with whom he has clashed."

A lot has changed since Orange left the D.C. Council: the mayor's school takeover, the rise of the  Scary-Troll known as Peter Nickles, and the passage of the same-sex marriage bill. It's that last change that may haunt Orange as he heads back out on the campaign trail.

When Orange ran his losing campaign for mayor in 2006, he came out against gay marriage. In an interview he gave with Fox-5, cited in a Metro Weekly piece, Orange was very clear about where he stood:

''I am the only one [of the mayoral candidates] that is opposed to same-sex marriage. The other four, they say they believe in God, they go to church, but they're also for same-sex marriage.... I don't think they're morally fit to run this city.''

WaPo had more from Orange on the subject: "If you believe in God, the Bible says be fruitful and multiply," he said. "I'm saying same-sex marriage is not condoned by the Bible."

Linda Greene, Orange's spokesperson, says that his position has changed—he is now in favor of same-sex marriage. Orange is expected to call City Desk with further comment. We will add his comments as soon as we get him on the phone

Update 8 p.m.: Orange released a statement on gay marriage:

"My record on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender affairs has been well documented. During my tenure on the DC Council and as Chairman of the Committee on Government Affairs, I championed along with DC Councilmember Jim Graham Bill 16-235, the Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs Act of 2005. This Bill was in honor of my good friend Wanda R. Alston and to permanently establish the office without fear of it being abolished by subsequent administrations.

Councilmember Jim Graham and I also introduced the “District of Columbia Human Rights Act Clarification Act of 2005” to amend the District of Columbia Human Rights Act of 1977 to add “gender identity or expression” to the list of already enumerated classes protected by current District law. This Act was important because it clarified that discrimination against transgender and gender variant people is illegal in the District of Columbia.

Early in my tenure with Pepco commencing in 2007, Rick Rosendall, I believe, brought to my attention during DC Council hearings that Pepco did not provide benefits to domestic partners or civil unions. I immediately had this change and benefits were provided.

My record is clear, I stand for positive deeds, scholarship and love for all persons, genders and sexual preferences.

The District of Columbia recently passed same-sex marriage legislation. As the Democratic National Committeeman, I supported this legislation and voted in favor of the resolution passed by the DC Democratic State Committee. In fact, I challenged anyone to produce any legislation addressing civil rights where I opposed it.

In 2006, I did say that I believed that marriage is between a man and a woman. In 2010, I supported the same-sex legislation and as stated above voted in favor of the resolution passed by the DC Democratic State Committee.
We have come a long way in the journey of life. Today, I stand on the right side of history."

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  • no-it-all-2

    mr orange is an attorney and accoutant,concilman brown is not that bright <who in there right mind would put the city 11 billion$ budget in his hands so he and his father 2 manage. if we do we will all come 2 regret it. what bill that he has introduce that made any difference in anybody life in this city in the last 6 years he has been on the concil. you can say what you want about mr orange. he aways cast his vote,he didnt wait 2 see with way thewind is blowing like mr brown. and please dont use the gay marriage as a text 4 any candidate.that issue is over and the citizen did not get a vote on that. so lets leave that 1 alone. have a good day.

  • Rick Mangus

    The leadership void started twenty years ago with arrogant liberal democrats in this town! Tax this tax that, maybe we should have a stupidity tax for ALL you dumb asses that keep voting these BASTARDS back into office, year after year after year!


    I agree Rick, the left wing liberal Democrats on the Council of the District of Columbia has taxed us to death. Now Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh want to tax sodas. I don't drink sodas with the exception of Ginger Ale.

    We are doomed in this city. I wouldn't vote for Vincent Orange or Kwame Brown if they were the last two Zombees on earth.

  • Brahmin

    He also questioned how his Democratic rival, at-large council member Kwame R. Brown, would be able to work with Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, with whom he has clashed."


    This is to show you how little Vince Orange knows about the current tenor of Washington DC. He one believes Mayor Fenty still is very popular. He made his posters Orange and Green--not pretty.

    Secondly, he is an extremely smart man but has more of a style that looks ready of for the Kings of Comedy tour, Cadillac, wing tipped shoes, preacher style suits and old fashion middle class values. There is nothing wrong with who he is but it is just foreign to those who do does not own a copy of Friday After Next!

    He won't win. Mayor Fenty won't win. His time was for years ago to run for council. And Fenty if he is not indicted by this fall should just go away and count the money he redirected through Skinner.

  • Joel

    "sexual preferences"


  • Jiggly Puff

    Vincent Orange is a Chitlin' Eatin' negro. He looks like he should be dancing a jig and singing "Mammy'. He sounds like that too.

  • Woodley Parker

    Wow, Jiggly Puff. Some pretty nasty and, dare I say, racist words from you. This is 2010, you know.


    LOL LOL LOL@Jigly Puff. He had better leave those chitlins alone.

    Woodley Parker, I didn't find Jiffly Puff comments to be racist. I found his comment to be funny with humor. We must stop being so dam sensitive witht the political correctness bullshit.

    For the record, I am colored, Negro, black, African American.



    LOL LOL LOL@Jiggly Puff. He had better leave those chitlins alone.

    Woodley Parker, I didn't find Jiggly Puff comments to be racist. I found his comment to be funny with humor. We must stop being so dam sensitive witht the political correctness bullshit.

    For the record, I am colored, Negro, black, African American.

  • Jiggly Puff


    I am also black and Vincent Orange still acts like a jiggaboo. I also don't really care about your delicate sensibilities and thank you for reminding me that it's 2010.

    Anything else O, overly sensitive, politically correct white or non-black person?

  • LeeinDC

    Really...we are so screwed with Brown, Orange or Gray. Is this all we have?

  • no-it-all-2

    we only have orange or brown 2 choose from. you can decide if you are a d c voter whitch is the better 2 handle a 10,000,OOO,OOO. budget. mr orange has a Law degree and he is and accountant. you talk about how he look and how he dress. if you live in the District,u sound like the just like the voters of ward 8,who aways seems 2 vote with their eyes instead of thier minds. just a little thought for all u so call smart voters. please have a good day.

  • dcav8r

    I thought Jack was going for Council Chair? Did I miss something?

  • Jiggly Puff

    No it all,

    I lived in Ward 5 when Vincent Orange was council person, he was absmally deficient, and having a law degree doesn't make you competent at hadling a budget. Neither does being an accountant. As a matter of fact, for a person like myself who is as well educated as Orange, I'm never impressed by the number of degrees they have or the credentials they hold. I'd be impressed if Orange actually did ANYTHING of substance during his tenure on the city council. Why don't you post Orange's record when he was Ward 5 councilperson?

    Why don't we talk about the development of the RI Ave NE corridor that NEVER happened?

    If DC wants to solidify its regression as a city, Vote for Orange. He won't win and if you are the plumline of his supporters, I am confident that he'll lose this race... just like the mayoral one.

  • Jiggly Puff


    I'm not sure if he's declared his candidacy officially. I heard that too, though.

  • bigv frm tennessee

    One moment Orange is begging the National Organization on Marriage to support his candidacy because he believed residents have the "right" to vote on same sex marriage. Within 24 hours of his announcement to run, Orange flip flops to supporting the same sex marriage bill that denied citizens their right to vote. The colors on his posters were not dried yet and he showed how spineless he was under pressure. Move on, Vincent Orange. You will end up just like Vincent Gray - a Black man without a place to worship! This still doesn't mean I'm voting for Kwame's dumb butt. However, I'm not voting for you either now. You just lost a big supporter.


    We are doomed! I will vote for Captain Kangaroo before I vote for any of these liberal progressive fools pushing their left wing views and agenda.

  • obione2

    Jiggly Puff:

    you have your facts wrong; before Vincent Orange took office, the deal for the pulte dakota crossing homes were not done, nor was the home depot, safeway, giant and bank of america, or aj wright, footlocker etc...all that was done under Orange...Harry Thomas was supposed to finish the rest of the project and he and Brown screwed it it falter...if you are going to speak, come with facts

  • obione2


    Orange color scheme has always been Green and Orange no correlation to Fenty, in addition having the most recent post of Vice President of Government Affairs for Pepco and being a former two term Council Member I think he understand the climate well, but do you mean to tell me you would want to vote for Brown a guy who wants to make Barry head of economic development...are you serious!!!!

    Also the Orange has lived in DC from 30+ years however he can't escape the Oakland, CA fashion

  • PHM

    For all of the haters, you're thinking with your mind and not with your brain, you talk about a man who will go all the way to support the people in DC,what about an Orange and Green Poster, the race in not about color, it's about what a candiate can do for his city, no one begs for anything, they just ask for what they want,and if you are a person that knows the struggle of the city and you want someone who know how to fix it,vote for Vincent Orange, who cares about what he wears as long as he get the job done.Fashion is only what you see on the outside,but you have to be a true believe to believe what lie's ahead on the inside.

  • SuperS

    Kwame Brown is toast, wait until you hear the rest of the shi---, that he has done. Orange will be looking real good in a couple of weeks.