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Our Morning Roundup: Metro Gladiators Edition

WTTG-TV brings us shocking–shocking!–video this morning of rowdy Metro riders engaged in fisticuffs and other horseplay. It's "an ongoing problem," according to the local Fox News affiliate. (Albeit a big boon to YouTube.)

Metro Deputy Police Chief Mark Olson says reports of violence and disorderly conduct on the transit system are actually down this year. But trouble spots remain. Olson lists the District's most unruly transit hubs as Tenleytown/AU, Minnesota Avenue, Anacostia, Brookland-CUA and Fort Totten.

In related news: The Examiner reports that Metro's recent fare hike isn't doing enough to cover the rail system's budget shortfall:

The reason why Metro is in such straits is because it fell short of its ridership estimates in each of the first nine months in the current fiscal year, for a 9 percent ridership drop below expectations...

Perhaps they should start charging riders extra to watch all these "Metro Gladiators" in action.

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  • Manor

    Don't even bother reporting on security on buses, in 15 years of riding DC buses I've seen WMATA police on there maybe once, MPD maybe twice. At the same time, I've seen dozens of assaults, a few guns, and three stabbings. The Peoples Chariot indeed.

  • Rick Mangus

    An we are suprise by this, hell!, Metro can't even keep ther own employees out of jail!