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Multiple Theories In Slain Intern Case

Was it because of an argument, robbery, or long-standing beef?

Multiple theories have emerged in the investigation of 18-year-old D.C. Council intern Alonte Sutton's murder.  Omare Ishmael Cotton, 28, was arrested Tuesday in connection to the killing. Cotton will be arraigned later today.

According to the AP, witnesses have reportedly floated the story that on Saturday, Sutton was changing the tires on his vehicle when Cotton approached him and asked the teen to give his girlfriend a ride somewhere. Sutton refused, and an argument ensued. Cotton is then said to have left the scene, only to return with a gun a while later. Confronted with the gun, Sutton took off toward a nearby wooded area with Cotton firing after him. Sutton's body then tumbled into a ravine and was discovered by cops a day later. That account implies that Sutton was killed merely because an exchange of words made temperatures run high.

But sources have told the Examiner another story. One that may imply a longstanding rivalry: "Law enforcement sources said Cotton lived in the neighborhood and had previous run-ins with Sutton. Sources familiar with the investigation said Cotton slashed the tires on Sutton's car and likely waited for him to come out to fix the tires."

According to the Examiner's sources, when, as planned, Sutton came out to fix his car, Cotton blasted him.

Yet another version of the story says that Cotton and Sutton argued Friday night, leading to the slashed tire scenario.

Could robbery be yet another motive? Cotton has a criminal record, and that record has to do with a 2002 robbery. Cotton was arrested by Prince George's County cops for a robbery that occurred in July of that year. Online Maryland court documents reveal that Cotton, then recorded as living in the 200 block of Oakwood Street SE, was found guilty of robbery with a dangerous weapon. Cotton had also been charged with possession of a handgun, though he wasn't convicted of that charge.

Also of note is the fact that the address Cotton resided at in 2002 is maybe a block away from where Sutton was killed.

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  • Jiggly Puff

    The Washington Examiner paints a different picture of Alonte. One that includes several juvenile arrests, and a charge of grand theft auto.

  • tired

    Prove that and regardless what he may have done in the past he didn't deserve to die.

  • Jiggly Puff


    Go look some shit up. My point is that he wasn't a saint either. Do you honestly think this would have happened in Hillcrest, the Gold Coast, or other places where middle class black outnumber the ghetto hoodrats?

  • sedcdude

    Ayy jiggly snuff or whatever your name, I see you runnin' round here postin' stupidity, well lemme correct your pompous ass!!!

    1st of all, because of the demographic make up of this city, it is quite normal for a young boy to commit juvenile petty offenses and NEVER get caught, just as he MAY, but the point is just this; young boys stand a greater chance of getting into trouble in an urban area such as DC!!

    Now, whatever his past, he was a father, a son, and an uncle who got caught up in this ANIMALS "issues"! He crossed the wrong path, which does not and did not warrant his murder!!

    That's like saying ALL whites today should be lynched, dragged, raped and beaten because of their forefathers injustices against BLACKS during slavery!

  • sedcdude the SOUTH who now reside in the NORTH!