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Not Shocking: Vincent Orange To Announce Council Chair Run On Wednesday

vincentNC8 NewsTalk scores one of the least exciting scoops we've heard in ages: Vincent Orange is planning on announcing his run for D.C. Council Chair on Wednesday. The former Ward-5 Councilmember was last seen losing big time in the Dem. primary race for mayor in 2006. He came in third fourth**. Orange is perhaps best known for his winning creativity such as handing out oranges, using the color orange for his campaign signs, and wearing a "5" pin at all times. He also likes to throw himself pricey parties that are perhaps now out-of-step with these lean times. In 2008, he threw himself a bash at Love. Of course, the invites were orange.

Speculation that Orange would jump into the Council chair race had circulated in the moments before the other Vincent announced he would make a mayoral run. In late April, Orange stepped down from his gig as a Pepco lobbyist. He also had to deal with this bit of controversy with the D.C. Democratic State Committee.

And Orange recently got into some trouble over the gay-marriage issue.

***Orange earned less than 3 percent of the vote in the 2006 mayoral primary. Marie Johns finished third with 8,501 votes. Orange got 3,075 votes.

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  • Manor

    Folks were hoisting signs for Orange / Council Chair this morning along Georgia Ave.

  • Rick Mangus

    Same shit different package!

  • Mike Licht

    In his last political campaign, Mr. Orange used a jingle sung to the tune of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." If this reoccurs, contact the song's copyright holders at:

    St. Nicholas Music, Inc.
    1619 Broadway
    New York, NY 10019

    (Comment submitted as a service to DC radio listeners)

  • proballdc

    Well, to his credit and discredit to his competitor, Vincent, while a council member, never voted 'present' on a critical agency appointment vote, like the Attorney General of the District of Columbia. Like it or hate it, you always knew where he stood on the issues. I can respect that and expect that of anyone who wishes to lead the legislative branch of District Government.

    I appreciate his contribution to the city by bringing grocery stores to undeserved neighborhoods and being the strong voice behind the establishment of McKinley Tech High School.

    Shoulder to shoulder his credentials far exceed that of his competitor.


    Vincent Orange is a loser. This fool just resigned from PEPCO as a Vice President. Vincent Orange supported the high increase PEPCO requested from the Public Service Commission. I would rather see Fog Horn Leg Horn the big rooster from Bugs Bunny as Council Chair.

  • Kim Chi Ha

    I really don't like the color orange, but that's just a personal thing.

  • bloomingdale20001

    Really Orange???? Why??? Ward4NDC I agree with you on the whole Peopco issue.

    Can he really win city wide?

  • Jiggly Puff

    No... hence the reason he ended up a distant 4th or 5th place in his failed bid for Mayor.

  • DCAV8R

    He brought Ward 5 the WORST suburban shopping center in all of DC--- What a mess. He hates gays, loves the bigot church on RI Ave NE (where most members are from Maryland and illegally park several times a week on RI Ave blocking traffic). He will never have my vote.

  • no-it-all-2

    you can say what u want about mr oeange. he has a law degree and he is and brown is the dumbest of the 13 members of the concil.his vote was always brown is the number one fence rider in office. and i would like 2 hear from anybody who can say other wise. have a good day.

  • kevin h

    Man i hate people critisizing my uncle. He a good man, family orientated and god fearing. If he dont clean up DC who out there is qualified to do the job. Ive read things like mr orange is a chitlin eating negro. Come now its 2010 no more negro talk allowed. Former mayor Marion Berry was caught in a motel with hookers smoking crack. How bad can Vincent Orange be. He has tons of degrees, lawyer backgroud and accountant. As a black man myself i am very proud of my uncle because he managed to find a way out of oakland california, not the best enviorment to grow up in. He didnt fall off track due to peer pressure or make excuses for his failures. He worked very hard to get to where he is today. Show the man some respect. Its very easy to put someone else down or find any negative thing to say about their character. We all have wanted a chance to do something we love. Give the man a break for trying and remaining strong while haters hate. I love you uncle vince.

  • PolleyTic

    Vincent Orange stands for something, like the people of the city. Kwame Brown stands for big development. He is the dumbest of the 13 members. He knows absolutely nothing about governing. I never took notice to him because I always knew that he was a cold cup of coffee. He just sits there. Kwame is indeed a get-with and doesn't know anything about the real matters in this city. He will just continue the trend of staining the home grown values of this city by making it unaffordable, identical to Fenty.

    Orange, on the other hand, has assisted so many people who other folks would typically turn away. We want a council chair such as Orange. We don't want a pompous child like Kwame in that seat...just so he can say he's council chair and no substantive work is performed at the end of the day. I don't want to pay him my tax dollars to do nothing. This dude is all about titles and being punked around by those whose tail he kisses, the developers.