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Is This A Waste Of Fire Dept. Resources?


All this personnel and effort to hoist a banner? Really?

(via Ward One Councilmember candidate Bryan Weaver).

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  • Left for LeDroit

    That building, 1923 Vermont Ave NW, is actually the headquarters of DC Fire and EMS. If the fire department needs to hoist a banner on its own headquarters building, it seems reasonable that they use one of the many, many ladders they own.

    The real scandal would be if they hired a contractor to do it.

  • Kim Chi Ha

    guess they needed some activities.

  • creativemeat

    Cherkis, this bothers you? Really?

  • Will Atwood Mitchell

    Speaking as someone who has hoisted many a banner, I would tend to concur that this is a pretty good use of the resources they have available. Presumably they had a plan to mobilize if there was an emergency call.

  • Matt

    Exactly - the number of guys "just standing around" likely needed to be there to jump on the truck if there was, you know. A fire or something.

  • Rick Mangus

    Stop the BITCHING!, is this Weaver clown is running for public office and with ALL the problems this city has and important issues out there to talk about and take a position on and he bitches about this! What an DUMB ASS!

  • Skipper

    Cherkis didn't find a Pershing Park connection to this breaking news story?