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Seegars Strikes Back at Peaceoholics

Southeast D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner  Sandra "SS" Seegars fired yet another volley Friday in her ongoing feud with the nonprofit Peaceoholics organization.

Seegars put out a press release demanding that the group, which aims to turn at-risk youths away from violence, be investigated for taking three teens wanted by authorities away on a recent Maryland retreat.

The teens, who were being sought for skipping out on a D.C. Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) facility at the time, were later also picked up in connection with the murder of middle school principal Brian Betts.

For weeks, Seegars has been tangling with the Peaceoholics over the group's construction of a transitional living facility for at-risk youths in Congress Heights. For their part, the Peaceoholics recently filed a lawsuit accusing Seegars of libel.

Seegars says the new revelations about the accused killers' participation in Peaceoholics programming has only heightened neighborhood concerns about the group's Congress Heights project.

"The government, Mayor, Ward 8 Councilmember and Department of Housing and Community Development are ignoring the complaints by the ANC Commissioners and the community," writes Seegars in a statement. "In light of the recent incident, whereas, Ronald Moten, Peaceoholics, admitted that he allowed fugitives to participate in his program, under his direct supervision, without first getting a clearance on the alleged murderers of a school teacher. The immediate neighbors to 1300 Congress St., have grown more frighten of the mystery facility that is underway to open there by the negligent, untrained, hotheaded maverick."

Yesterday, Peaceoholics co-founder Moten told City Desk that though the currently jailed teens had attended one of the group's retreats, the organization had no idea DYRS and police were looking for the kids.

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  • The Advoc8te

    Don't mess with SS!

  • Five To Go

    I am shocked. I can't believe what I am reading. This Moten guy is a friend of Fenty. Peter Nickels should be investigating this instead of demanding an apology from Mr. Barry.

  • Taye

    I agree totally. This organization and Moten especially are a joke. His 15 minutes of fame should have been over long ago.

    Why is Fenty even associating with the likes of Moten and others such as Skinner? I understand that friends are friends. But, these guys are a major PR nightmare for this administration and are simply an embarrassment to the city.

  • Angry in SE
  • bigv frm tennessee

    Let the investigation take place. What it will uncover is a flaw in the judicial system in which the agency responsible for the teens did not notify community organizations about the runaways through its so-call "sophisticated" electronic network. Peacoholics has done an admirable job of taking unsupervised teens off he streets. Remember, the teens escaped from New Beginnings, a well-organized new facility for incarcerated youth. The breakdown comes with law enforcement failing to notify the community and proper followup. Peacoholics representatives go to New Beginnings regularly. Somehow it should have been given information on the runaways and to be on the look out. If procedures were not properly followed, it could be that Peacoholics is the latest victim in the ongoing saga.

  • sickof-Fent

    But also remember that Moten claims his staff had been working closely with one of the teens, and family, for the prior 6 months. You want me to believe he didn't know they were in the care DYRS - or should have been.

    This falls right in line with the biggest issue of the peaceholics. The operate by the code of the streets. A few years ago Moten and crew publicly supported the phrase snitches get stitches... why would expect him to turn in these youth and possibly preventing more crimes.

  • no-it-all-2

    ms.Seegers the city gave mr moten 3 bdlg , across the city thats why mr moten step down from his group. these bdlg are going 2 be run by mr moten 4 profit organization.THese youth will be coming thru your block from REv. Issac funded programs.all of these youth are coming directly from the most harded cases at DYSA.THe contract the good Rev.Issac has calls 4 him 2 take these youth with no questions ask.thats how these young men that kill MR Betts all in up in Moe hands.The good rev has been getting the most funds in ward 7,8 the last 6 years. he gets way more than moe and his group.Thats how moe can still operate when the earmarks was cut off,and the main thing is the city is not dealing with moe directly. you are right 2 be concern,that bdlg on your block is going 2 be a detention/halfway house for very high rist youth. i know first hand. but dont take my word,check 4 yourself. check and see,look at the last 30 high rist youth release in your ward and 2 what organization they went 2. will bet you Rev.Issac is no.1 and moe is no.2.but moe is the good Rev. no.1 sub contractor 4 these youth,and his hands stay clean. God blees the good rev.soul. he is your problem just as much as moe,he's just a little slicker. have a good day.

  • Georgia Ave Day

    @ big tennessee: "Peacoholics has done an admirable job of taking unsupervised teens off he streets."

    Give me examples and numbers.

    Other than attempting to set up alleged boxing matches in the Dominican Republic and taking kids on retreats to Southern, Maryland, what has Peaceoholics done for these kids you allege that they've taken off the streets?

  • tired

    I would like to know a little bit more about this Rev. Issac Mr. Smith.

  • Napoleon Bushrod Uniontown Suggs III