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Photos: Civil Disobedience

Arrested Woman 1 © 2010 Matt Dunn
Hand On Heart © 2010 Matt Dunn
In Front of White House © 2010 Matt Dunn
Park Police 2
Flag © 2010 Matt Dunn
Work For America © 2010 Matt Dunn
Immigration Reform Rally, Lafayette Square, May 1. © 2010 Matt Dunn

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  • Rick Mangus

    I love the sign in the last photo box, "We Work For America", then start paying taxes for America as well!

  • Rick Mangus

    Hey! Michael Schaffer, this story is almost three days old, can't find something newer to post?

  • Black Diva

    All illgal aliens should be deported.

  • 4Sure

    Well said Black Diva!

    Regardless of race!!!!!

  • Robin

    Rick, why don't you try educating yourself. "Illegal" immigrants pay taxes, probably more than you do.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Robin', answer this HOW?

  • Native JD in DC

    Black Diva, I'd like to see your Native American tribal visa when you get a chance.



    D.C. council: Boycott Arizona, don't share arrest data with feds

    The D.C. Council waded into the fight over illegal immigration today, as all 13 members sponsored a bill forbidding the police chief from sharing arrest data with federal immigration officials and also announced their unanimous support for a resolution calling on the city to stop doing business with Arizona.

    Responding to Arizona's new immigration law, the resolution requests that the city government and the employee pension fund "divest' from all Arizona state and municipal bonds and ban city workers from traveling to that state on official business.

    The resolution, which will be voted on at a later date, does not appear to prevent the city from doing business with Arizona-based companies, as some Hispanic activists had proposed.

    ""I can't think of a more horrific action than one taken by Arizona," said Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, a Democratic candidate for mayor. "We are in 2010, not 1810 and we don't need to harken back to the days when racial discrimination was rampant. We need to do everything we can in the District of Columbia because this is the right thing to do."

    It's unclear how much business the District does with the state of Arizona. But Council member Michael Brown (I-At large) said similar resolutions will be introduced or have already been introduced in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Chicago.

    "The last time citizens were required to carry papers was in the slave era in the South," said Brown, referring to provisions in the bill that give police more latitude to stop and detain immigrants they suspect are in the country illegally.

    In the District, the council is also setting up a potential showdown with Police Chief Cathy Lanier over whether the city will participate in the Secure Communities Initiative. Under that federal program, local police are supposed to share arrest data with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. Council members said Lanier had indicated she had planned to comply with the Secure Communities Initiative.

    But all 13 members co-introduced bill that would "prohibit the District of Columbia to transmit arrest data to the United States Department of Homeland Security" or ICE. The city, however, would continue to notify federal immigration officials when a suspected illegal immigrant has been convicted of a crime.

    Council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), a lead sponsor of the bill, said an undocumented immigrant should not be subject to deportation when they may ultimately be cleared of the crime they were picked up for. .

    "It will create a firewall between our local police efforts and immigration efforts," said Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1). "This is a very, very clear message we care about human rights in the District of Columbia."

    Mendelson's bill still has to work its way through the committee process, but he's Lanier instead decides to voluntarily opt out of the program before a final vote is taken.

    "By having every (council member) on board, it sends a clear message," Mendelson said. "And if we have to have a hearing, we will have it. And then if we have to have a vote, we'll have that too."

    --Tim Craig

    By Tim Craig | May 4, 2010; 11:27 AM ET


    I am agaisnt illegal immigration regardless of race. Let's face it, the majority of illegals in the United States are Spanish speakers from over 20 Spanish speaking countries. The black community is hit the hardest and overwhelmed with illegal aliens. My former mostly black middle class Ward 4 D.C. neighborhood is a dam El Salvadoran barrio. Salvadorans and Mexicans have racist views of black U.S. citizens before they came here. Recently I asked my Salvadoran neighbor to cut down on the noise and stop letting her children run wild. She cursed me out and called me a black MF in Spanish. Umm, let me see, I didn't make a racist comment against this 18 year old woman, but she called me a black mother f-----. I have no problems getting along with Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Afro Cubanos, Panamainians, but I can't stand racist ass Salvadorans/Central Americans and Mexicans. I say deport the Irish and black Africans if they are here illegally.

    The D.C. City Council is too liberal and all 13 Councilmembers support illegal immigration along with King Fenty. I am a registered Democrat, but I am switching to become an Independent. The majority of D.C. residents and other citizens in the U.S. is against illegal immigration.

  • Immigrateful

    You idiots against illegal immigration are too stupid to realize that America was built by immigrants- all of them illegal.

    Ward4NDC- you're worried that immigrants are stealing precious resources from the Black community- are you fucking retarded? The black community in DC is the reason DC is the piece of shit slum it is. And the areas that aren't ghettos infested by lazy ass, self-entitled, welfarers, are predominantly White. Get your fucking facts straights before you start attacking us. I came here with nothing and have done more for this City that any black person I know. I purchased a home, pay taxes, dote over my kids, and have a loving, stable marriage with one person. Why is it that the majority of blacks in DC are section 8 renters with multiple children with different partners. You fucker.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Immigrateful', yea America was built by immigrants dumb ass but they were LEGAL tax paying immigrants, the people you short sightly defend don't pay for the services that they are sucking off from this country and city funds. My father's parents entered this country LEGALLY from Europe and my mothers parents were here before the white man, the black man, they were native americans. I am sick and tired of paying for anchor babies and crime that has come with these ILLEGALS! So before you and others like you and like stupid 'Robin' go shoting your ignorant mouth off engage you pevish little brain first!

  • Rick Mangus

    CORRECTION: Shooting not Shoting


    Immigrateful, El Salvador people are the most violent in Central America and they live like fucking animals. There's a large black middle class population in the United States with many influential educated blacks. I have Degrees from both Howard and Georgetown Universities. I don't like racist pieces of shit's like you and the rest of the low life uneducated Salvadoran trash in the D.C. area. FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAT SALVADORAN MAMMY.


    Immigrateful, if you are illegal, you have no fucking right to come to this country. There's a difference between legal and illegal immigration. I will never support illegal immigration. The majority of black and white U.S. citizens are against illegal immigration. I bet you have been sucking on Miss Jim Graham's cock for some attention.

  • Rush Limbaurg

    Immigrateful, you are a fucking moron. America was built by legal immigrants, not illegal aliens. I hate them all!!!

  • Mad Dog

    Illegals are bringing the United States down. We are becoming a third world nation like El Salvador and Mexico. Immigrateful, why don't the countries or El Salvador, Mexico, don't provide education, jobs, and housing for it's citizens? Mexico enforces their strict immigration policy, but they want their Mexican citizens to be able to come here illegal and trash or bring our country down. This is fucking madness.

  • Kappa1911

    Wanna know a major contributing factor to rising healthcare costs? Here you go, illegals illegally crossing our borders then going straight to our emergency rooms and popping out anchor babies. This all the while then don't Habla de English hanging around on corners at 7Eleven, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and even Sams Club at times (at least where I live). Hanging there sipping Moelo in the can listening to their epa epa horn music. They're a bane to American Society.

    Mexico has the most stringent immigration laws in the world. Ever hear of illegals in Mexico? That's because if illegals are caught there, they're driven out to backwoods areas and never heard of again. Imagine if we here in America started that little idea. Now to be real, that of course won't happen, especially with the Unconstitutional Marxists in our government.

    I say we need to start by hitting it where it hurts most. Crack down on the employers who brazenly choose to hire illegals. Minimum wage is $7.65/hr. I say employers should be fined $76.50 for each hour worked by each and every illegal cockaroach. Let's just say that'll add up to a pretty big financial hit. I also say make E-verify Mandatory, since these marxists are making everything else mandatory, they might as well get one right. Finally, if we're not gonna fully secure our borders, then at least empower the Minutemen and other private militias down along the border to use deadly force against these illegals (many of them running drugs and other contraband). Their help to the Border Patrols would be greatly appreciated I'm sure. And back to healthcare, time to re-write the law to reflect that ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS/LEGAL RESIDENCES are entitles to emergency medical care. If the emergency rooms are empowered to turn away the illegals that takes more incentive away for them to illegally cross our borders, which a violation of international law.

  • Typical DC BS

    Kappa1911: You've hit the nail on the head re: employers. The only reason illegal immigrants keep risking their money and lives coming here is because US citizens and corporations hire them. If the jobs dry up, they'll stop coming here.

    We're not serious about stopping illegal immigration. Both Democrats and Republicans benefit from illegal immigration. When the federal government tried to get an employment verification program going to identify all new employees, the various state government and unions all cried like they were being tortured. Document fabrication allows illegal immigrants an entry point into employment.

    We're all just a bunch of pussies when it comes to enforcing our own laws.

  • Immigrateful

    FUCK all of you stupid bitches. America was not built on taxpaying immigrants- they revolted against the British because they refused to pay such taxes. 45% of the LEGAL population doesn't pay any taxes and in DC, with our 500k residents, we are the most subsidized city in the United States. This has long been the case before there was a "boom" of illegals in the City and the reason why, come on Ricky boy, say it with me: a poor black underclass, dependent of something worst that crack- taxpayers dollars.

    The biggest drain on the US economy today isn't illegal immigrants, but socialized policies for the poor. Immigrants do actual work while the rest of you fucks sit back and leech off of the system.

    Until you fuckers can quantify these claims, suck a fat one, cause you're all stupid retards.

    Ward4- well, you're uppity ass needs to fight off the real problem in this City- Fenty and his cronies. Focus on that first before you idiotically attack another minority group. PS- Blacks are way more violent than Salvadorians.

    Ricky boy- well, why don't continue sucking balls inside the Fireplace and leave the policy talk for people with more sense. Just because your parents came over from Europe, doesn't mean shit- the Irish were the Salvadorians a hundred years ago.

    Everyone else- I'm going to do more here in the US than any of you fuckers ever will. So, suck my large, hairy immigrant nuts.

  • Kappa1911

    Amen Typical DC BS. LOL LOL

  • Chrisanity

    Wow, this is crazy. Why is everyone so heated. These are human beings we're talking about. The US represents a dream for many of them and they don't want to be a burden on anyone. How can the US be a leader in the world when we have so much pent up hatred for those less fortunate. Why aren't you all upset about the people really screwing over this Country and frankly, this City. The people who profit the most at the expense of the less fortunate are the ones to be chastised. The biggest drain on the US economy is our Military. Above everything else, the largest outpouring of money goes to support an unholy war and promote the agenda of companies that make billions off of the US. Yet, the propoganda machine, both liberal and conservative media, promote other issues: homosexuality, immigration, healthcare, etc. as the biggest problems for the US. This needs to stop. These people are human beings who want a better life. If you were in their position, wouldn't you want the same...


    Immigrateful, this is the truth about your country El Salvador that you are from. Sometimes the truth hurts doesn't if, you fucking illiterate loser? You will never be a true U.S. citizen. Your allegiance will always be towards your native El Salvador. I bet you have a Salvadoran flag in your car and hanging outside your home.

    The State Department considers El Salvador a critical crime-threat country. El Salvador has one of the highest homicide rates in the world; violent crimes, as well as petty crimes are prevalent throughout El Salvador, and U.S. citizens have been among the victims. The Embassy is aware of at least seven American citizens who were murdered in El Salvador during the last year.

    Extortion is on the rise and U.S. citizens and their family members have been victims in various incidents. Violent, organized gangs are a major factor in the crime situation and are often behind extortion attempts. Some areas of El Salvador are effectively controlled by gangs. Many gangs have access to military-style hardware, including automatic weapons and hand grenades.

    Extortion tactics have included indiscriminate grenade attacks on buses, businesses and restaurants, resulting in the death or injury of dozens of people, including children. These types of attacks are unpredictable and the U.S. Embassy advises its personnel to remain alert to their surroundings and to minimize risk to themselves.

    Many Salvadorans are armed, and shootouts are not uncommon. Foreigners, however, may not carry guns even for their own protection without first obtaining a firearms license from the Salvadoran government. Failure to do so will result in the detention of the bearer and confiscation of the firearm, even if it is licensed in the United States.

    Armed holdups of vehicles traveling on El Salvador's roads are common American citizens are encouraged to remain aware of their surroundings and to drive with their doors locked and windows up. If confronted, do not resist the armed assailant(s).

  • noodlez




  • Rick Mangus

    'Immigrateful', ARE YOU A US CITIZEN?

  • Rick Mangus



    NOODLEZ, what took you so long to make a comment? I always look forward to read your comments. LOL LOL

    Rick, I doubt this loser is a legal citizen or have a Green Card.


    Immigrateful, homosexuals who are United States citizens have a right to be here as other U.S. citizens, regardless of race. I have relatives that happen to be gay and lesbian and they all are against illegal immigration.

  • Immigrateful

    I'm a US Citizen. My parents came here legally from across the Atlantic Mr. Mangus. I was 5. That was almost 40 years ago. We moved into DC because my father's job. We've done a lot here- a lot more than many of my current neighbors. We had little resources but a lot of ambition. I don't mean to be racial against others, but it's my experience as much as Ward4 hates Salvadorians, I've had nothing but bad experiences with my black neighbors and if I could, I would move around people more like my complexion, who share similar values. Frankly, hispanics are better, more responsible people than blacks. My area now has a decent amount of hispanics but still a lot of blacks. An apples to apples comparison and I my hispanic neigbhors are a 1000 times better to be around than my black neighbors. There are a few bad apples, but it's not a cultural thing

  • MPD White Official

    Ms-13, Vatos Locos, and Mara Slavatrucha dangerous Salvadoran gangs are now in the District of Columbia. Many of their members are illegal aliens and are violent individuals. Immigrateful, do you support open borders and do you not think the U.S. shouldn't protect it's borders? Mexico and other countries have strict immigration policies in place. The U.S. have the right to protect it's borders, but spineless policiians like the D.C. Council and Congress are afraid to speak out against illegal immigration, because Central Americans and Mexicans are the chosen people.

    I applaud the Governor of Arizona for passing the immigration bill.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Immigratful, what country to you come from illegally across the Atlantic ocean? Are you ashamed to say what country you came from. I bet it was some third world Spanish speaking country in like Peru, Colombia, Ecuador. I have a suspicion, you are from El Salvador, but you are embarrassed to say so. I would be too, because El Salvador is a hell hole and what tourist want's to visit this country?

    It always cracks me up to hear or read idiotic comments like Immigratful. It is ironic that Mexico has some of the most strict anti-immigration laws in the world. I wonder who the fuck would want to sneak into Mexico or El Salvador and live there, someone from Guatemala maybe?

  • Immigrateful

    I never said I came here illegally. I am immigrant but I am not hispanic. I was born in Oslo (but will be surprised if half of you idiots even know where this is) and we came over when I was pretty young. What I don't understand from any of you others is really why the animosity towards immigrants in general. You make this wide fox news type claims that the illegal immigration is the source of so much problem for the country, yet you all fail to quantify this.

    Ricky boy- from all of your posts, you have as much hatred of ghetto blacks in DC as I do. Why can't you see that, in this City, the problem is the old mentality of black entitlement for pass sins of white America. This needs to come to a head and progress needs to happen. But until one group feels victimized and leverages this state against the sate, then the entire City will suffer.

    MPD- Aside from the MS gangs here (which I agree is a serious problem), who commits the most violent crimes in the area. White kids who relocated from Kansas or longtime black residents who are perpetually poor because of the City's broken system.

    Jovi- you are fucking idiot and I'm amazed that you and Limbaugh aren't tarred and feather yet (reference to you all being the village idiots). So, continue massaging my hairy viking balls in your mouth.

    Good day bitches.

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    Immigratful, I doubt very seriously you are Norwegian. You do know, there's a difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien. No one has said anything about immigrants who immigrated here legally. You are a fucking moron that don't comprehend.

    You never answered White MPD Official's question? Do you support open borders and do you not think the United States has the right to protect their borders as Mexico does?

    Why are you attacking Rick's sexuality? Do you have a crush on him and want him to fuck you in the ass? You sound like a racist. Did some blacks whip on the illegal ass of yours or did some low life uneducated Salvadoran fuck you pale ass with their little uncut cock?

    Please go back to school and learn how to spell and write a complete sentence in English. You are one ignorant son of a bitch. What history do you have in this country compared to blacks? Blacks help build the United States for free and have made contributions to this country. If it had not been for the struggles of blacks, other so called minorities who consider themselves white would not be here. It's obvious, you are a bottom and you like Salvadoran cock like Miss Jim Graham.

    For the record, I am white and I'm of Romanian ancestry.

  • Jesse Helms

    Let them, along with Sthan Fransthisthco.

    I'm sure it's fine by AZ when businesses start to pick up more in AZ because of this crackdown (which btw the police are only checking upon detainment, effectively making it a secondary offense).

    DeeCee is too busy with their thumbs (or in Jim Graham's case, something else) up their asses. Allowing pheggits to "marry", recently allowing people who claim to have glaucoma (I'm sure Hizzonor Marion "Teflon" Crackbarry has added himself to this list already) smoke weed everyday, and with all else going on in that dismal metropolis, they're more worried about what state did with their 10th amendment rights.

    I think I'll boycott DeeCee...

  • downtown rez

    It'd be a lot easier to respect Salvadoreans if they hadn't gone to war over a soccer game. There's hard core and then there's just ridiculous, yo.


    LOL@Downtown Rez

    I support legal immigration with immigrants from other countries being authorized to work here with an official "Green Card" or a work permit. I have friends/acquaintances from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Panama, Brazil, Jamaica, Ireland, England, Romania, Trinidad, and Argentina. They are all U.S. citizens or are here legally.

  • Miss Mary

    Every single politician who denied fully funding the--REAL--fence(s) emphasis on a double fence under the "2006 Secure Fence Act"should not be re-elected. Now its up to the populace of America, whose citizens and "LEGAL" residents should demand construction of the real fence. Throw out all Pro-Amnesty incumbents led by Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. Prior Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said a barrier running the length of a border would "COST" too much. COST TOO MUCH? PROTECTING AMERICANS WOULD COST TOO MUCH? Ask our Politicians at 202-224-3121why they haven't built the real fence


  • downtown rez

    My honest view- I think we need to provide a path for people already here to become legal by a date certain, and simultaneously we need to 1)loosen certain immigration regs and 2)actually enforce them.
    I want it to be easy for people of good will and work ethic to come here to contribute. That sort of good will and open heart and mind fair play seems to me the American way.

  • Immigrateful

    Rez- it would be easy to respect black folks if their kids are shooting into a fucking crowd and killing people over a fake piece of jewelry.

    Helsing- keep chancing vampires. It's the only thing you're good at. I'm having fun with my friend Ricky boy's sexuality because he makes it so pronounced in his posts (read for yourself).

    Helms- What the KKK isn't meeting this week?

    Even though my family came over legally, we are immigrants and understand the reason why some uproots their entire life and leaves for the US. It's the foundation of America and the American dream. It's what we're built one.

    You want to know how to make the immigration issue disappear? You legalize them, allow to work legally, and let them pay taxes. We have the resources to do it. Anyone who thinks differently really don't know much.

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    Immigratful, you are a fucking idiot that supports open borders. If I knew a Vampire or Werewolf, I would have them to fuck you up your ass. You seem to be obsessed with Rick's sexuality. Do you have a crush on Rick? Maybe you should go to D.C. jail and let 6 muscular black men top you raw.

    Downtown Rez supports amnesty. Typical coming from a fucking liberal.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Immigratful I doubt you are caucasian. I suspect you are a racist Central American anchor baby. You talk this shit about blacks, but you would never say this shit to any black person in fear of getting the shit beat out of you.

    If you don't like black U.S. citizens, move the fuck out of D.C. and back to your fucking country. There's more of a black educated middle class than Salvadorans/Central Americans. Oprah Winfrey is black educated and a billionaire. How many Salvadoran millionaires you see in the United States? How many Salvadoran universities do you see in the United States? You have Howard University, Hampton University, North Carolina Central University, Morgan State University, North Carolina A &T State University created just for black U.S. citizens after reconstruction. Fuck you and the rest of the illegal aliens coming here wanting to look down on black Americans. If it had not been for our struggles, lynchings, etc., your asses would not be here. You want to be white, but to the white man, you will never be one of them no matter how light your skin tone and straight your hair texture is. You are still a foreigners. The United States is still a majority white country and the majority whites will not let Mexico, El Salvador, etc. people take over this country without a fight.

  • Immigrateful

    Doubt all you want, it doesn't bother me one bit. I'm not causcausian, I'm nordic (and there is a difference). I hate ghetto people in general and this goes for hispanics as well. But in the area I live in the City, hispanics tend to be a welcomed change from what I've experienced with local blacks. I don't know how else to state it.

    In this City, you would expect me to become more tolerant because of the diversity that we see today, but I lived through the Barry years and watched white flight occur, as my friends and neighbors escaped the crack epicenter that we know as DC today. I didn't see a lot of hispanics slinging crack, killing each other indiscrimately then? DC had the highest murder rate in the Country and there weren't many other races in the City at that point.

    So yes, bring in the Mexicans, the Canadians, the Cubans, the Canary Island folks, and dilute this clusterfucked City so that one race can't be blamed for the area's woes.

    You stupid blacks want to blame hispanics for your troubles yet you forgot a few decades ago, we blamed you for ours then. It never will end at this pace.

  • downtown rez

    Yes, I support some form of amnesty. Not everyone would qualify. But most probably would. And I also think it should be easier to come here legally.
    On the flip side, if we do all these things than people need to start expecting to play by the rules.

  • Keith


    Every anti-illegal immigrant organization in the United States and the majority of the pro-sovereignty population will fight Amnesty. Washington and pro-amnesty politicians over several decades of both parties, have brought this illegal alien invasion mess upon themselves and its people? They even went as far as cutting budgets instead of building the--REAL--double fence? Many Americans may shun away from being called a racist. As Politically correct" laws have become a major encumbrance to our safety. The same with using " Racial profiling" by the open border zealots, that is compromising any safety net we have in any state, the border or airport terminals But in the end this soft Obama administration is going to cause a massive calamity through its Liberal ideology? Somewhere on our soil is a cell of people who hate our guts, whether foreign terrorists or home-grown terrorists and they will succeed in killing innocent citizens-legal residents. It is already known that Cartels in Mexico are assisting these criminals from the Middle East. Somewhere soon homeland Security intelligence will fail to pick up criminal activities and death like 9/11 will happen in this nation. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars on foreign countries, but our lawmakers argue over appropriating several billion dollars, on building the real double fence or stationing the National Guard permanently on the border as Mexico does with Guatemala? How about bringing our troops home from other countries and demand they invest in their own military to protect our people?

  • Judy

    Kudos to AZ. they have acted in the face of continued inaction on the part of the federal government to enforce the laws of the country. This situation is way out of control and nothing gets done because of politics and taxpayers foot the bill for the health care, the court costs, the education of illegals, while they take what were once good jobs from Americans. I applaud AZ. More states will follow. If feds won’t do it, let the States take over. And Hey Sharpton - I’m not a racist. This is not a racist issue. It’s an issue of crime and financial loss committed against the people of this country. Wake up