City Desk

District Limerick: Back Door Edition


Those steps, just a mere forty four
Ascend to the giant bronze door
But as of today
The Justices say
Ya can't go that way anymore

Some say it's what safety requires
A view that is surely not Breyer's
As laid out by Cass
It lets us all pass
Equality's what it inspires

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  • Vinceman

    So last month the courts struck these people down from their bid to take over the internet, so now they're trying to reach back to a decades old telephone law to sieze control.
    If you don't think this idiot (and his ilk) HAVE to be thrown out of their positions - if you're not convinced these are dangerous idiots determined to bring a Chavez government to this great country - you're out of your mind.
    Speak out! Wake up America. You're losing your country to Marxist cretins! You don't have to take my word for it - read the news!