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Morning Roundup: Rats Edition

ratfuneralHappy Friday, everyone! Happier than yesterday, anyway, because the taste of the Capitals defeat isn't fresh in our mouths. But there's still a heart-warming story to come out of Wednesday's loss: After the game, Caps forward Brooks Laich changed a tire for two fans he saw stuck on the Roosevelt Bridge. Nice to know not all pro athletes are in the Ben Roethlisberger mold, huh?

Speaking of rats, did you notice a theme in our coverage yesterday? Between the post on Manon Cleary's long-held affection for rats, the video of Andrew Zimmern shuddering at the smell of grilled rat innards, and the item about the Washington Humane Society's search for an opossum killer, it was a positively rodent-rific day.

Also, Gallaudet University's annual rat funeral was on Wednesday. In this 60-plus-year-old tradition, freshmen buy or catch rats at the beginning of the school year, care for them as pets, and then hold a funeral–complete with black garb and procession– for those animals that have died at the end of second semester in order to mark the completion of their first year at college. Students commemorate the event with rubber rats rather than real ones now, something we learned thanks to the intrepid reporting of our own Kim Chi Ha.

The Oprah Winfrey Network announced plans for a documentary series that follows eating disorder patients in therapy. The network's namesake is the same woman who popularized the mantra "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" (also widely quoted by Kate Moss last year), and who is notorious for her dissatisfaction with her yo-yoing weight. Hmm.

donatellaProtests are like lines: everyone wants to join one. People are up in arms about Arizona— and AriZona. Activists protesting the state's new immigration law are calling for the boycott of everything made in the state, including the iced tea company. The problem is, AriZona is actually made in New York. Whoops.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is tomorrow, and keep your eye out for some additional famous faces in the District over the next few days. The guest list includes Hollywood types Steven Spielberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jessica Alba; former social secretary Desiree Rogers; and fashion designers Jason Wu and Donatella Versace. After learning of Versace's planned attendance, @JenConnor of Arlington tweeted, "Am I the only one who can only see the SNL skit?"

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    Support Arizona! Plan to visit and spend your money there in the next year.

    Enough with the illegal immigrants crying about having to obey our laws. If they aren't around to do the work, employers will have to pay more than minimum wage (or less) for agricultural work or restaurant jobs.