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The Blotter, Animal Edition: Opossum Killer On The Loose

Not Just Playing Dead: The Washington Humane Society is looking for an opossum killer. On April 27, in an alley behind 1026 16th street NE, eleven of the critters were found bludgeoned to death. The animal organization believes the marsupials were stoned to death. The Humane Society is offering a $1,000 reward for any information regarding the grisly scene. Statistically, anyone who could do such a thing is a risk to humans as well, the society says.

Illicit Tail Feathers: On the 500 block of U Street, NW  on April 22, animal control officers found some illegal fowl: a peacock and a peahen. "A person claiming to be the owner of the birds did not know they were illegal to own," according to the Humane Society. The owner surrendered the birds, which were relocated to a sanctuary in Virginia.

Clip Your Pooch For Chrissakes: A resident in the 4200 block of 4th Street SE  gave up a dog to the Humane Society on April 27. The poodle's coat was so severely matted that the pooch had to be sedated in order to be groomed. The Humane Society is investigating.

Felines Rescued: On April 22, animal control officers discovered a litter of kittens trapped inside an old RV being used for storage in the 1200 block of Emerson Street NW. The officers climbed through all the junk in the vehicle to get the kittens out. One kitten became tangled in yarn and didn't make it.

Photo by goingslo, Creative Commons Attribution License

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  • Joan

    did they ever find raccoon-guy?

  • Typical DC BS

    What a shame some idiot kids think it's fun to kill animals. Nitwits.

  • Brahmin

    Barring some sociopathic little kid with a bat, there has to be some sort of pest removal business.

    They are probably advertising via fliers.

    The first time I saw one I freaked and called the city pest removal. Opossums are protected. After a while I got use to the guy, until he hurt the alley cats, and I disliked him again.

    However, once the alley cats were gone I stopped leaving water out and he too went away.

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