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Kwame Brown: Undercover Councilmember

Kwame Brown

D.C. government employees might want to watch out for the above face. That's because, like the prince who dresses in rags to see how his subjects live, At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown has taken to dressing down and testing out city services.

Unlike a fairy tale prince, though, he tweets about his adventures.

First, Brown went to a D.C. One Stop Career Center and pretended to be a job seeker. He wasn't happy with what he saw. After waiting 25 minutes and talking to three people, Brown was just told to look for a job on a computer.

"12 percent unemployment. Businesses acting like they are looking for DC residents and our One Stop Career Shops: look on computer." Brown complained.

Weeks after his first operation, Brown tried to catch a cab without wearing a suit. He walked seven blocks without any cabs stopping for him. After his fruitless walkabout, Brown took his problem to the Taxicab Commission.

"When the spirit hits him he's going to go out and check that out," says Brown spokesperson Michael Price.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • Sean

    Re Taxis, better late than never I guess. Did he REALLY not no that cabs stopping for blacks, especially black men, is a problem in DC? Heck he didn't even need to take off the suit for that one. Most likely they STILL wouldn't have stopped.

  • bloomingdale20001

    If only the 12 other councilmembers would follow this tactic. Big-ups to Mr. Brown on this one! Now Councilmember Brown become a D.C. Gov't employee and you will see how incompetent D.C. managers are.

  • DC Small Business

    I see CMB is trying to pretend like he is doing something for DC. Wake up people it is a election year and Kwame wants to be DC dumbest Chairperson. Ask Kwame to show u his campaign fiance report and see how many of the big money donors are hiring DC residents. I would to see Kwame use his position as Chair of Economic Development to really help DC real businesses and construction companies. Kwame is taking a page from Marion Barry make the community think you care to advance to the next step up the ladder at the Wilson Building. Kwame you are a bought and sold Councilmember that has never had a real campaign race . I guess Vince Orange has scared this young man he thought it was going to be a Black and White race , and CMB has to really work to be Chair. Good Luck

  • Eldon Pittman Jr

    Kudos to Kwame Brown. If more city officials would get involved to this degree, perhaps things would improve. I wish he would go into the jail and see how the inmates are treated!!

  • Sally

    Maybe Kwame can try opening up a business and see all the red tape that exists because of the never-ending set of laws and regulations that he and the other idiots on the Council have enacted.

    Better yet! How about this for your next publicity stunt Kwame - try operating as a small landlord and trying to not violate one of the millions of laws and regulations that exist. And then dealing with tenants who refuse to pay rent and that you can't evict without paying them to leave.

    If it's a choice between Stupid Kwame or Shameless Vicent Orange, I'll go with shameless over stupid any day of the week.

  • On the Contrary

    stanks like election year tactics to me! stanky! the real question is - what is going to do about it? he can tweet it all day long, but it just goes to show brown is all STYLE and no SUBSTANCE. Go V.O.!

  • Walt Whitman

    In this photo he has that bright, alert, intelligent gaze we all found so mesmerizing about George Bush. He really is D-U-M-B but pumped up on his ego and his father's ambition.

    Of course in the brains department the apple has not fallen far from the tree. It was Marshall Brown, after all, who made a firestorm over the fact that someone in Tony Williams had beyond a 4th grade vocabulary. No need to fear that from Kwame.

    He has really done zilch with the Econ committee.

  • “Do You”

    Putting yourself in the residents and DC Government employees shoes, what could be a more positive effect on changing the way we do business in DC; first hand experience is the best experience. Use the learning experience to bring about positive reform in DC.

  • The Truth

    I misplaced a comma in my post. Correction: DC, City politics....

    @DC Small Business

    You wrote: " Kwame wants to be DC dumbest Chairperson. Ask Kwame to show u his campaign fiance report and see how many of the big money donors are hiring DC residents"

    Does that include Donations by Vincent Orange and Pepco. The Dumbest thing Vincent Orange can do is file those papers and officially get in the race. And I will put all of his diry laundry up for public scrutiny.

    "In addition to Patterson, the aye votes were Linda Cropp, Vincent Orange, Adrian Fenty, Jack Evans, and Phil Mendelson. (The first three of those will leave public office with the next term.) Aside from Barry, voting no were Kwame Brown, David Catania, Jim Graham, Vincent Gray, and Carol Schwartz.

    "Orange floated by on a cloud, comparing MLK unfavorably to Paris’ Bibliotheque Nationale—which is, of course, the French equivalent of the Library of Congress, not a city library.