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Nick Clegg! Nick Clegg! A Morning Roundup About NICK CLEGG!

cleggNick Clegg fever! CATCH IT! For those of you uninfected, he's like Obama—except British, white, atheist, and popular. You ask a man on the street (or "street," as it's called in Britain) what he thinks about Nick Clegg, and he'll say "FUCK YEAH!" or whatever British people say instead of that ("FUCK YES!"?). And then he will go drink a "pint" of "bitter," which is a British drink.

NICK CLEGG! I can't stop bolding it, or thinking of his curiously large forehead, which furthers my theory that the English are more closely related to Early Man than the rest of us! If his Liberal Democrats (NOT A BAD THING IN BRITAIN, APPARENTLY) avoid two-ways and go for three-ways, Nick Clegg could be prime minister! OF BRITAIN!

Hey, are you freaked out about Nick Clegg? Join the club! So are a bunch of humans who don't like liberals or Democrats. Like this Nile Gardiner person, who is pissed that Nick Clegg doesn't like that Death Cab album. From Gardiner's list of five reasons not to be happy about Nick Clegg:

2. Clegg is not an Atlanticist.

Nile, OK, it didn't have a "Styrofoam Plates," but it's still pretty good!


Here are some things that happened yesterday, none of which involved Nick Clegg:

Caps win. Oh vraiment? The Nats lose, but in an interesting way, notes Adam Kilgore:

They are 7-0 when their starter pitches at least five innings, and they are 0-7 when their starter does not....Their last four starting pitchers — Liván Hernández, Jason Marquis, Craig Stammen and Olsen — have respectively recorded 27, 0, 24 and 6 outs.

Is that not interesting to you? GO BACK TO BRITAIN AND MARRY NICK CLEGG.

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  • Indeed

    uh, the nats won last night 6-4. They lost the night before.

  • Mike

    Clegg is very much like Obama, especially when it comes to his pro war policy on Afghanistan, despite his peoples apprehension in continuig their commitment to the effort.

  • Dave

    Ok it's official, AB has totally lost it.

  • Simon

    i like Nick Clegg. He speaks sense. THe liberal democrats are equivalent are a mix between social democrats and liberal economists. They represent the growing the middle ground, from the Lbaour party (traditionally socialist...Tony Blair etc) and the Conservative (John Major and Thatcher....sell off everything the state owns for a loss, just to sell it off). Most politicians in Europe and the UK do not talk about religion, as most the population do not follow a faith. Majority of us a non-conformists, as we do not conform to the rules of religion but still believe. Him being an atheist, but allowing his children to be bought up as roman Catholics illustrates the tolerance of faith the majority of us in the UK have towards other faiths...minus the right-wing Muslim scum (who fail to see the link and similarities between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and instead have an intense focus on the few differences). Liberal haters are not liked much in europe. It wa the liberals that made voting ope to all the population rather than the lite, it wsa liberals who gave women the vote. it was liberals who allowed the voting age to be reduce to allow young, business owning, hard working adults to have a say in their country's future. It was liberals who gave women the vote. It was liberals who pushed for state education for all. Don't focus on the worst thing about liberals, it was the progressive politicians, who are smeared with being called a liberal, that have improved society as a whole.

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