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Bryan Weaver to Officially Challenge Jim Graham in Ward 1

UPDATE, 4/23

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, seeking a third fourth term this fall, is facing another motivated challenger.

Bryan Weaver, a community activist and advisory neighborhood commissioner in Adams Morgan, is set to announce his run at noon on Saturday. The kickoff is being held in Weaver's stomping grounds—Walter Pierce Park, home base for the basketball fanatic and his Hoops Sagrado nonprofit.

A message distributed to supporters today touts Weaver's "new vision and bold leadership for a better Ward One that answers to Ward One residents."

The message continues: "We need better accountability and transparency, smarter crime prevention and youth programs, strategies to grow and revitalize Ward One’s diverse small business community, ways to nurture and support Ward One’s vital multicultural identity, a strong Green Economy led by Ward One residents and businesses, a true recycling program worthy of Ward One’s and the District’s progressive identity, better partnerships with parents and guardians for strong schools at every level, a safer Metro system, and more."

Weaver joins Jeff Smith, a school board member turned nonprofit executive, in challenging Graham. Smith made his run official last month after a short exploratory period. Weaver established an exploratory committee back in November. The committee's last finance report, filed in late March, showed $29,268 in cash on hand.

Smith, in a report filed in late February, showed a $38,831 balance in his campaign account. Graham, meanwhile, had more than $189,000 on hand as of March 10.

Both Weaver and Smith are hoping that, after re-electing Graham twice by large margins, voters have soured on the bespectacled, Volkswagen-driving incumbent. His longtime chief of staff, you will no doubt recall, was arrested for taking bribes last fall; prosecutors recently added a plethora of new charges. But none of the allegations has yet touched Graham personally.

Graham's campaign spokesperson, Chuck Thies, says that Weaver's priorities, as listed in his announcement, "are the very things Jim Graham has been actively engaged in and accomplishing for the past 12 years."

"Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery," he says, "but it's not the best campaign platform."

UPDATE, 4/23: At Graham's request, LL is happy to make this crystal-clear: There is no evidence, allegation, or charge that suggests that Graham had any knowledge of or role in Loza's alleged crimes, and LL has no knowledge of any evidence, allegations, or charges yet to be disclosed.

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  • WardQueen

    Is Chuck Thiev suggesting that Bryan Weaver's priorities are diverting community resources to himself, ego gratification, graft, sexual gratification and feathering his own nest?

    Don't know this Weaver but he has got to be better then Graham or that arrogant, vapid, dumb suit Jeff Smith.

    Graham will likely not still be standing by the time of the election. He's get some behind the scenes plea deal and step out.

  • W1Latina

    Good for Weaver! He has done some amazing work in the neighborhood and Ward One could absolutely benefit from his experience. It is time for Jim Graham to go! Ya basta Jim! He is in this only for himself now and not for Ward One. We need a fresh face. Go Señor Weaver!!

  • tere

    Really Chuck Thies, Jim Graham has made a safe Metro system a priority?? That is beyond laughable. Jim has completley abdicated his responsibilities as Chair of the Metro board, and that is only one on the list of Jim Graham's monumental failures. I am looking forward to hearing more about Weaver. It seems he would be a welcome change.

  • tere

    Graham needs to go, and I hope Weaver is the guy who can replace him.

  • Bryan Weaver


    1. accountability and transparency
    (Ted Loza)

    2. smarter crime prevention
    (Ward with most crime in the city)

    3. grow and revitalize small business
    (for lease signs in MTP and Georgia ave)

    4 a true recycling program
    (according to CP 24% recycling)

    6. a safer Metro system
    (19 deaths 2009)

  • Real Bryan Weaver

    Dear "Supporter"

    Don't enter into this fray. Not helping me.

    Bryan Weaver

  • DCBob

    Does Weaver have a website? Websites, emails, FB, and Twitter lists for candidates are hard to find.


    I am glad to see Miss Graham have some competition.

  • DC Hoodrat

    Bryan's got my vote. Now if we could ONLY find a viable candidate for Mayor.

  • Korrupt

    Good luck Bryan!

  • Korrupt

    And DC Bob - check this out

  • DC Lover

    I meant Bryan Weaver the other day, he seem like the real deal.

    I guess we will see how his campaign is managed and if he can beat out Graham.

  • Jerrod Allen

    Its great to see brian run against slum jim graham VOTE WEAVER.

  • Native JD in DC

    Get Graham OUT! Weaver will have my financial support.

  • The Real Real Bryan Weaver

    "Bryan Weaver" and "Real Bryan Weaver" can we please stop playing games and try to keep this campaign honest and civil.

    Impersonating me here and elsewhere is a disservice to voters who want information about this very important campaign.

    If you want to know why my campaign is based on Jim Graham's record of accomplishment, ask me. The answer is simple:

    Jim Graham has been a great Councilmember.

    I'm not running against him. I'm running for this seat in 2014 and don't want Jeff Smith to get all the attention in 2010.