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Cyclist Struck by Georgetown University Bus


A cyclist has been struck by a Georgetown University bus near the intersection of 35th Street and Reservoir Road NW.

The news and photo come to City Desk from reader and political consultant Chuck Thies, who had no information on possible injuries.

UPDATE, 2:50 P.M.: Fire and Emergency Medical Services spokesperson Pete Piringer confirms FEMS responded to a call in the vicinity, but has no word on injuries.

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  • Andrew Beaujon

    And Rick Mangus in 10...9...8...

  • Fred

    But where is the ending comment.... "No charges are pending against the bus." or better yet. "The investigation is looking into why the bike ran into the bus."

  • Classy

    Why does it matter who sent it in the tip? Why does that have to be a bolded part of the story?! Oh wait, it's Chuck Thies...I'm surprised he didn't send it in on behalf of the Grahamstander just so JG could get his name in there.

  • Chuck Thies

    Actually, I threw the cyclist under the bus just so I could irritate you, "Classy."

  • BlackCoochie

    LOL@Chuck Thies. That's GANGSTA!

  • EG

    Caption: Officers stand ready to issue citation to bleeding cyclist.

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    Someone suggested I buy a bike. I will never buy a bike and ride it in D.C. because I am afraid I will be hit or run over by a vehicle. Bikes are good to have in the country or rural areas.

  • Jamie

    @Ward4, you are about 100 times more likely to be killed in a homicide than on a bike, and about 10,000 times more likely to be mugged than in a bike accident.

    Being alive carries risks. Deal with it.

  • Jamie

    @Fred, this time it was "the cyclist admitted she was at fault," per wash cycle. I guess she didn't talk to her lawyer first.

  • downtown rez

    Bikes are good to have in the country or rural areas.
    No sir. They are good to have in the city because, if you try, you can actually do your commuting and shopping on one. In the suburbs you would still need to own a car, which AAA says will cost the "average" driver at least $6500 of your post tax dollars each year.

  • JA

    Jebus, does the average driver have a leased Ferrari? I own not one but two cars (a car and a pickup truck). Even in DC, where insurance rates are exorbitantly expensive, I pay about 1,200 a year for both cars. Add maintenance and gas and it's probably 3 grand at most for a typical year. For two cars! Oh yes, and then subtract 30 cents a mile for deductible "business travel."

    Luckily, it is possible to own a car (or cars) without it being a 2010 Navigator or something else with a $500/mo car payment, $4K a year to insure, and 50 cents per mile in gas. I suspect most city people have more practical transportation than (apparently) the "average" American.