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Nuclear Summit Annoys More Drivers Than Previously Thought

The District continues to beef up its credentials as the "parking ticket capital of the nation." Earlier this week, parking enforcement officers were even ticketing cars in designated no-ticketing zones.

This morning, Department of Public Works staffer Kevin Twine sent an email to several Northwest D.C. neighborhood listservs, informing residents of the ticketing snafu:

"To ease the parking burden created by the Nuclear Security Summit, the DC Department of Public Works issued a news release April 9, 2010 advising motorists that vehicles parked within the boundaries below, between April 12-14, would not be ticketed for residential street cleaning.  Some motorists did receive these tickets in error and the tickets will be voided automatically.

Streets within which street cleaning ticketing was suspended from April 12 to 14:

  • Florida Avenue, NW (northern boundary).
  • H Street, NW (southern boundary).
  • 5th Street, NW (eastern boundary).
  • 15th Street, NW (western boundary).

Please contact me directly if you have any problems.  I do apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.



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  • Ward 5

    How is it they expect the citizens to know what the workers don't? If someone has already paid one of those tickets would they be reimbursed?

  • Jamie

    DC ticketed people specifically in zones that were no-ticket zones? Wow, shocker.

    Since they routinely ticket people who aren't even violating any posted parking law, this should surprise no-one.

    I can't wait to see what happens during the pay-by-phone trial.