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First Vincent Gray Fundraiser Is Set for Next Week


Invitations are circulating for Vincent Gray's first mayoral fundraiser, set for next Wednesday at the home of Ward 4 socialite Judith Terra.

The host committee includes such notables as philanthropist Peggy Cooper Cafritz, superlobbyist David Wilmot (who has also hosted a Fenty fundraiser), former city technology chief Suzanne Peck, former Deputy Mayor Stan Jackson, and mayoral mom Virginia Hayes Williams.

Terra's home, of course, was a frequent setting for Gray's opponent four years ago. "Ample parking" provided; $250 suggested donation.

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  • Sally

    Not very impressive collection of sponsors.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I will be there selling fish sandwich for the House of Prayer.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich


    I will be there selling fish sandwiches for the House of Prayer.

  • KCinDC

    Is Peggy Copper-Cafitz any relation to Peggy Cooper Cafritz?

  • Someone Who actually nows

    Wow that is embarrassing to misspell Ms. Cafritz's name. But more embarrassing wasn't Judith Terra a Fenty loyalist.

  • noodlez


  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Sally, you are wrong. I am giving Gray's campaign a check for $1,000.00 at this fundraiser and many of my celebrity/Hollywood friends will be making donations. The list is below.

    Janet Jackson
    Brad Pitt
    Angeline Jolie
    Alex O'Loughlin
    Eddie Cibrian
    Mary J. Blige
    Matt Damon
    L.L. Cool J.
    Samuel Jackson
    Christain Bale
    Billy Joel
    Oprah Winfrey
    Bill Cosby
    Halle Barry
    Gerald Butler
    Diana Ross
    Marah Carey
    Tina Turner
    Wendy Williams
    Tyler Perry
    Alex Rodriguez
    Derek Jeter
    Will & Jada Smith
    Morgan Freeman
    Tim Daly
    Malik Yorba
    George Clooney

  • hymesb

    Judith Terra,
    Isn't she the 70 something year old lady that loves attention. Husband was a big player in Republican Party. Big hats, Big Mansion. However, she obviously was not the power behind Fenty's money.

    Heard she was upset that Fenty let Donatelli construction host first fundraiser at his Mansion. Rich people are real funny acting.

  • Retaining Wall


    Come pick up a yard sign? Wow! Aren't you supposed to ask people about that at their house? Get your old ass out there and walk. That is some lazy advertising.

    I have never seen a fundraiser where they were handing out signs to take home. You have no idea if they go up. And, you have no record to replace them if you get taken. This isn't a duck derby you are running.

    I understand though. You have to pay those $300 per day fees for not filing that permit information. That way, you don't have to say who did the work on that retaining wall two years ago. You know, if they find out that the person that did the work also got business at the city, you will be brought up on ethics violations. One city contractor...ok. But a second one or the same one twice.....shady grady.

  • Suzan Peck!!!!!!

    OH MY GOD,

    Vincent Gray is in bed with the DEVIL!!!!


    WOW! She was the most horrible City Director in the history of the city. Not just a selfish, vindictive, and incompetent. She literally funneled millions of dollars to Virgina tech companies.

    She fired a city employee because the employee couldn't find a chair that was big enough for her. She is extermely large and got stuck in the chair. She was embarrased and fired the person that arrainged the room.

    She is heartless, corrupt, and if this is the type of person that supports Vincent Gray, people need to stand up and take notice.

    I am shocked!!!!!

  • Suzan Peck!!!!!!

    Oh, and she was the worst thing ever for minority business. A minority company couldn"t get a damn thing in the 8 years she was there.

    Just ask anyone involved with IT during Williams. What she did as CTO makes Sinclair Skinner look like a chior boy. Her rudeness, arrogance, and selfishness are legendary.

    Also, the districts IT resources were bottled up because she insisted that her department spend the money or she wouldn't let the project got thru. The hospitals couldn't initiate VITAL IT applications like record keeping apps. Same thing for the courts. Juvenials that committed horrific crimes would walk right out because the court was so backlogged. But nothing could happen without Peck say ok. And she didn't say ok unless her people got paid the money to do the work.

    On many occasions agencies were forced to turn down federal dollars because if Peck didn't get her hands on the money (and her favored conractors)she would not let it pass thru OCTO. I think the tool was a "pic" or something like that. Or a Par. Purchase aquistion request. I can"t remember. But, in essence, if she said that your project didn't meet her "standards" then it didn't go thru. They also had a little trick called the Graphic Information committee, that by order of Williams gave her the right to "enforce" policies on agencies.

    In other words, if you didn't like matter where you worked....she could get you fired. She is a billionaire that took a 100K power job and used it to make her billionaire friends more money.

    I am shocked and outraged that Gray would allign himself with her.

  • Mike Licht

    Like Peggy Cooper Cafritz, Judith Terra is a long-time arts advocate.

  • hymesb

    Oh, ok. She didn't really seem the policy type. And, she does wear very lovely hats and dresses exquisitly.

  • 40 and over club card member

    This gathering needed to be held at the AARP Hall of Ailments. Look at the date and time...basically before the sun goes down and not on the days when hooligans are free to roam the streets.

    Next I will bet...there will be a flyer circulating Hand-Dancers for Gray...or better yet Shake your Groove Thang for Gray!!

    Take that slogan of OneCity...and replace it with One for the Road.

    Peggy...Giiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrl take the insurance money and buy some more art...don't give it to Gray.

    As for Susan Peck...get a new wig sweetie...the words "biggest loser" fits you in more ways than one...even if you wore spanx.

    Now for Judith Terra-Gotta be kidding me!!! I am sensing that the Houswives of DC pilot-people said get outta of here honey. Dinner-table conversation "Here's my chance to show'em that I am somebody."

  • Jesse Helms

    LOL@40 and over club card member

    Vincent Frankenstien the mulatto.

  • ffxiv gil

    Great articles & Nice a site?

  • Truth Hurts

    Yepper, Vince is the man to unite all neighborhoods as one city. I'm feeling this fake subliminal race baiting love already.