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Prince George’s Riot Cops Pummel Collegian

WJLA-TV has disturbing video that shows University of Maryland student John J. McKenna, 19, beaten by riot police. The incident happened on March 3, near campus, as late night revelers celebrated a basketball victory. Prince George's County police cited 28 people that night, but McKenna would reportedly suffer more than cuff marks.

In the video, he appears to approach mounted police officers while skipping and raising his arms. One second, McKenna's just fooling around; the next, he's on the ground being hammered by cops in riot gear.

Though McKenna was arrested after the incident, charges were ultimately dropped.

Footage of McKenna's beating comes on the heels of  another alleged beatdown involving Prince George's cops. On March 31, 20-year-old Prince A. Duncan-Lolliswas, of District Heights, was reportedly injured by police outside a Papa John's in the Largo area. The Washington Post reports:

"I didn't do anything. I was trying to get a job," Duncan-Lollis said. He said an officer who escorted him out of the pizza shop asked for identification, and when Duncan-Lollis reached toward his back pocket to get it, the officer knocked him to the ground.

"I turned my head to the right and saw another officer coming. I was [pepper-sprayed], and I couldn't see anymore," Duncan-Lollis said. After that, he said, he felt blows to his face and torso.

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  • Rick Mangus

    When your part of a disorderly crowd that causing a riot, why would you stick around! Is this dumb ass in college for a higher education or to learn how to be stupid? I'm sure he will graduate at the top of his class, Phi Beta Capa in moron studies!


    This is a mess and scandal for the PG County Police Department. There's a mistrust by many citizens, particularly blacks and Latinos regarding trusting police officers. I must say, all police officers are not bad. There are only a few bad apples working in many police departments and they should be fired. I continue to support Law Enforcement because without them, there would be lawlessness all over.

  • Woodley Parker

    And if there hadn't been video of it, these kids would still be falsely charged with assaulting the police officers. What a crock. Thank God for video these days.

  • Jahmainiquia

    FINALLY!!! A white man gets his ass kicked by the police so that people can understand that black people don't just make this shit up.

    However, I saw the video and that drunk little bastard got what he deserved.

  • Eye full

    Sad to say, but I need help with my case with police excessive force and I know that these officers in what they did on film as well as the paperwork and reports consist of false statements to the fullest extent of corruption and cover-up!