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Neighborhood Watch: Deanwood Metrorail Service May Be Cut Short

MetroindaylightThe Issue: The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has proposed service reductions for the Deanwood Metrorail station, leaving some residents none too pleased. In an effort to balance its budget, WMATA proposed several ways to cut spending and spare riders another fare hike (though some people favor increased fares). One option is to close the Deanwood station—along with the Morgan Boulevard and Cheverly stations in Prince George's County—on weekends. According to WMATA, ridership at all three locations is less than 1,000 on an average Saturday and 600 on Sunday. This would reduce Metro's annual cost by $200,000.

"All Hands On Deck!": ANC 7C04 Commissioner, Sylvia Brown, put forth a battle cry on her blog Deanwoodenizen, urging Deanwood residents to mobilize by submitting written testimony against the proposed weekend shutdown. "This shortsighted move will harm the neighborhood and the neighborhood's riders who rely on the station to get to jobs in downtown DC and in outer Maryland," she wrote in a cover letter to WMATA. Brown, who doesn't believe Deanwood was singled out, offered an alternative. Brown suggests that WMATA move forward with the transit-oriented Deanwood Strategic Development Plan, which would help push up neighborhood ridership on Metro and Metrobus.

Commenter brrgh2 says the weekend closure would place a hardship and restrict travel options. "Closing the station would subject the Deanwood residents to increased crime, longer wait time for transferring to and from the already not on time W4 bus, and the inconvenience of the already over-crowding ridership on the U4, U8 and the Minnesota Station," says brrgh2.

On The Radar and Still In The Air: WMATA spokeswoman Angela Gates says that Deanwood was on the radar after looking into the limited number of weekend riders. "We looked into what would affect the least number of people," says Gates. "We take into account everything. The last thing we want to do is cut service." Metro has held six public hearings during March and this month seeking community input. They have asked the public to complete an online survey offering alternative ideas, which was due in earlier this week. "We're currently in the process of compiling the information to present to the board of directors. No final decision will be made until April 22," says Gates.

What's Next?: Until a final decision is made, Deanwoodizens can carry on with business as usual.

Photo by Bruce Tuten, Creative Commons Attribution License

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  • Rick Mangus

    See what happens when you all put-up with this shit!


    Here we go again. Metro is talking about closing stations that service minority neighborhood, while no one is talking about the billions of dollars that it will cost to extend the organe line to DULLES Airport. Don't get me started on the average salaries paid to the metro staff. Institute a flat rate across the board and that will increase revenue. Charge for parking at those wonderful Metro parking lots/garages on the weekends. It all else fails take a lesson from the good folks at AMTRAK; which is federalized.

  • cminus

    If we institute a flat rate on Metro, we screw over the residents of the District of Columbia, who are more likely to take shorter trips and thus pay reduced fares. We're already screwed over by a funding regime that emphasizes the number of stations in a jurisdiction over ridership -- so funding for stations like Federal Center SW, where the ridership is overwhelmingly suburban commuters, is disproportionately assessed against the District.

    (I seem to recall that at some point in the past the District offered to go to flat fees in exchange for an assessment that emphasized ridership over station numbers. Virginia and Maryland wouldn't go for it; they were happier with their residents paying higher fares and lower taxes instead of the other way around.)

  • jchaika

    Ride to Deanwood this summer on the weekend and take in the beautiful water lillies at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens! You will help bring those rider stats up and do wonders for your soul.

  • Daniele

    How can someone remove something that is already there and people need it. Those things are unbelievable!

  • Darlene Williams

    Not only that how about the new rec. center is getting ready to open,and some of the resident do work on the weekend.

  • DC Hoodrat

    Good for Metro. Keep those little criminals in Ward 7 where they LIVE and belong.

  • Hmmm

    I normally don't have nice things to say about ANC people. But, Sylvia appears to be an exceptions. Metro better watch out. She is one of the few who manages to get things done.

  • somebody

    Historic Deanwood does't deserve to be treated as though it does not have a need to stay connected to the rest of the city on the weekends. The residents of Deanwood must keep it's weekend services like any other station locals in this city. It's the surrounding counties that should figure out how to get in and out of this town on weekends - not the residents of the city.

    Keep us informed. about this very disturbing matter.

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  • Jake T

    What kind of backwards Third-Worldish city do we live in, where our already sub-par mass transit is actually being CUT?

    Washington has the worst public transport infrastructure of any First World capital its' size. Just a symptom of the shocking income inequalities and disinterest in social capital that are the hallmarks of our morally bankrupt country.