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MetroAccess Driver Accused of Sexual Assault

Yet more trouble with public transportation employees being accused of crimes in the D.C. area.

WMATA says a MetroAccess driver has been arrested on charges of sexual assault. Metro Transit Police arrested Jose Del Castillo, 55, on Thursday, after investigating a sexual assault reported by a MetroAccess rider on Jan. 28 in Prince George’s County.

Castillo has been charged with third-degree sex offense and second-degree assault.

According to a Metro press release, Castillo isn't the only MetroAccess driver cops have suspected of sexual assault:

Metro Transit Police also have been investigating a January 3 report of sexual assault involving a different MetroAccess driver that took place at Sixth Street and Brentwood, NE. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia has declined to prosecute the case at this time. The driver, 31, was hired on September 24, 2009, suspended without pay on January 3, 2010, and terminated on February 4, 2010.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Wounderful another achievement by another stellar Metro employee! Of course we want to give you more money so your agency can hire somemore, lazy, criminal employees to make us safe and secure!

  • will

    Metroaccess are contracted employees. WMATA is still the best in the nation. Since the accident last August, anything that happens will make the newspapers and television.

  • Rick Mangus

    AS WELL IT SHOULD!, your transporting people not cabbage for Christ sake!

  • DC Hoodrat

    Will. what crack are you smoking? Best in the nation according to who?

    When is the last time NYS or CSS killed a bunch of people because of a sugnal malfunction?

    I hope this cocksucking MEXICAN gets RAPED while in prison.