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True Love: Big Business Wears Support Of Graham On Its Sleeve


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  • DCDude

    Hey aren't the street cleaners on U street? Why are city workers wearing a patch for a council member?

  • My tax dollars

    How is it that uniforms for a program funded with city dollars have what amounts to a campaign ad for the councilmember on them?

  • Wrack

    I think they work for the DCCH (Development Corporation of Columbia Hts), which is a private nonprofit.

  • My tax dollars

    They work for several nonprofits depending on the neighborhood, however the funding for the program was given to the nonprofits from the city.

  • DCDude

    They are hired through DPW and administered by DPW. So when mainstreet or a BID hire off duty cops to patrol a biz district do Kwame or Phil get to put their names on cop uniforms?

  • Dave Stroup

    Who's Graham Wone?

  • My tax dollars

    You're funny Dave Stroup.