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UPDATED: Sherman Avenue NW Reopens After Bicyclist Struck by Car

So says DDOT's Twitter. Police tell me no one's been killed. The accident happened almost three hours ago.

UPDATE 11:54 Three eyewitnesses tell me the cyclist was struck by a news van. I'm waiting for confirmation from the station they told me the van belonged to. One guy said the cyclist wasn't wearing a helmet and ran a red light. He said there was a lot of blood.

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  • Rick Mangus

    City Paper, please tell me why this is news worthy?

  • Biker

    I know why this is newsworthy. Thanks for reporting on it.

  • Rick is a Dick

    Our streets need to safer for cyclists.

  • Patrick

    Streets need to be safer for cyclists, but cyclists also need to ride safer on those streets.

  • caryl hornberger

    rick mangus, you must be a troll

  • Rick Mangus

    First off cyclist are to obay the rules of the road just like a motor vehicle, stopping at STOP signs, giving the right-a-away to pedestrians in cross walks, and so on! It also means that the cyclist ride on the right side of the road, not the middle, like these arrogrant assholes do in Rock Creek Park!

    The police need to start writing tickets for these infractions, NOW!

    And as far as 'carly hornberger' and 'Rick is Dick' you two morons are probably the same arrogrant assholes I just described, what you need is a car or a pedestrian to knock you're ass off that bike!

    So again, this is not a news story, no one cares!

  • Patrick

    If you want police to start enforcing traffic laws for bikes, how about we start having them enforce traffic laws for cars as well? Illegal U-turns? Talking/texting while driving? Speeding?

  • Rick Mangus

    'Patrick', I am ALL for that as well!

  • iDrive therefore iAm

    National parks like Rock Creek are either for speedy short-cuts on commuting routes or for enjoyment from the comfort of one's automobile. As a car driver it is my right to drive down rock creek park at 15 mph over the speed limit of 25mph.

    Patrick, laws should only be enforced against people who are not part of the suburban mainstream way of life. If everyone does it, and by everyone I mean people like me, then it's not really a crime. But if you guys break the law it is wrong and needs to be punished severely.

  • Bikes rule, Cars drool.

    Here's link to bike laws in DMV -

    A good piece in Slate last year about cycling laws -

    I ride my bike every day, year-around on DC streets - including up and down Sherman Ave - and I try to be respectful of cars, pedestrians and the rules of the road.

    In the last two weeks I've seen the number of cyclists quadruple because the weather has improved, and this means that motorists need to be more wary of bikes on the road. We're not going anywhere; if anything, there will be more and more of us, so just get used to it. There are plenty of asshole drivers out there, and they will continue to outnumber the few jerks cyclists on the streets(though hopefully not forever), so just grin and bear it Rick, because you'll get home faster than that dude on the bike even if it does cost you $3/gallon.

  • Rick Mangus

    Everyone read the useless update provided by Andrew, it's just what I said above!

  • J

    Go away Rick

  • Rick Mangus

    'J', FUCK YOU!, I have the right to be here like you or anyone else, unless you're one of these, "Do as I say not as I do", liberal assholes!

  • pRick

    take a freaking chill pill.

  • another biker

    and i'm sure when you're driving your car you come to a complete stop at every stop sign, never run through red lights, and never ever drive over the speed limit, isn't that right rick? you've probably never double parked or blocked a bike lane either. these are infractions that the police need to start ticketing.