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Bootsie’s Bracelet: South Capitol Street SE Drive-By Shooters Arraigned

It all started when Bootsie took off his bracelet.

Charged with first-degree murder, Nathaniel Simms, 26, and Orlando Carter, 20, were arraigned at the D.C. Superior Court Wednesday evening in connection with the deadliest neighborhood violence in a decade and a half: a shooting Tuesday night in the 4000 block of South Capitol Street SE that left four people dead and five wounded. Held without bond, the accused murderers will return to court on April 15. Prosecutors believe Simms, Carter, and a 14-year-old the Examiner names as Malik Carter– younger brother to Orlando– are responsible for spraying the nine victims with an AK-47, a .45, and a 9-millimeter. Cops are seeking a fourth suspect.

The story begins last weekend. According to court documents, a witness was visiting with a man known as Bootsie on the night of March 21, when Bootsie took off his shirt and placed his "gold colored" bracelet on the steps of a home in the the 1300 block of Alabama Avenue SE. Bootsie started flexing his muscles. At some point, perhaps tiring of showing off his physique, Bootsie went inside. He didn't come out for a while, which gave the witness ample time to steal his bracelet. So the witness did.

The witness identifies Bootsie as Sanquan Carter, 19, the brother of Orlando Carter.

Eventually, Carter noticed his bracelet was missing, and started yelling. When his brother showed up, looking for the jewelry, the two decided to frisk people at gunpoint. According to a witness, that scene somehow degenerated into Orlando Carter firing the AK. Jordan Howe, who had been hanging out with Orlando Carter earlier in the evening, was killed.

On March 23, Sanquan Carter was arrested and detained for Howe's murder. As you've probably read, police had wanted to arrest Orlando Carter for the murder as well but couldn't get a warrant for lack of an eyewitness.

Free, but not safe, someone who liked Howe  may have come after Orlando Carter the same day his brother was cuffed. Carter was shot in the shoulder and head, and was treated at Washington Hospital Center.

Sources say the crowd of 10 to 15 people Carter and crew allegedly fired at on South Capitol SE had gathered together following Howe's funeral. Some believe the slayings were retaliation for Carter having been shot.

So where's the bracelet Bootsie was looking for? Court documents say that the witness who took the bracelet got a phone call telling the witness Howe had been shot because of the missing jewelry.  Sometime after that the witness turned the bracelet over to police.

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  • The Advoc8te

    This is why Barry has to go. We are in the midst of a crisis, children are killing each other over foolishness and our councilmember is too busy doing lord knows what (but his job) to care. Until we give him and the rest of his crew the boot we are playing roulette with our lives.

    We can not continue to allow a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch and the image of Ward 8.

    FYI - props to City Paper for identifying this happened in Washington Highlands and not just "Southeast".

  • Native Washingtonian

    Charge the 14 year old as an adult and a co-conspirator, as well as an accessory. Lock them all up, throw away the key, and keep these SAVAGES off of the street.

  • Rick Mangus

    I am not an overly religious man but I do believe that one day when you leave this life, that you will be called upon to answer for you're actions on this earth. There is no moral teaching to the young of today, that is were the problem starts!

  • Native Washingtonian


    What the hell does Barry have to do with black people mowing each other down with assault rifles?

    Even more, so what if the CityPaper talked about the highlands, SE is still a hotbed for criminal activity and lawlessness. In fact, DC is just damn ghetto; some parts more some parts less. Let those negroes kill each other, just isolate them from the rest of us who are law abiding.

    We are in the Janjaweed. The war on the black middle/working class began eons ago by the permanent black underclass. They can't be saved because they don't want to.

  • Native Washingtonian

    "[Malik Carter, 14]Wearing a hooded jacket, the youth stood in shackles in the courtroom and was ordered held in a juvenile detention center until a court hearing April 7. Superior Court Judge Elizabeth C. Wingo noted that the youth has nine previous convictions on charges including assault and theft and had been placed in the custody of the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services six times.

    Court officials said the youth had fled from detention at least twice and had walked away without permission from DYRS custody before Tuesday's attack."

    So this little piece of shit was collared 6 times and sent to that stupid ass Youth Rehab center instead of being thrown in JAIL, where he escaped!

    4 deaths could have been prevented if black would stop living in denial. Advoc8te there are more than a few bad apples spoiling things for the rest of us. I'd encourage you to wake the hell up, buy a gun and go to a shooting range to learn how to use it.

  • proballdc

    @Native Washingtonian: With respect to the lack of supervision of violent youth entrusted to the District's DYRS, you can blame the Mayor and his "misunderstood youth" approach of providing them an "alternative" to detention.

    With full support of Adrian Fenty, DYRS consistently ignored court recommendation to detain dangerous youth in a supervised environment, by instead, sending them back to their communities. Even while in custody, they are treated like rebellious college students placed in new dormatory-like living quarters where they often set fires and assault officers, who, I note, are barred from physical retaliation.

    Sadly, it is not a new story when a juvenile criminal has been released by DYRS, returns to their community only to end up killing someone or being killed themselves. Check Colby King's tracking of this trend.

    In Fenty's new budget he gives even MORE tax dollars to DYRS to fund "alternatives" to detention programs.

    If you want to end this, you can start by voting for a new Mayor and demanding a no-nonsence replacement to head DYRS.

  • DC Debutante!

    I think Parents should also be held responsible and fined for the acts of their children. This 14 year old was raised by the streets not parents. I also think the government needs to stop handing out Welfare checks like candy. This welfare system has created a generation of tyrants. People have children with anyone to continue to get a check. Welfare should be 3 years max. DC is a breeding ground for this type of violence because we are not holding everyone accountable. No more handouts!

  • sedcdude

    The Advoc8

    South Capitol is not HIGHLAND and what DIFFERENCE does that make??? 9 injured and 4 dead.....WHAT PART OF THAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND as it relates to the "civility" of DC streets (ALL 4 QUADRANTS) and what does Barry have to do with this??

    What are you advoc8n for exactly???

    I would hope that you seek help for YOUR personal demons and INADEQUACIES!!

    Its unfortunate that these young people have been cheated and ultimately cheat others while cheating themselves further, but you, YOU are an adult who's SO-CALLED "self proclaiming" of an ADVOCACY title is full of hot air, soulless perspective, BULLSHIT OPINION and hopeless opportunity for what you ADVOCATE!


    "The war on the black middle/working class began eons ago by the permanent black underclass. They can't be saved because they don't want to"


    BLACKS have been and still are the "burden bearers" of this kuntry and the policies, politics and SCHOOL SYSTEM are PROOF!

    People tickle me when they "attempt" to write off BLACK BURDEN as an excuse, a "self infliction", something so "farfetched" and MYSTERIOUS that WE are a MONOLITH and WE GOT HERE BY OURSELVES!!!

    And the irony in this is that "BLACKS" actually push this TRASH mentality and embrace it when they don't have a clue or the gumption to "give back"!



    I agree with what most of you have to a young blk single mother with 4 boys..I dont teach nor do i encourage fighting.Ithink walfare foodstamps and all these gov hand out should be put to a many of u i'm tired of living in fear worried if my children are going to make it home Safe from school..because we have people in our cummunity that simply dont give a fuk.the goverment stops handing out check so they sell the food stamps.we as people need to get together to save are kids,our self and our cummunities.because after there done killing each other ..WHO DO YOU THINK IS NEXT....US

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  • washingtontonian

    the parents or (PARENT) raised Baddd azzz kids and this is the result the laws needs to change!!!! bring capitol punishment to the district !!!!!

  • Rick Mangus

    Let's see single mother, four kids, four different fathers, draining tax payers money, sounds like she needed to keep her legs close and be responsible!

  • tired

    Rick if I've said it once I'll say it a thousand time how do you know that this lady has 4 different fathers for her children. Damnit stop it, were you there you when the kids were conceived. Cleve mom I work in for DSS and foodstamps are needed because people need to eat they do need a hand up. Most of our clients don't stay on it for long. I am angry over this, but what really ticks me off is this was over a bracelet 5 young people are dead and 2 in critical and 2 injured and 3 that might as well be.(incarerated)

  • Dimitrie black kid jackson of south east

    im 20 yrs old.juss turned in september..raised in south east DC gotta "trap" (neighborhood)and all dat went to hart middle school and ballou..been shot at robbed and etc.talking to a person not even a foot away from me that was shot in the neck from 45 yards away...saying all this face to face with the stuff yall comment on. the children and teens of the 60s 70s are the parents of the people in my age bracket.because of what they went through..because of what they went through! MAINLY FUCKIN CRACK COCAINE it seems a 3rd of them lack to take the inititive to do better raise their children better be a leader and a hand in instead of an hand out. and all the habbits they bring with them into the childs lives.thats how we have been turning out to be juss niggaz killin niggaz.when i was 11 my mother got in2 a fight with a women at a gas station and was stabbed and mother smoked cracked . didnt relize until i was 14 or 15! brother was 6 sister was 16..and i was just set to be a statistic of tha PEOPLE YALL COMMENTING ON. i dropped out.finished high school online cause i was in gang fights every time the bell rung. but do i go out shootin at people for shit?? no! i gotta job doin security with a baby due in 2 weeks bout to move in 2 my second apartment with out any fucking assistance from barry, fenty or anyone and my names on everything i pay for!!!!..its the youth around my parts of town.."trappin" which consist of hustlin, shootin, fightin, robbin, etc..thats whats cool and not even sure why but i know it because our people are put down so much they just..take it and run with it prolly not makin a good point but i dont smoke crack..and if my mother wasnt killed i would be dead locked up or in jail right now for murdre or who knows what..i miss her dearly but thats the fuckin truth..i survived to be a better citizen because my sister was a straight A student and raised me and my brother after she died.and if i fucked up today or tommorow i have no one to put my hand out to..cause the people i would try to ask dont have shit cause they grew up in the same age bracket as my book if u want i dont give a fuck..and trully im so fuckin offended by some of the comments i would punch one of yall in the fuckin face..then yall can comment on me..fuck yall..and its terrible cause no one from my side of town will never see this because they dont take the inititive to be a leader like me..Dimitrie jackson...again..fuck yall

  • Rick Mangus

    'tired' and 'Demitrie Jackson', Cry me a RIVER!

  • Dimitrie black kid jackson of south east

    so fuckin mad off of this page and the comments >>>>>>>>>>>>have no way to really express the shit!!!!and if some one from south east read this or some one in my age bracket did see this they would convert to being a racist if they are not already and would spray bullets into a crowd of white people out of anger and FUCKIN STUPIDITY AND then the newspapers will state it was no motive....smh

  • Dimitrie black kid jackson of south east

    @ rick - lls

  • Rick Mangus

    Hey!, 'Dimitrie black' you're nothing but a PUNK ASS BITCH, who likes to shoot off his mouth, dig it!

  • Raised in SE

    I REALLY want to hear from the parents of the killers! The media should be on there door steps until they come out. I just want to hear them APOLOGIZE for there SONS actions...3 sons in jail over a bracelet! And if the parents are given ANY funds from the gov't, it would come to a serious hault...and if they have more kids...REMOVE them from the home because with 3 sons in prison for murder you obviously have failed as parents. The 14 year old should be charged as an adult. You wanna play with the big boys, time to roll right along with them.....TO prison! And don't make this a black thing because if i remember...columbine was ALL white! I believe this would have happened regardless those folks stood...the shooters were determined. They need to hurry up and find the 4th person.

  • Another native Washingtonian

    LOL @ the smart people who don't know that parts of SE include Capitol Hill.

    Props to you Dimitrie. Keep ya head up brotha and f*ck tha a$$holes who speaking about sh&t they don't know anything about.

  • Another native Washingtonian

    White people, take a hard look at yourselves. This is what becomes of the ones whose necks you put your feet on for so long.

    And yeah, cry ME a river about how we're doing it to ourselves. It wouldn't be happening here in this country if whitey had not wanted something for nothing (free labor for their crops, etc.).

    Now your collective asses are afraid to walk the streets without dogs or weapons because your "3/4 human" pets are now running amok like the savages you always said we were.

    Retribution is a mother, isn't it?

  • saveDAbay

    @ dimitrie

    peace and blessings to you NEPHEW!!

    That stoy used to be compelling to WHITE AMERIKKKA, not any longer because they have infiltrated and USED up "black" culture to the umpteenth degree!!

    You see "they" don't believe in or give props "to" when WE produced an EMINEM, A PINK or a Robin Thicke, or have assimilated "somewhat" all the way to the whitehouse and in FIGHTING WARS for this country!! We are just a "load" in their eyes and this dude "MANGEY" RICK can't help himself, he too shall have a reality check with his HYPOCRITICAL ASS!!

    He's miserable, GAY and lonely so what do you expect??? He comes to WCP blogs everyday tpin' the same ol' bullshit that makes absolutely no sense!!

    NEPHEW I feel you wholeheartedly and commend you on TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for self!

  • saveDAbay



    you are absolutely correct in #6......FACTS that OUTweigh heavily against OPINIONS!!

    This mindset (advoc8/nativeW) is the exact reason as to why you have such HIGH RECIDIVISM rates within this system!

    Look, if you are charged with the responsibility of "providing a QUALITY service" when parents have FAILED (SOCIAL SERVICES), then that is what YOU should be providing, especially when YOU make a living because of it!

    Funny thing is, EVERYBODY wants to blame "BARRY" for the past, well WHO'LL BE TO BLAME when history repeats itself??

    High unemployment, out of touch administrators, homelessness, plentiful firearms on "steets", a ressurgent "drug culture", hopelessness and blame the victim politics?!

  • proballdc

    @dimitrie: What you have done is what we are supposed to be doing. We don't deserve a badge of honor for doing what we are supposed to be doing. When I went to school and brought in good grades, my father gave me praise, but it wasn't because it was unexpected it is because I MET expectations. We are not supposed to do drugs, we are not supposed to hustle, rob and steal. We are not supposed to drop out of school. Yeah, I know the pressures of the hood. I have lived in it, but I am not of it. If you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, taking care of self, family and the like, then that is the example. Folks will see it even if you didn't say a word. We need to raise the bar of expectation in the black community. Otherwise we should expect the insensitive remarks by both blacks and whites that come when crimes like these happen. I, quite frankly, am all talked out.

  • DC Hoodrat


    You'll be dead if you keep justifying the bullshit of the ghetto. You don't get kudos from me because you have managed to stay alive through High School. Take your dumb ass to college or join the military and LEAVE the war zone you're living in now.

    The sooner you realize that no one owes you shit and that people are under NO OBLIGATION to give a fuck about who you are and what you've gone through, the better off you'll be.

  • Typical DC BS

    @dimitrie, you're on the right track. Keep going!

  • http://washingtoncitypaper Chanel

    Are you really serious Dimtrie? Your response started out intelligent but ended with the typical black man's response. The govt doesn't owe us (blacks) anything. You live in the district, do you understand how many things are handled to you freely for just being a resident of DC. These hoodlums and I am using that word lightly are a disgrace to the community. The govt needs to stop handling out so much stuff and people will stop having so many kids.

    I know of the history of the Harris' brothers and it is not good. The should be all tried as adults even Malik.

    And guess what Nathaniel Simms' mother works for DYRS and claims she was not aware of his activies...SMH This a joke!

  • Lia

    Dimitrie...take heart. Your mother and sister did a great thing by showing you your potential for moving on to a better life. However, my friend move on and don't go back. You can love em but you will do better to help them by going towards your dreams and one day you can offer a hand up and not a hand out to someone left behind who wants to go where you are going. Blessings to you!

  • 4Sure

    And white people have nothing to do with this! AT ALL!!!!

  • Lia

    Rick, with all due respect, this young person has to understand that outside of his environment stands another cultural so different from where he comes from. Help him. I know we can't shield people from the harsh realities of life but we certainly do not have to be the
    one to deliver the news as cruel as Chuckie.

  • BlackRose

    This is a serious shame. I live maybe 2-3 blocks from the crime scene and I'm not shocked at all. Drug infested and just flat out ghetto. Stop killing each other. It's sad how youth know how to use guns but haven't even finished High School. All this over a bracelet?! The boy who got stolen from probably stole it from someone else. The Mayor has absolutely nothing to do with this. I fault the parents and the crime doers. Just who the hell are they to take someone's right to live away from them? Get a job or go to school. I guarantee they won't have time to go kill and steal from each other. And stop blaming white people for this, they have nothing to do with it. You make a choice in what you do in life. YOU choose to kill, YOU choose to steal, YOU choose to sit around and collect public assistance. Get out there and get the education required to get a decent job. It's all there, sad thing is most people just let it pass them by.

  • tired

    Rick to me you are the epitamy of an asshole. Dimitire did not deserve your attack bring it to me this person has accomplish something with his life. I was raise in the south so I have thick skin but if you dish it out be prepared to take it. First you are always attacking black women is their something you would like to get off your chest? We have lost 5 teenagers and for what? . No one can makes sense of this. Dimitrie please keep on keeping on make your mom and sister proud becuase they are looking down on you from heaven. Over look that idiot Rick he is all mouth no substance.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Another Native Washingtonian' and 'SaveDAbay' since you like to shoot your ignorant mouth off let me tell you something, I am far from lonely since I have been in a committed relationship for over twenty years! The reason that I am on here so much because I had foot surgery in Jan., that January to you two ignorant dumb asses.

    Like I told you before, 'SaveDAbay' and I direct this to 'ANW' you blaming whitie for ALL your problem make you nothing but the house nigger in that platation in your small mind. You will never amount to shit thinking like that, GROW-UP!

    How many WHITIES were there on S. Capitol St, SE the other night before and after the shooting?

    You go around calling brother and "NEPHEW" but then you go kill each other over petty bullshit, and sell poison in your own community, HOW PATHETIC!

    You may call me a fagot but it's because of black men on the 'down low' is why this city has the highest AIDS rate in the US, so clean up your own house because the gay community has done it already.

    Dimitrie if you don't straighten-up someone will bust a cap in you as well!

  • Babygirl10

    Thats Not What Happened.The News Or Media Dont Know Wat Happened.It Doesnt Even Matter.Williams GONE.R.i.p William!

  • DC Hoodrat


    Are you a 2nd or 3rd generation crack baby? Since the news media are completely wrong about the details surrounding this great moment in DC nigga history, enlighten us.

    Tell us how all of this went down and how you were there and don't spare any details.

  • farmzgurl

    ther is way 2 much fuckin racism on dis page. wtf. yall needa understand dat this ain cuz dey black. itz cuz dey got sucked into a hole rack of bullshyt. Yee, dey needa b locked up. I grew up in Barry Farmz. dis is sumfin dat happen erryday. it needz 2 stop. but sayin white ppl ain got shyt 2 do wit it ain tru3 nietha. dey parta dc 2. dey may not stay round soufeast but dey affected. plz stop tlkn bout blck ppl lyke dey animalz.

  • DC Hoodrat


    I don't speak or read SLAVE. Could you provide an ENGLISH interpretation of what you wrote?

    Oh, and if you want people to stop referring to you and the other degenerates of "Soufeas" like "animalz", you should stop writing like a buffoon.

  • Carpetbagger

    Wow...Rick Mangus and DC Do you use Clorox or Clorox 2 to keep your hoods white? If you are not purely Caucasian--and your membership is honorary--that is a lot of self-hate you need to work on.

    Sorry, man, but no one gives a single mom of four a pat on the back for raising her children with earned income and respect for life and property. You have to keep patting your own back and keep doing what you need to do to defy the stereotype of the "pants on the ground" brother that thinks nothing of asking his boo for a dub from her monthly check. You aren't like that and you have to fight a tide of influences so that your child does not adopt that mentality one day. I left DC to save my children from poor literacy and a ghetto mentality. It is hard to fight messages that bombard your child for the majority of her waking hours, but you do it, because you love your child and want better, if you can't give the best, for your child. Stand your ground. Be a positive factor in your child's life and your community's uplift.

    Why should I give a flying fig what comments you type in rebuttal?...

  • It Could Be Better

    I'm just getting around to reading the story and the comments today. DC is not an easy place to reside, but you have to make good decisions and even better choices. I dont think that the crime on these streets has anything to do with ANY mayor that has been in office, you can also try to blame the parent(s) of each of these criminals. You can raise your children right, but as soon as they become adults its up to them to keep the morales and values you brought them up with.

  • It Could Be Better

    As for the Hoodrat and Mangus, they are always here commenting on the "black" way of life. If you feel that way about DC so much take your ass to Wyoming somewhere.

  • infinite

    How come obama doesn't bring hope and change to the killing streets of south east?

    You can't cry for help and then say you will punch someone in the face. You can't want peace and want to be violent. It doesn't work that way. I was with dimitrius until he went there and I lost all sympathy. You can't end racism while pointing fingers and placing blame. That causes divide. This has nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with drug problems and abandoned children in a deadly enviornment and complete idiocy. Democrats DEMAND OBAMA FIX SOUTH EAST. CANCEL all the BS programs like public radio, National endowment for the arts, etc, why is the gov't paying rent instead of mortgage? beasue the GOVT wants to keep you NOT having value/property.