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Police Wanted Drive-By Suspect Locked Up Last Week

UPDATED 11:40 P.M.

In the days leading up to last night's horrendous drive-by shooting in Washington Highlands, police had sought an arrest warrant for one of the men thought to have carried out the crime.

Orlando Simms Carter, 26 20, now under arrest for the deadly drive-by, was suspected by police to have played a part in the March 22 killing of Jordan Howe, 20, on Alabama Avenue SE.

Police took evidence to prosecutors last week seeking arrest warrants for Simms Orlando Carter and Sanquan Carter, 19, who are brothers. But prosecutors determined that the evidence would only support a warrant for Sanquan. (The warrant was subsequently issued, and he was arrested.)

Sources indicate that Simms Orlando Carter was then targeted in a retaliatory shooting on Chesapeake Street SE, which failed. He was grazed by a bullet and hospitalized, before leaving the hospital last week.

On Friday, LL is told, police summoned an emergency meeting with prosecutors, but without an eyewitness to finger Simms Orlando Carter as having a part in the Howe killing, prosecutors declined to take the warrant to a judge.

Channing Phillips, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's Office, confirms that police sought a warrant from his office. "Our officials did not feel at the time that there was sufficient evidence ...but we were willing to keep working with [police], and did, to gather additional evidence."

Howe Carter allegedly orchestrated yesterday's drive-by as payback for the attempt on his own life. Four died in the attack; five are wounded. Besides Simms, Nathaniel Simms Carter, 20, and an unnamed juvenile have been arrested.

What's behind this brazen outburst of violence?

"It's all over a bracelet," says Ron Moten, the longtime gang interventionist formerly of the Peaceoholics. "Costume jewelry."

At a vigil last week for Howe, Moten says that attendees said the whole beef centered around a "fake diamond" bracelet that Howe had.

Now the beef has enveloped the streets of Washington Highlands, centering on South Capitol Street between Atlantic and Chesapeake Streets.

Says Moten, "That area's called Ground Zero."

UPDATE, 11:40 P.M.: Due to a transcription error, LL misnamed the suspect who was allegedly involved in both the Howe murder and the Tuesday drive-by. The suspect is Orlando Carter, not 'Orlando Simms.' Another suspect arrested Tuesday night was Nathaniel Simms, 26. Also, Orlando Carter is 20, not 26, and he is the brother of Sanquan Carter, arrested in connection with the Howe killing.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier, after a press conference tonight, addressed the chronology that led up to the Tuesday shooting. Last Monday, March 22, Howe was murdered in the early morning hours. Police identified two suspects—now identified as the Carter brothers. Prosecutors immediately presented a search warrant for Sanquan to a judge, and he was arrested on Tuesday. The evidence behind Orlando, however, was thinner, and prosecutors would not sign off. Meanwhile, Orlando was shot and wounded on Tuesday, seven hours after his brother is arrested. He was taken to a hospital—by helicopter, according to Lanier—where he was "uncooperative with hospital staff and walked away." And police, meanwhile, were working with the U.S. attorney's office to get a warrant to a judge, to no avail.

"I don't have a problem picking up the phone and calling any of the federal agencies," said Lanier. "When I need them to help me, I go to the phone and I call them, and they come. And, yes, I did pick up the phone, I called them, and they came." There was a meeting on Friday to discuss the warrant, but no movement. Prosecutors would not agree to take the evidence to a judge.

Lanier said this about that decision: "I'm a police officer and I can only think like one. And, you know what, we don't always agree with the U.S. attorney's office. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion, and my goal is to stop more people from being injured. When we submit an arrest warrant, the U.S. attorney's office has to make a decision. Do we always agree? No. But the bottom line is we don't go forward until we do."

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  • Keith B

    "Howe allegedly orchestrated yesterday's drive-by as payback for the attempt on his own life"

    What, from six feet under?

  • blkwrestl

    As a washington highlands resident it is time to get these "thugs' out of the neighborhood and the families that support them.

  • Rick Mangus

    Maybe this shooting will stop this child like horse shit of "I didn't see anything" code of silence crap. Crime is high in these areas because these idiots think the police are their enemy, how pathetically ignorant or some of them are involve in a crime themselves!

  • sedcdude

    "Howe allegedly orchestrated yesterday's drive-by as payback for the attempt on his own life"

    was he a "witness"???

    "ground zero"......YEAH RIGHT, Moten is a JOKE!

  • Manor

    Reminds me of how Ransom Perry was released so he could kill 14 year old Arthur Daniels. All due to USAO gladly releasing him...

  • Rick Mangus

    I just watched the news at five, let's put out teddy bears and flowers how pathetic!, you want to honor those who died and were shot, TESTIFY!, get off your ass and make sure these two, GO TO JAIL and rot there!

  • Mike DeBonis

    Yeah, bad typo. Mea culpa.

  • Rick Mangus

    I just saw that asshole Barry live on channel 9 news at six and he started with the blame game. "I's balame the council, Vincent Gray for cutting the budget, I's blame the police department for not telling me about the shooting until forty minutes after it happen".

    First off the criminals and those who conspire with them by being silent are a majority and they overwelm the good and honest people that live there, it has nothing to do with budget cuts, STUPID!

    Second to blame the police for not informing you right away, you think they might of been a little busy, you stupid crack head!

    The good people of Ward 8, you have got to vote this moronic clown out of office, he's bring down your neigborhood and this city!


    Violence happens too often to blacks killed by other blacks in large numbers all of the U.S. where there's blacks living. Why are blacks some of the most violent people in the United States and we only represent on 13% of the population? There's no hope for these animals.

    DCBlackDaddy, please get back on you meds. Your repeating the same bullshit constantly about this church and women makes you look like a retarded ass fool.


    Correction: Violence happens too often to blacks killed by other blacks in large numbers all over the U.S. where there's a black population.

  • Rick Mangus

    'dcblackdaddy', what the fuck are you talking about?

    Are you drunk or on/off some kind of medication? People are dying for Christ sake and all YOU can talk about is this church, let me tell you a secret, NO ONE READING OR PARTICIPATING IN THIS BLOG GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THIS MADE-UP BULLSHIT OF YOUR'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    LOL LOL@Rick Mangus. You speak the truth Rick in reference to DCBlackDaddy. LOL LOL

  • Viet. Vet.

    As a resident of the area of the shooting for over 40 years the shooting was a sad incident however, I am glad to see a lot of comments placing the blame exactly square back on these idiots with this BS no snitching who protect these thugs who continously wreck havoc in the neighborhood while being protected by Mothers,Aunt and Grandmothers who provide housing for them,the majority of whom reside in Public Housing and or subsidize housing creating problems for the law abiding citizens who live in these housing and are in constant fear of these thugs while the DC Goverment does nothing to evict these thugs and their enablers who are ther first to get in front of the TV camera saying how good their child is, he/she is going back to school to get a education never explaing why the enabler continue to support and allowed him/her to drop out of school in the first place and all of the other acollades despite the fact, the majority of these thugs are high school drop out, all one have to do is drive through these neighborhood and you will see them hanging out on the coners, midday to late at night because most of them sleep half of the day with absoultely no parental guidance, but let the police get on their case and or send them home, here come the enablers, the Police harassing my child, the teachers at the school don't like my child.Its sad but this vicious cycle will continue until parents take charge of their children and stop playing the blame game.

  • Rick Mangus

    I just read that the juvenile suspect in this case is only 14 years old! Where was the mother or father? What was this punk doing out at that hour?

    I'll tell you what happen it's a combination of no parenting and the ignorant popular culture that we in society allow and it's not only in the black community but goes beyound to other races as well. Kids today are seeing the glamor of being a criminal, selling and using drugs thinking that life is all about material things with no consequences for your actions. Being a man does not mean having a flashy car with spinning rims, owning a Pitbull and getting a women pregnant. Like President Obama said, "It doesen't make you a man, it makes you a boy!".

    Another case of blam go to these young women out there who even in this day of AIDS and other STD's are so man starved that they open their legs to any young buck and have unprotected sex, how stupid!

    There need to be some fundamental changes in our society, our else we will see more dead this year!

  • David Prince

    I have to give Chief Lanier credit on her response to the prosecutor's decision not to issue a warrant. This was a very tough call. Chief Lanier acknowledges the process by taking a minute to explain to the public what actually happens. She notes the process can have frustrating and inconsistent. However, she did not yield to the temptation to pander to public outcry, a difficult balancing act. Rather, Chief Lanier evaluated the situation carefully and gave a direct and honest response. This is proof of her competent leadership ability under pressure - something rare in D.C. - very classy, professional and prudent I might add.

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