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Our Morning Roundup: Shelter Worker Charged With Selling Heroin

Outlaws are this morning's theme. First comes WJLA's stunning allegation that a D.C. Police sergeant repeatedly raped a prostitute. The rapes allegedly began in February after the woman called 911 for being illegally evicted. The officially is currently on desk duty:

"A woman says she was raped several times by a District police officer who wore his uniform the entire time.

She is a 35-year-old admitted drug addict and prostitute. she claims a D.C. police sergeant intimidated her and forced her to have sex on several occasions while he was on duty.

'He was like 'are you ready to take care of me now?'And he drove me once again somewhere to park to do what it is he wanted to me to do,' she told ABC 7 News."

Finally, we have the Examiner's own D.C. General-related blockbuster. One of the family shelter's counselors has been arrested for selling heroin. Howard Ray Barnes, 59, faces a five-count indictment for dealing heroin at the shelter since October:

"According to court documents, Barnes has been under investigation for selling heroin at the shelter since October, when 'multiple reliable sources' informed authorities of the deals he was allegedly making there. Between Feb. 19 and March 17, District police supervised a heroin buy at the shelter and another from Barnes' apartment at 1201 Boones Hill Road.

When Barnes was arrested in the District on March 17, authorities say he was carrying 54 small, black plastic bags containing suspected heroin and 21 small bags containing suspected crack. There was no attorney information listed for Barnes in court records."

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  • sedcdude

    I mean really, what do you expect when you have a 20+% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE AND RISING, a mixture of recidivism, INSTITUTIONALISM, abusive and unchecked vices coupled with active "survival" instincts all operating at once??!!

    Something has to be done, but blaming the VICTIM ain't gonna do it!

    Ship those who are "suitable" off to "boot camps" so those same "attributes" can be "tapped" and transferred positively!

    The so-called "educated" administrators who come to this city and head up these agencies don't have a clue!

    Anytime you have no "real" allegiance or stake in anything you will treat it as such! These people need more than just shelter, they need to be invested in, but at minimal cost but at a HIGH rate of return.......simple HUMANOLOGY!

  • Rick Mangus

    All I have to say is, Welcome To Washington!

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