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Abused Pup Loses Leg to Rubber Band

Rott Pups 2

Because of a carelessly placed rubber band, a Rottweiler puppy had to have its leg amputated. The Washington Humane Society is investigating.

On March 16, D.C. police called in Humane Society cops after discovering three allegedly abused Rottweiler pups in the 600 block of Allison Street NW.  According to a Humane Society press release, the dogs are in horrible shape:

"Two of the puppies suffered from wounds around their necks caused by collars that had grown too tight and a third dog had a rubber band embedded in one leg.  The rubber band had become so deeply embedded that the portion of the leg below the band was necrotic and paralyzed. At the Medical Center, veterinarians treated the neck wounds on the two dogs and a surgeon amputated the other puppy’s leg, which could not be saved."

"We are determined to find whoever is responsible for this heartless act and bring them to justice,” says the Humane Society's Lisa LaFontaine.

Two of the puppies have already found new homes, but the one with the amputated leg won't be put up for adoption until he's healed.

Rott Pup 1

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  • Rick Mangus

    Like I have said before the laws on animal abuse should be made felonies not misdemea

  • Rick Mangus

    ADDITION TO ABOVE: misdemeanors!

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  • The Advoc8te

    This stuff burns me up!!! This person should receive the same exact treatment! I wish someone would tie a tight rubberband on his leg and wear a tight collar and make him walk around like that for a week.

    Some people should not be allowed to care for any living thing and I think they should also put a huge sign in this persons front yard that says "I abuse and neglect animals!"

    This "person" should be ashamed!

  • The Advoc8te

    Where is PETA? This is the type of case they should be all over.

  • Mr. T in DC

    Poor puppy! This is a vile crime, and yes, animal abuse should be a felony.

  • cbr

    Holy crap those are some cute puppies. These people should be locked up -- pretty soon they'll be moving on to hurting other people.

  • S Chandrakanta

    Rotties are evil aggressive creatures. Whoever did this was doing a favour to mankind. I wonder why the vets didnot amputate the necks of the other two ugly pups. The world would be abetter place without such vermin !!!

  • Capy

    S Chandrakanta,
    you may think that rots are evil aggressive animals but there not. every dog is nice and sweet until some moron like you comes along and thinks that certain dogs are vermin. would you really like it if you accidently hurt yourself and they killed you because someone said you were just vermin! i dont think you would and your hatered is what causes people to become animal abusers. rots and pits are actually really nice dogs, i know this because i bit a rot on the noes when i was little because it stole my toy. this dog didnt bite back or anything, she gave me back my toy and never took it again. why you may ask because every dog is nice, sweet, and NOT AGGRESIVE! well until they get abused badly and realize that they can actually fight back and stop it. then they dont know what else to do because all they have been around is violence. so if you are really going to sit there and try and act like dogs are aggressive or rots are aggressive then you might want to actually see one that has never been abused. dont be an idiot acually look at the facts before you open your big negative mouth!