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Sources: Vincent Gray to Announce Mayoral Run Tomorrow

D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray will enter the mayoral race tomorrow, close sources tell LL, ending months of deliberations.

Gray will file papers with the city campaign finance office shortly before 2 p.m.; he will address a small group of supporters outside the Frank D. Reeves Center afterward, the sources say. A larger campaign kickoff will follow at a later date.

Gray's entry represents the first serious threat to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's re-election; several head-to-head polls done in recent months show Gray leading Fenty or in a statistical dead hear. It also means that Gray, 68 67, is forfeiting a sure re-election to another four-year term as chairman, opening up a scramble among his council colleagues for the seat.

More to come.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • hymesb

    Fenty represents good progressive government because that is what the record shows.

    Better schools, lower crime, honest attempts to achieve results for citzens.

    What do you get from Barry-lite Vincent Gray. Obstruction, finger pointing, grandstanding hypocracy, and arguements over baseball tickets. A Barry Crony all grow up (at age 70).

    It amazes me that that ticket issue is used to demean Fenty. What 70 year old man complains about baseball tickets. Oh, Marion Barry and Vincent Gray.

    And now race-baiting. Did you hear him today. "Let's take our City Back.". He sounded like a tea-bagger.

    Elect him and we will take the city back. Back to the 1980's. When crack was king and DC was the Crack/Murder capital. And Gray hair really was that color.

  • Truth Hurts

    Race baiting is all he's got. Nikita will tag in soon. Love the tea-bagger analogy. Nailed it.

  • blah, blah, blah

    Blah, Blah, Blah, let's have co-mayors... they both have strengths... and they both have weaknesses... stop picking on them... it cannot be easy running this city

  • HeldResponsible

    @Quantaviana, I dont think you know Sharon Wise at all, she is my Sponsor and has 21 years clean and sober. If it was not for her, Barry and the rest of his thieves would still be stealing. I have a 10% coupon to get a life on sale at target, you can have it if you like.

    Sharon Wise started a NA Meeting in the very Ward that fired her and it continues to assist people like you for over one year now. Maybe you will attend one of the meetings, raise your hand and let us know about your problems and how we can help.

    Keep coming back it works if you work it.

  • Ed Philips

    Grey vs. Fenty

    I searched for an article on this subject so quickly. Then I read the comments; then I saw it was in...The City Paper!!!

    This reminds me of a movie years ago called "Wild In the Streets". Premise: Every adult in the US over 30 was sent to a concentration camp permanently. The way this crowd sounds, it won't be fiction.

    I didn't have kids, but I'm sorry your parents didn't make you even speak proper English, much less respect for people who are older and have more knowlege than you. But, I'm sure most of "you guys" here would deny that, since most of you are fluent in Windows 7 !!!

    Reminds me of the time a young female resident at Johns Hopkins revealed her field of study. I can her now, as a doctor, going to a dying patient's room. "Like totally, you do have cancer dude. But the good news is that you can't get a job at your age of 37 anyway. You'll be so totally good to go from this room in a few days unless there is like a total miracle. This hospital will be so over you. Have a nice day!"

    The reason our country and DC Gov is in such a mess now is because most people hired are still in diapers and still sucking on pacifiers.

    Fenty has NO redeeming value at all. He could be put in the catgegory as a sociopath. Probably already is. But at least he knows how to openerate 10 Blackberrys at one time.

    Rock on Mr. Grey !!!