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By The Numbers: Health Care Reform in D.C.

Health CareThe passage of the health care reform bill was a big victory for the Obama administration—or, in Vice President Joe Biden's words, "a big fucking deal." But what does it mean for D.C.?

If you missed the link in Loose Lips Daily yesterday, let us recap. The House Energy and Commerce Committee—which obviously likes the bill—offers the following as the "Benefits of Health Care Reform In the District of Columbia":

363,00: The number of D.C. residents already with health insurance that will receive "improved" coverage.

Up to 134,000 and 17,300: The number of families and small businesses, respectively, that will be eligible to receive tax credits and other help in purchasing coverage.

75,000: The number of beneficiaries that will receive improved Medicare coverage, including on currently unsubsidized medications.

6,000: The number of uninsured residents that will receive coverage.

5,600: The number of residents with pre-existing conditions that will be able to get coverage.

400: The number of families protected from bankruptcy due to unaffordable health costs.

67,000: The number of young adults that will be able to receive coverage on their parents' plans up to the age of 26.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, who, we all know, couldn't vote for the legislation but would have, says the bill also will provide up to $54.6 million for the District's 42 community health centers. LaShon Beamon, spokeswoman for the D.C. Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF), told City Desk that DHCF is still in talks with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to determine the amount that will go to the city and how the funds will be used.

Photo by Leoncillo Sabino, Creative Commons Attribution License

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  • Matty B

    Psst...I think you forgot a zero or misplaced a comma in that first stat.

  • Jordan

    Could you at least pretend to be objective? Good grief. Plenty of DC residents will not be able to keep the current insurance plan they have. I'm one of them. I mean, how about just a quote at the end by someone who opposed this legislation? Would that much objectivity ruin the story?

  • sedcdude


    Spend a trillion to save a "few" billion, while on April 5th, MILLIONS of "people", not dollars will lose UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS!!

    That's like spending your GRAMPS dollar, to save a nickle on the purchase, but YOUR GRAMPS will OWE 3 dollars as opposed to 1......GTFOH, could'a kept that (HC "REFLUX") and BAILED out the UNEMPLOYED at a LOWER "return" but a GREATER AMERIKKKA!!