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Vincent Gray: I Will Decide on Mayoral Run Next Week


UPDATED 12:25 P.M.

D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, appearing on WPFW-FM this morning, says he'll decide on a mayoral run next week, bringing to an end prolonged deliberations that have kept city political observers on edge.

Gray acknowledged that the delays might have something to do with the deliberations of another legitimate challenger, multimillionaire developer R. Donahue Peebles. In other words, Gray realizes that only one of them can run and hope to win.

Under questioning from hosts Jonetta Rose Barras and Eugene D. Kinlow, Gray deployed the "One City" rhetoric he ride to the chairmanship in 2006.

"When you look at the polls...what you see is a city divided," he said.

UPDATE, 12:25 P.M.: LL spoke to Gray as he left the WPFW studio. Gray repeated that he's had "two or three conversations" with Peebles about ensuring that only one of them runs.

He discounted the widely-discussed possibility both could run, with Peebles spending big bucks to soften Fenty then dropping out ahead of the Sept. 14 primary. "He's told me, 'If I get in, I'm in for the duration,'" Gray says.

Gray also tells LL that, if he decides to pull the trigger, he'll have the immediate support of "as many as six" of his council colleagues.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Dave

    What are the odds Gray does not enter the race next week? Care to venture a guess DBone?

  • Stone

    Vincent Gray-deliberate quickly, decide and announce your candidacy to run for mayor.

  • Reid

    I think Gray has been seriously hurting any chance by dithering like this. Maybe people will forget it by the primary, but it sure doesn't make him look very decisive. In Fenty we have too much decisiveness, but I don't think the city wants someone of opposite disposition. Yes, Fenty-haters will, but I still think they're mostly a loud but small group.

  • DC Hoodrat

    *Giggles* I hear Marion Barry is deciding on a run as well.

  • Rick Mangus

    WHO CARES!, Gray is from the same ship of fools in there now, we need an outsider with new ideas and good moral standing and a lot less arrogance!

  • DC Hoodrat


    That person would be labeled a carpetbagger. DC natives and long term residents have grown quite fond of the dysfunctional label. It has a certain Je ni se quais that typifies the ideal DC resident.

  • hymesb

    Ok. Now we get to see if senility has set in yet.

    Vince, keep you job and make Kwame Brown blow his career away.

  • Typical DC BS

    One of the things I like about DC is that it's hard for an outsider to come here and win a political office (ala Hillary Clinton and her Senate victory in New York).

  • Anonymous

    "Maybe people will forget it by the primary...."

    In this town? They'll forget it by week after next.

  • S.E.

    Too late now!!!

  • hymesb

    Isn't Gray like 75? Will he be functional thru a four year term? Definatly not two terms. He already has the fresh corpse look.

    Regardless, is possible for him to ditch the dye job first? I was watching Chanel 13 and looking at him gave me a headache.

    I kept wondering why his scalp was so white. It was contrasting with his hair and giving me a headache. Then, I realized that it was his hair that was white. He has a jet black die job and his roots had grown in.

    Marion Barry does the same thing. What is wrong with looking your age? They shoud be proud to be senior citizens.


    LOL@Hymesb. Hymesb, former D.C. Council Chair Linda W. Cropp and a lot of women dye their hair. I didn't realize until a few years ago, a lot of men were doing it too. Steve Harvey and Bernie Mac hair looked too black and I realized these men were close to or over 50. Denzel Washington and a lot of male actors in Hollywood over 40 or 45 dye their hair. LOL

    D.C. Council Chair Vincent Gray look like a Zombee or the living dead. I will not vote Gray or Adrian Malik Fenty. As D.C. voters/citizens, we are doomed. There's no one worth voting for. Nappy head D.C. (D) Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton need to retire and her old ass need to disappear along with Marion Barry.

  • art

    Gray may be a good legislator, but he moves FAR too slowly to be an effective executive. His turtle pace, do-the-safest-thing-possible style will not play well for the city as an executive. Just look at how horribly the Dept of Human Services ran when Gray was in charge of it.

  • Jesse Helms

    DC Hoodrat, didn't I tell you to stay in your trailer park Negro? Why are you trying to be colored? We all know, you are David Catania on the downlow.

  • Anonymous

    DC Hoodrat is Chuck Thies.

  • Wrack

    Whoever DC Hoodrat is, she can't spell "quoi" right.

  • Anonymous, too

    "Whoever DC Hoodrat is, she can't spell "quoi" right."

    Not to mention "ne" and "sais"...
    "je ne sais quoi" (literal translation "I don't know what")...

    ...Hoodrat, you need to lay off the literary conceits--particularly in other languages--until you figure how to use them correctly in English.

  • Truth Hurts

    Has the fencegate/comcast ethics report come out yet?

  • Polar Bear

    Is Vince Gray Black or White?