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District to Fire D.C. General Shelter’s Manager

The contractor charged with running the city's main shelter for homeless families has been fired.

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells tells City Desk that Families Forward Inc. will lose their contract by month's end to operate the shelter, which is located on the D.C. General campus.

Wells says that Clarence Carter, director of the Department of Human Services, "gave me the message that their contract will be terminated at the end of the month."

Calls for comment to Families Forward and DHS have not been returned. The nonprofit had been under scrutiny since the Banita Jacks scandal. In recent weeks, the nonprofit's shelter management has faced a series of allegations ranging from staff offering blankets for sexual favors, the suspicious death of a newborn on Feb. 9, poor case management, and crummy living conditions within D.C. General.

Families Forward's only public comment on the shelter has come in the form of a letter to Mayor Adrian Fenty. In the letter, the nonprofit admits that staff did have inappropriate contact with residents and that its case management has been slow in assisting families.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Typical, throw the small guy under the bus, how about the politicans as well!

  • Manor

    dcblackdaddy should get his own column on CP.

  • DC Hoodrat

    I agree... He should be one of the Loose Lips columnists.

  • http://none militaryman2

    Wow, I thought comments were suppose to be related to the article. I am shocked that dcblackdaddy chose this means to air his differences. Sounds like a grown man throwing a temper tantrum to me. Since I have known Pastor Judy Talbert for more than 30 yrs, thought it was my duty to respond on behalf of a kind and Godly woman as Pastor Talbert. It appears obvious that she has chosen not to dignify such slanderous lies with a response. After all it is hard to reason with a "MAD MAN." This dude either doesn't know her or has some axe to grind. Either way he missed the mark. Pastor Talbert is a modern day Harriet Tuman with a heart of gold. In all the years my family and I have known her she has championed the cause of the underdog and rallied to make positive changes in the community. It's no wonder political leaders and high-profile individuals support her church and her mission to help others. She is a great person to have on your side. I am surprised that the Washinhgton Post would allow such slanderous remarks to remain on their site. Did the reporter do his homework. Pastor Talbert's great reputation speaks for itself. I'm just saying.

  • Better Ward 5

    Clarence Carter?? Didn't he sing that song 'Strokin'???

  • Better Ward 5

    On the other note-- Where did Pastor Judy go to seminary? What are her credentials? I mean, real estate agents have to be licensed, doctors have to be licensed-- I think its time that these store front 'churches' get licensed. I mean, if you do not have a legitimate degree in theology or religion, then your 'church' shouldn't qualify for tax exempt status, and individuals should be barred from using terms such as 'Reverend' or 'Pastor' or my two favorites common here in DC-- 'Bishop' and 'Dr. Reverend'. Lets see how many of these people would still preach if they couldn't drive a Mercedes and be exempt from taxes.

  • Moooooooo

    So I've got a question that I haven't seen raised yet (but might have missed): Is there a reason the city is committed to having services like these run via private contractor?

    That seems like a problem right off the bat.

    This has been an awesome series of articles, Jason. Super thanks!

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  • LifeTime

    Better Ward5, What seminary have you been too? the igornant. You can see that DC Blackdaddy has a problem he's using the site for his bullshit. He need a chat room for his shit. I'm sick of him and his BS. The damn topic is District to Fire D.C. General Shelter’s Manager. It Freaks like him who need to be locked up. You can tell that he is the dumb, fuck up landlord Jacques Chevalier aka DC Blackdaddy every freaking site he talks about these ladies he must have feeling for them! Damn I'm sick of his mess! come on!

  • candi miles


    Don't be concerned about militaryman2, as birds of a feather flock together!!!