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Watch: Marion Barry Reality Show Trailers

Last November came news that Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry would be the subject of a reality show pilot filmed by local documentary vet Kirk Fraser. Now Fraser's offered a first look, via a pair of YouTubed trailers.

LL spied Fraser & Co. covering Barry on March 2, the day he was censured by his D.C. Council colleagues then later appeared before an adoring crowd at a Ward 8 church. Fraser captures a private confab that day with staff and lawyer Fred Cooke, who consoles Barry by telling, "It may be by the end of this year, if nothing happens...maybe they'll feel like you've served enough time in the penalty box, and they'll say, 'OK, you can be a committee chair again.' 'Cause this is totally bullshit."

Another clip, after the jump, features a Barry visit to a city social-service center.

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  • saveDAbay

    Way to go Kirk, bring truth to light and power, force feed em' some BLACK positivity and resilience for a change!!

    Kirk you are not only a CREDIT to BLACK WASHINGTONIANS, but a credit to BLACK MEN in the face of all the witch hunting and the "systematic" emasculation of brothers!!

    This should be interesting, an unbiased and HONEST portrayal in the day n' life of DC's most saavy and misunderstood pliticians of my lifetime!

    I'll be tuning in to hear the TRUTH!

  • Rick Mangus

    'saveDAbay', you are a pathetic moron, as far as the video I thought that I was watching reruns of
    'Amos 'N Andy' and the charter 'Kingfish'!

  • saveDAbay

    Rick Mangus, I've heard a great deal about you; the "female" hating, racist gump who is all about cokks, emotion and racism!! Is your disdain for Marion Barry due to the fact that you yearn to be had by a black, "straight" politician??? INTERESTING!!

    Your "special" ass ain't saying shit for real, your kind can only have a voice here on the blogs because you're too much of a coward to talk that shit in public!

    The fact that you likened this to an antequated racist show speaks volumes; pathetic, miserable and a coward, keep watching, you know you enjoy it!

  • Rick Mangus

    'saveDAbay', nice to see you changed you're handle, were you not here under another name?

    I will tell you as I have told you before your stupid theory of "The white man is out to get us" is tiresome and out dated. But to some dumb ass like you it still is alive in that plantation in your weak little mind. Get you facts straight before you make statement you know nothing about, stupid!

  • saveDAbay



    The more you post, the more your stupid ass removes your white sheet!

    You come in layers and you're appearing clearer and clearer!

    DENY all you want, you are what you are...gump! THATS FACT!

  • noodlez