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Morning Roundup: The ‘How Ruined Is Your Bracket?’ Edition


Good morning, Friday lovers. It's amazing how, if you just keep working for four straight days starting Monday, the fifth one that comes around is Friday. Every single week!

Just so you know, there will be no references to Alex Chilton in this Morning Roundup (except for an indirect one at the end).

There will, however, be a reference to yesterday's City Desk post on the untimely deaths (or maybe they weren't untimely?) of 1. a tarantula 2. a sugar glider 3. a rabbit 4. a chameleon 5. an anole 6. and 7. two frogs 8., 9., and 10. three rats and 11. and 12. two mice. Do you know what a sugar glider is? Read it!

How are you doing with your bracket? Did you pick Murray State? Of course you didn't! Did you pick Georgetown? Of course you did! So what you're saying is, your bracket is ruined.

Speaking of March Madness, I must tell you something important involving the office pool you dropped $5 on. As in: It's illegal! Or it might be. I'm sure you've already checked with your office HR department to see if your place of employ has a policy against gambling (this is the case with many federal government agencies, though the company I work for, Creative Loafing, is very much pro-gambling). But beyond office policy, there's a whole legal thing.

"The legality of NCAA bracket contests in offices is really dependent upon state law," Anthony N. Cabot, who practices gaming law in a city that is known for doing a little gaming every now and again (Las Vegas), tells NPR.

(Does that mean we have to run our bracket past Peter Nickles? What the hell does he know about the NCAA tournament? If I didn't pick Murray State, he didn't pick Murray State.)

Anyway, Cabot says that most pools are fine as long as they're just "a casual bet between people and no one is making a profit."

To which I say: Of course we're making a profit! Or we would be if Murray State hadn't won, and Georgetown hadn't sucked so bad. Hoya Suckxa.

One sad piece of news to report: A Howard University senior drowned over the weekend while on spring break in Cancun. The Washington Post quotes the campus newspaper, the Hilltop, as saying Davon Green-Franklin, 22, of Baltimore, drowned on Sunday; details were scarce. "Known for an effervescent smile and positive outlook, he strived to learn lessons from everything he encountered," the Hilltop reported. On Saturday, Green-Franklin sent what is now an eerie-sounding tweet: "Life Lessons from the ocean water: the waves will pull you out further before they take you back to shore."

So, for the second day in a row, we end our Morning Roundup: R.I.P.

Photo courtesy of D34n, Creative Commons Attribution License

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  • cminus

    Of course I had Murray State! Though I didn't have Georgetown choking until the second round.

  • proballdc

    I'm like Florida Evans, Damn, Damn, Dammit, G'Town!!!

  • noodlez

    that damn midwest bracket is gonna be some shit when its all said and done.

    ahh . . . if u didnt pick murray state step away and turn in your bracket.

    you are officially banned from the madness.

  • Memphis

    Why do you have to make fun of people mourning the loss of a great musician?

  • saveDAbay

    G'town ain't choke, they simply got their asses kicked!

    N. Iowa confirms the fat that EVERYBODY can play the game now, not too much of a difference in mid majors and majors minus maybe size, but the talent is on par....this is getting interesting!

    Parity's a beautiful thang!!

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