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Republicans Hate Maryland Basketball

0317terpsOr something like that.

WaPo's Ben Pershing writes that the vast majority of GOP congressmen voted against a House measure introduced by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer congratulating the Terps for making the NCAA tournament.

This was payback, because Hoyer would allow a vote on a Republican member's resolution congratulating the UC-Irvine men's volleyball team for NCAA championship last fall.

The member, John Campbell, then pointed out on the House floor the Terps' lousy graduation rate. "Given that this is being put forth in the Education and Labor Committee, if we were going to look at all the 65 teams in the NCAA championships, should we be considering the academics of the teams that are in or not in?"" he asked.

All of this, well, it's almost enough to turn this Georgetown partisan into a Republican.

(Also: If you're interested in checking out LL's bracket, check away.)

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  • cminus

    Good luck with your Midwest Regional!

    (I made almost exactly the same predictions, except I have Northern Iowa rather than UNLV losing to Kansas in the second round.)

  • Rick Mangus


  • cminus

    What, you're a UNLV fan, Rick?

  • Mike DeBonis

    Everyone needs luck with their Midwest Regional...

  • noodlez

    richmond over 'nova and duke in the final four will put you out of contention early.

    sounding like whitney houston "your brack is whack"

  • Mike DeBonis

    Think again, noods. Nova's been playing like crap since mid-Feb., don't see a turnaround in the cards. And Richmond's tough as hell---beat Xavier in A10 tourney, beat Temple in reg season before falling just short in cof final. Wins against top 50 ODU, Mizzou, Fla. Fear the Spiders.

    And LL hates Duke as much as the next guy, and they are undeserving of a one seed, but they're in a ridiculously easy region. Maybe an inconsistent Louisville team knocks em off, and I hope they do, but not likely. And no way a weakened Purdue steps up.

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  • Rick Mangus

    'cminus', a Georgetown fan!

  • noodlez

    everybody lost down the stretch in the big east because everybody in big east was steppin their game up. nova built for ncaa tourney. besides 3 of those loses was to top ten teams!

    yeah the spiders are a tough out but they will be burnt out if they get past st marys because that will be a tough game for them.

    duke's cakewalk through the season will haunt them once again. where is their signature win? duke is fools gold especially all the way to final 4. i was told the reason duke is in a weak region is because they are weak themselves. that region is set up for a double digit seed to wreak havoc on folks bracket. u heard it here first.