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Marion Barry Now Driving a Corolla, Owes $465 in Tickets


LL, preeminent chronicler of Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's transportation as he is, has a wheels-related update.

Barry, it seems, has returned the 1997 Mercedes E320 he'd been driving to its owner, the Rev. Anthony Motley. In its place, he has opted for more a spartan whip: He arrived at the John A. Wilson Building this morning is an early-'90s vintage Toyota Corolla.

And, as seems to be fashionable among councilmembers these says, Barry (or its previous driver) has racked up some hefty parking fines. A year ago tomorrow, the car was cited for failure to display current tags—a fine that now stands at $205. In May, the car was ticketed in a no-standing zone ($105); in September, it was a loading zone (also $105), and a week ago, it picked up a $50 ticket for lacking a current inspection sticker.

The plates on the Corolla, according to Lexis-Nexis, had previously graced Barry's 1999 BMW 540i—the car he was driving on July 4 when he was arrested in Anacostia Park for stalking Donna Watts-Brighhaupt.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Another arrogrant PRICK who thinks he's above the law! What I would like to know is why this criminal bastard's car hasn't been booted and towed, if it was Joe or Jane citizen our cars would be in an impound lot pronto!

    This paper should investigate why his car isn't booted, I for one want to know why!

  • Skipper

    Did he properly register the tag transfer with DMV?

  • Rick Mangus

    Here is another thing I was just thinking of, don't city council members have special plates, which says something like 'Council Member'?

    Barry probably doesn't have those plates so he can go into drug areas unnoticed, like the 1500 Blk. of R Street, NW, where he has been seen on many occasions, twice by myself!

  • DC Debutante!

    WOW! When will this end?

  • MM

    This is a bit too much! Must we focus on every little thing this man does?! If we'd leave him alone perhaps he might go away. Geesh!

  • Columbiana

    Well, it seems since Erik left you have let up on the Post but at least you can still dig up obscure flotsam on Marion.

    FYI - Buried in Carol Joynt's blog today may be a big clue as to the down slide of WaPo. Donny Graham is at some event with his face EMBLAZONED with a map of Ireland.

  • The Advoc8te

    If I had tags for a different vehicle on my car I would get a ticket and my car would be towed. If DC parking enforcement and DMV don't think it is a small thing - a bootable offense no less then this isn't "any little thing" - its breaking the law...again.

  • proballdc

    LL. Get a life. Who cares that Barry has tickets in this city with a parking enforcement strategy from hell. Will you please get on with reporting on things of substance. Follow the Mayor around and see where the trail leads you. You may be quite suprised.

  • Mike DeBonis

    Well, proballdc, LL's guessing folks like himself who actually pay their parking tickets might care, for one.

  • proballdc

    Ok, then, stick with the amateur reporting. It's your career.

  • The Advoc8te

    And one more thing. Parking enforcement came through Barry's neighborhood 2 nights ago and booted about 10 cars - why was this car NOT booted? Then again the other 10 car owners who awoke with boots do not have a councilmember tag in the window.

    I always thought public officials should be held to a higher standard - not less.

  • LSmith

    All the money I spend in parking tickets and getting tags on my car it's not fair that Barry does not have to.

  • The Advoc8te

    Exactly! The moment I get that 2nd ticket I am running out to pay them off because I know parking enforcement will put a boot on a car quick. Parking enforcement as Congress Heights on lockdown - I don't see how Barry skated on this Corolla or the BMW before that - they have been booting.

  • The Advoc8te

    Correction: I meant his ...I mean Rev.Motley's

  • Truth Hurts

    LL, Motley said Barry was using Motley's Mercedes only while he (Barry) was waiting for Barry's BMW to be fixed (which was supposed to be finished by now). Like most things Barry, something smells fishy---and it isn't parking tickets. But so what? It's Marion Barry, remember?

  • bigv frm tennessee

    If the Examiner is going to point out council members with unpaid parking tickets, let's do them all. The Barry bashing is only making Black DC residents more angry. In fact, many are talking about "drafting" Barry to run as chair of the Council. Since Vincent has not registered for the seat and Jack is hedging towards it, Barry could cause an uproar in DC politics. That's right, you anti-Barry types, the news would blast on every major radio and TV station every 60 seconds. Once Barry won, he could redeem himself and remove the "dirty dozen" from the committees they chair. I luv it. Run Barry run. All you hiding behind your emails - don't "F" with Barry. We might just draft him and give you the biggest headache you've had in a long time. Why not investigate when David or Jim are getting married or if they gave one of their lovers a contract?

  • proballdc

    The city's approach, as reported in the Examiner, to tickets, is predatory and will backfire in their attempts to generate punitive revenue to close a budgetary gap. I fight most tickets and win. I pay those that I know are valid. Barry is a councilman and should fight or pay tickets. That said, LL isn't reporting on all local/national politicians that don't pay parking tickets. How about reporting on ALL city vehicles that have "unpaid" parking and traffic tickets. LL has an unhealthy fascination with Marian Barry that may well necessitate professional help.

  • Truth Hurts

    LL maybe could do a "parking ticket patrol" series sorta like his "shovel patrol" blogs re local politicians during the recent snowstorms. That might be pretty revealing.

  • Bryan

    It's my understanding that by law, councilmembers' cars are exempt from parking restrictions (within reason, I assume), the theory, I suppose, being that they need to be able to get around town in the business of governance, and all that might entail. In the same way, the District doesn't ticket Federal or District government vehicles, because it would hinder the business of government (Think McCulloch v. MD).

    That said, Mr. Mangus, though perhaps a little psychotic, was absolutely right. Council members, like DC Maintenance vehicles are given special plates to notify parking enforcement that this vehicle is exempt from parking restrictions. Why, then, CM Barry does not have his special council plates on the vehicle is a question, perhaps, and why THIS car was not booted or towed is another question. Why, however, CM Barry's car was not towed if properly plated, though a fun thing to gossip about, is not really that interesting. Just good old fashioned law...

  • J

    You know what - I thought with the editor leaving maybe we would leave this poor man alone. We know hes pathetic, we know he doesnt pay bills on time, we know hes a womanizer, and probably corrupt. I loved the "denver' cover BUT this reader is finally sick of hearing about Barry. Next please.

  • dcblackdaddy

    Well some of don't get morning sickness but love thjose caught contracting slickness.

  • Don Vito Corleone

    In the words of the late great Miles Davis......
    So What???

  • Woodley Parker

    Hey bigv frm tennessee -- Barry for Council Chair? You're joking, right? That's a joke, right? Because that's about the funniest damn thing I have heard today. Not a snowball's chance in hell, my friend.

  • Brian

    He's driving the toyota so he can claim it sped out of control and file a lawsuit against toyota

  • downtown rez

    The thing is, aside from the media why would anyone actually notice?
    You'd still have all the same unpaid tickets, earmarks, juvenile grandstanding by the chair and individual members, etc.

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  • Don Vito Corleone

    Let me correct Bryan #19's comment...if a federal government vehicle is ticketed, it is the driver's resposibility to pay the fine. That is why vehicle logs are maintained at government agencies.