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Ted Loza Speaks: ‘This Is Bullshit’

LL cycled down through the drizzle to the District's federal courthouse this morning to catch a hearing in the Ted Loza bribery case.

Things have been rather quiet in the prosecution of Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham's former chief of staff, and LL was hoping prosecutors might be filing the new charges they've indicated that might be on the way. Alas, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Crabb told LL no such charges would be forthcoming today.

So LL turned around and left, exiting through the courthouse annex. A few steps up 3rd Street NW, lo and behold, was Loza, running late for his 10:15 hearing. It was the first time LL had encountered him since his arrest.

"Life is good," Loza said, dressed in blue suit and red tie.

Conversation quickly moved to the state of his case: "I'm innocent. This is bullshit," he told LL, declining to speak in any further detail.

He proceeded take umbrage at LL's reporting last fall on Loza and his personal and professional dealings. "You didn't do me any justice," he said.

There's always next time, LL replied.

Loza's trial was set today for Oct. 4—bad news, incidentally, for Graham's Democratic challengers who might have enjoyed some pre-election bad press for the incumbent. Only an independent or Republican will be in a position to make political hay out of any revelations that might be aired at trial.

File photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • WardQueen

    In Ted World nothing that benefits Jim "Taxi Cash" "AIDS Grift" Graham con possibly be wrong. I remember confronting Loza on the way he manipulated the latino pac endorsement process for Fenty in the mayoral race (and we all remember the dance ol' bow tie did on that). He had the same "life is good attitude", incredulous that there was any problem inherent in corrupting the process when the end result benefitted Graham.

    At its root the problem for Graham will be cultural. Given the age difference, the basis for and nature of their relationship, tied to Loza'a background, one can extrapolate that the emotional bond is really only about as strong as Loza might have to a convenient farm yard animal. When Loza wakes up to the fact that it is HIS a's that is in the sling he will bellow like a rutting sow.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Get ready Bubba, you will have a new cell mate in the near future. He's an over the hill Latino man instead of some fresh young chicken 25 years old. LOL

  • Wassup

    Is Loza still being of service to Nanny Graham or is Chuck Thies now filling her need?

  • Cash Dollars

    What is the actual, current status of Loza/Jim Graham as per criminal charges, indictments, etc.? Clearly something is up with the plea deal having stalled. Most likely Graham's attorney has convinced Loza he can beat the rap. Clearly the U.S. Attorney knows they are onto something bigger.

  • Columbiana

    Jim Graham's career of corruption will give any challengers plenty of ammunition as this thing moves forward. I wouldn't be surprised if, in the end, that Graham doesn't even end up running. Either he'll be under indictment, in jail, or the hue and cry for his head will be so loud even he, tone deaf as he is, will hear it.

    My bet would be that the U.S. Attorneys are wading through the tangled web of graft, grift, and gratuity which Graham has woven around himself since way back before he wrestled Whitman Walker under his control. I too think it very telling that no plead deal has been worked out in the Loza case. The U.S. Attorneys know they are on to something. Graham is still playing Loza for a stooge, as usual.

  • DC Hoodrat

    Wow. DC is just fucked up all the way around. Niggas, Spics, Crakas and faggots.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Hoodrat- There is a simple solution for your concerns about our fucked up City- leave. A hoodrat of your caliber will be welcomed in any fucked up big City. Hmmm, but one that does not have "Niggas, Spics, Crakas and faggots", not that's a hard place to find. Let's see- Kampala in Uganda has great potential for what you're looking for- No Niggas there- just regular Africans. Spics- Not likely. Crakas- well not since the 1970s. Faggots- the government has made this illegal. So yay. We've found your new home. Get the fuck out of City bitch.

  • Graham Watch

    When will Jim Graham be arrested? They really must have enough to nail him.

  • Don B

    Jim Graham will most likely be indicted by the end of April or mid-May. Loza will squeal when the heat goes up.

  • Don B

    I predict Graham ends up with 10 -12 years. She'll be lucky to get out alive.

  • DC Voter

    Graham being perp walked out of the Wilson Building in cuffs on Newschannel 8! Ah, a fantasy headline, can't wait to see the looks on colleague's fgaces.

  • Korrupt

    Life is good. Probably because he's still getting a paycheck from the City while he sits at home on his arse.