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Morning Roundup: Breaking Away Edition

a bus ad I saw the other day

Fellow cyclists! I salute you on this morning when our power gathers like grime on an 0ver-lubed chain! Hey America: We are on your Google Maps! Your grand historic boulevards—why yes, we'll take those, too, thanks (hey, even the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue is safer than bike trails, apparently). If we need something shoveled, we will let you know. Deny this city the right to vote all you want; we'll bring in Italian bike tours—just make sure our cycling mayor gets his beak wet.

Speaking of New Urbanist utopias, can someone explain what in the hell is going on with Crystal City? An ambitious street-art show (albeit one that didn't exactly kick off as planned) and now a new bike rent/share business (that's right, business; what side of the Potomac do you think you're on?). Arguably the worst part of Arlington since its inception*, Crystal City now offers more to livable-walkable weenies than many parts of the District. PRO: Easy access to Mount Vernon Trail, subway. CON: Nonetheless, conventioneers still have to Frogger across eight lanes of a highway named for a Confederate hero to get a Mac Snack Wrap. PRO: South 23rd Street offers many amenities, including the best 7-Eleven in Arlington AND perhaps the only authentic Tex-Mex in the region. CON: Being steps from a Ted's Montana Grill kinda takes the shine off the apple.

JESUS IS A NATS FAN WATCH: Stephen "Jesus" Strasburg is pitching very well. Jesus "Jesus" Flores catches more bad luck.

THINGS WON AND LOST: Hoyas win. Caps win. Skins sign guy with bad tendon. D.C. has a soccer team, apparently, and its home looks like ass.

ANOTHER CRIME SCENE PLUG: I love the Post's Crime Scene blog–despite the fact that no one over there seems to have noticed that racists love its comments section more than naked jpegs of Bo Gritz. But I love Tom Jackman, and I love that Crime Scene does nuanced stupid-criminals stories, like this tale of a brazen theft of a wallet from inside the Montgomery County District Courthouse. The alleged thief then allegedly went to Best Buy and got her photo taken while allegedly enjoying the contents of this wallet—but the cops are still asking the public for leads! Forget the bank robberies in Fairfax or the drug rings at Tysons: This is the kind of modern day Robin Hood we can all ironically get behind. FREE WHOEVER THAT IS, ONCE SHE IS NO LONGER FREE!

*And I grew up off South Dinwiddie Street!

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  • Dave

    Please... there's nothing special about that 7-11. The one in Mount P is at least as awesome.

    The best thing about 23rd st - and there's not even a close second - is the Kabob Palace. Open 24/7 for your kabobbing delights.

  • Andrew Beaujon

    Dave, I said in Arlington. AND it is a very nice 7-Eleven, and if you'd like to meet me there sometime I will make the case in person.

  • Rick Mangus

    ALL 7-11 are a gift from God and are great after a night of drinking at 2AM!

  • darren

    our 7-11 basks in the glow of its nextdoor neighbor, the Crystal City Restaurant.

    Too bad Tony Kornheiser had to lay a big steaming kvetch all over our run of good news...