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Photos: First Day for Gay Weddings













Rick A. Imirowicz and Terrance Heath, March 9

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  • K(DC)

    In looking at those photos, I predict a lot of confuse children as they get older. The only animal in the world who beleive God made Adam and Steve,Eve and Evelyn instead of Adam and Eve. The damnation of this city has just occured.

  • Rick Mangus

    Great photos of LOVE! What makes these photos even better, no shots of Jim Graham, aka 'The Queen of All Media"!

  • GodsLove

    K(DC)- so what would you prefer- Anacostia today or Dupont tomorrow? Look at the households in Anacostia today- the one area in the City with the lowest marriage rate, highest poverty levels, lowest education marks, highest crime rate, but the least amount of homosexual residents. You would prefer kids being raised in that environment over a loving, committed one with two parents? I think you're the one that's confused.

    And this City will be damned, but only by the likes of bigots like you.

  • If it walks like a duck

    Amen GodsLove. K(DC) that Baby Momma thing seems to be working real well for East of the River.

  • Joel

    God made Adam and Steve too, and the love that brings them together. Great photos and congrats to this and all the other happy couples. Excited to be joining them soon.

  • Jesse Helms

    Jim Graham and David Catania would make a lovely couple. These 2 should get married.