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The Blotter, Animal Edition: Gilbert Arenas For the Ethical Treatment of Fur Coats

Intercontinental Hotel

Fur You: If you spotted a panhandler wearing a mink this week, it might be thanks to Gilbert Arenas. On March 2, Arenas "hosted" a fur coat giveaway in which expensive, animal-extracted outerwear was handed out to some of the District's homeless. The currently suspended Wizard guard was helping out animal rights group PETA's "Fur Campaign." PETA receives fur donations from individuals who have decided against wearing animal hides anymore. "Because of the vast number of furs that we receive, we donate many of them to homeless people who can't afford to buy their own coats—the only people who have any excuse to wear fur," says PETA.

Wrong Call: On Feb. 26 a caller alerted Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) that a red Pomeranian living in the 200 block of Gallatin Street NW looked so bad it must have been hit by a car. An HLE officer investigated. It turned out the pooch wasn't injured, it was just aged. The 14-year-old animal has arthritis.

Can't Comply: People get arthritis, too. An HLE officer discovered on Feb. 24 that a sneezy cat living in the 3900 block of 21st Street NE wasn't getting the antibiotics a veterinarian had prescribed—because the cat's owner, a senior citizen, is arthritic and couldn't administer the meds. The animal cop solicited family members and neighbors to help the owner medicate the cat.

Better Homes and Gardens: An HLE cop found a dog tethered to a tree in a backyard strewn with debris in the 1000 block of Lamont Street NW on Feb. 24. The officer met with the dog's owner, who said that because of financial troubles, he could no longer care for the animal. It was surrendered to the Humane Society.

Yellow Fur: An HLE officer met with a woman at a home in the 200 block of Allison Street NE on Feb. 23 about a beagle she had given up to the Humane Society. The beagle appeared to have a coat discolored by urine. The officer "strongly advised the owner of the severity of the situation and advised her on proper care of dogs."

Source: Washington Humane Society

Photography by mariefur74, Creative Commons Attribution License

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  • Q!

    I'm a little confused here PeTA giving fur coats to the homeless?!? Not saying that the homeless are not deserving of expensive outerwear, but doesn't that make for a paradox. If a fur-coated pan handler came to me, I think I'd be a little resistant to giving spare change.

  • John

    Peta - the organization that supports using prisoners for medical experiments so as not to infringe upon the rights of lab rats.

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