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D.C. Council Hires Lawyer to Investigate Parks Contracts

0305troutGet ready for the Trout Report.

Nope—not referring to conditions of backwoods Montana streams here. LL refers to the investigative findings of attorney Robert P. Trout, whom the D.C. Council has engaged pro bono to investigate the irregular award of $80 million or more in parks projects to firms with ties to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty.

Trout was introduced to reporters this afternoon by councilmembers, including Chairman Vincent C. Gray, at-largers Kwame Brown and Michael A. Brown, and Ward 5's Harry Thomas Jr., who has been leading the charge on the parks issue.

Thomas said Trout, name partner in litigation firm Trout & Cacheris, will be charged with examining why millions of dollars were sent from the parks budget to the deputy mayor's budget and then to the D.C. Housing Authority—circumventing council oversight in the process. "Why was this pathway chosen in the first place to get these projects done?" he asked. "And why weren't these contracts sent to the council for review?" Added Gray, "Some of the testimony is stunning, shocking."

It will be Trout's job to pore through that testimony, gathered over the course of a half-dozen marathon hearings, as well as other documents and evidence and arrive at a conclusion as to where there was any malfeasance at play. He will be empowered to issue subpoenas and gather any further evidence necessary to complete his findings. Asked whether further fact-finding will be necessary, Trout said, "Our expectation is that there's been a great deal that's already been done, and we expect to build on that....[but] to the extent that we feel it appropriate to fill some holes, we will do that."

Trout, a former federal prosecutor, noted that he's done some investigative work for local government in the past. "Many years ago," he said, he was retained by the Montgomery County council to probe allegations of corruption in the county liquor control bureau. Trout says he did not have "any existing relationships" with any councilmember before Gray approached him; accompanying him at today's press conference were two other partners at his firm, Gloria B. Solomon and Amy Berman Jackson. (What's in it for Trout & Cacheris? "We made the judgment that it's appropriate to provide these services to the city council on a pro bono basis," he said. "That's the decision of my firm, and we're pleased to do it." Then again, look no further than the pair of cameras and handful of reporters gathered today.)

The first major item on Trout's agenda will be the anticipated March 24 testimony of Sinclair Skinner, the principal owner of Liberty Engineering and Design, and as hot-button a political personage as exists in local circles. After an extended fight to escape a council subpoena, a judge last week ordered Skinner to appear or incur stiff fines. Thomas said the testimony will be taken in open forum, like the rest of the parks testimony, and Trout and colleagues will be allowed to sit on the dais and directly question Skinner.

The backdrop of all this, of course, is a burgeoning election year, and councilmembers no doubt are hoping to inflict some political damage on Fenty's re-election hopes via the parks probe. And by hiring an independent counsel, legislators are hoping the findings won't be so easily dismissed as mere political vendetta. ("The chairman has really undertaken in these special investigations to give the council more credibility in what we do," Thomas said at one point.)

Trout's hiring gets a provisional OK from Attorney General Peter Nickles, who has dismissed certain previous council investigations as political witchhunts—notably the fishy firetruck affair. (Though he says attorney Robert S. Bennett "did a superb job" with his recent report, which of course ended in unprecedented sanctions for Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry.)

"I think these hearings have been politically motivated, but I trust that this individual, Mr. Trout, will be independent," Nickles said this afternoon. "He has a good reputation, and I know the firm and I know his partner. They're good lawyers, and I have nothing but good things to say about them."

But Nickles repeatedly said today that he saw no "smoking gun" thus far revealed in the contracts hearings. (LL's also seen no "smoking gun," but he's seen plenty of evasive answers and forgetfulness.) "My own view is that you don't investigate public officials unless there's some clear evidence of impropriety," he said. "You don't have investigations for the sake of having investigations."

Still: "We'll be fully cooperative with Mr. Trout," Nickles says, adding that he's already given "boxes" of documents to Thomas and other investigators. But "fully cooperative" has its limits. Asked whether he'd let city employees sit for further questioning on the matter, Nickles said, "Depends on how I perceive the investigation is proceeding."

How fast will Trout finish his work? Thomas said it is his "hope and expectation" to have a report released within 45 days but left the window open for a longer probe. He disputed a suggestion that the probe might drag into campaign season, noting Skinner's intransigence. "The timeline we're on is not by my doing," he said.

Gray also addressed that point: "If there's nothing going on here," he said, "I don't understand why there's a witness who's worked extremely hard to evade coming to a deposition."

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  • Gray is a disgrace.

    Here come the hypocrites with their smoke and mirror show. They know that laws weren't broken. They know the only reason the contract funds were moved was the Barry/Gray was holding everthing up poverty pimp style.

    Attacking Fenty is their only platform.
    They just want to snoop around to find something that they hope will let them snoop around more. All the while, keeping negative news on Fenty rolling.

    Oh, and nice timing, trying to get the attention off Barry huh? I bet this one doesn't take six months.

    Gray is a fraud and two bit hustler.

  • hymesb

    Now that is the hypocrite Gray I have been waiting on. All that care and consern for the life of Barry had me thinking he had forgot how to be a sarcastic prick.

    "If there is nothing going on, I don't know why there is a witness that has worked extermely hard to evade coming to a deposition?"

    You don't...really? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Gray personally blocks anything Skinner trys to do. And that Gray is going to attempt to ruin his name by accusing him of being a theif on television.

    Right, no idea why someone would want to avoid a harangue from Gray, Brown, and Thomas.

    I mean, this isn't Marion Barry's life we are talking about here. His name and reputation mean nothing. It is just a Fenty supporter. He gives his donations to the wrong guy.

  • downtown rez

    Was Barry removed from all committees? Or only the one he chaired? And what happened to the earmark reform called for in the Bennett report?

  • Mike DeBonis

    Barry is was removed completely only from finance and revenue. Still holds a seat on housing, health, econ development, and human services.

  • downtown rez

    Thanks, Mike.

  • Rick Mangus

    O'to spring,O' be an independent lawyer in Washington!

  • tired

    To gray is a disgrace, spare me the Fenty is almighty he's dirty and he is a self righteous jackass. For you to blame Gray and Barry for everything is nauseating.I would like to know where my share of the tax dollars went, so spare me the mayor is being scapegoated crap. We have been stonewalled by the crept keeper for far to long. So shut up and let this guy do his job.

  • http://deleted candycane1

    The probe should have started long ago. Other probes should include Rhee and the fake budget that was sent to Ghandi with known flaws.(Anti deficiency) Also, Evans and the sweetheart development deal involving his law firm of Patton and Boggs.

  • Truth Hurts

    First three commenters pretty well nailed this one. Especially telling is that Brown, Brown, Thomas and Gray are leading the charge. Barry's not on the host committee solely because these guys knew it would be politically damaging.

    Anyone out there dumb or naive enough to believe the timing of "one city" Gray's investigation of Fenty wasn't carefully scripted to squash the Gray/Barry coverage?

    If I'm Fenty, I now secure "pro bono" counsel to investigate these poser CM's and their earmarks/sweetheart contruction contractors. Fire at will!

  • Contrarian

    Liberty Engineering & Design, PLLC. PLLC is a professional limited liability company as such "all organizers, members and managers" of the PLLC must be
    licensed to provide the professional services for which the PLLC is organized, in this case civil engineering. (see DCRA guidelines)

    Mr. Skinner, per public record with DCRA, is listed as follows:

    WASHINGTON, DC 20001
    For: CIVIL

    This means that Mr. Skinner has passed the first half of the registration exam for licensure as a professional engineer in civil engineering. There is a second professional practice exam that must be passed to become an professional engineer or P.E. Now these records do lag some, but as of the current public record he is NOT licensed.

    That begs the question that how can "his" firm be organized a PLLC if he himself is not a registered professional. I would expect that others members of board/ shareholders are registered P.E.'s.

    Hopefully Mr. Trout will ask, and reasonable answer is received. Otherwise, I am not sure how the firm qualifies for DPR, DDOT or other engineering contracts in the first place if their incorporation has open questions.

  • JusticeforAll

    Hey All:
    This is a great day in D.C. anyone that is doing corrupt things should be investigated and exposed. I hope they don't take the focus off Barry, by the time this is all settled HOPEFULLY he will be in jail. People forget Barry is a three or four time looser and always doing something corrupt or evasive. God delivers this fool and he go and do something else.

    If Fenty, Gray or anyone else did something wrong then they should be called to order and the cards should fall on top of them. There is no excuse for all of this corruption. Thank God for Sharon Wise who exposed Barry, now it is time for anyone else who has the courage to expose someone with the truth to stand up and be heard.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ JusticeforAll: I absolutely agree with you. All corruption should be exposed and those responsible held accountable, regardless if it's Fenty, Gray, Graham or any public official. Gray started this ball rolling. let's appoint someone to investigate his shady conduct as well.

  • hmm

    Watching the hearings, the people who testified seemed very smug. That Christmas Eve payment was also a little fishy. I am not sure if this will be an inditement on Fenty [he won't have his hand in the cookie jar like Barry].

    What I think it speaks more to is the level of talent that some of his staff have. I agree with Fenty that things should happen fast and I applaud him for pushing through in some areas. But these people were being stupid about how they went after the means Fenty chose.

    Truth Hurts, I respect your opinion most of the time. I depart from you here in that the auditor and the last independent investigation examined earmarks. What Fenty could and should do next is to put the rules in place where the executive agencies ensure that there are some real checks on these grants and no more pass throughs.

    On a seperate note, let me just say for the record that I think Nickles is an IDIOT. If nothing else, he needs a spokesperson. I agree with LL. Nobody who comes to testify actually knows anything so there would be no smoking gun. Then he said he would let city employees have further questioning "Depends on how I perceive the investigation is proceeding" comes across as arrogant and smug.

    My larger point about the Fenty camp is that I think fenty is a pretty good mayor. however, he needs better people around him.

  • Fred

    We want things to be very clear (Fenty hires friends who are not competent for the position and funnels money to frat buddies) with an easy to see result (disaster). Sometimes it doesn't work out that way though. The first is without question true. The second not so much. He has improved parks as a result of his re-routing of funds.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ hmm: I agree that Fenty could and should put rules in place to ensure there are better checks on executive agency pass throughs. My main point about the Gray, Brown, Brown, Thomas (and Barry) newly announced investigation is that its timing and sponsors demonstrate a politically motivated (and hypocritical) use of a special investigator by the legislature to investigate the executive. Reminds me of the Ken Starr probe of Clinton.

    The council under Gray's chairmanship is far more interested in grandstanding about anything Fenty than it is in cleaning its own house. Read Colby King's column in WAPO today. I agree with his view on the Gray led council.

  • hymesb


    Cry me a damn river. Yes, I attack Gray at every turn I can. Because he is a grandstanding hypocritcal Barry puppet.The parks contracts are the greatest example.

    Beside the fact that Barry and Gray refused to let Lew manage them in the first place...which lead to them selecting a private firm to program manage.

    Look at his description of parks testimony "stunning, shocking testimony."

    REALLY! As stunning as Barry kicking his girlfriend out of a hotel for not giving head? And then finding out that he funneled city money to her...drove her to the bank...had her cash the check and took the money.

    Really...more schocking than that? And what words of shock did we get on Barry from Gray? None.

    Gray just waited a few days and tried to point the finger away from his own area of responsibility.

    And, so much for the delay in the Barry hearing being due to the "process." Gray was waiting to prepare a counter offensive on the executive. And he didn't even wait a week before he launched yet another in his string of endless investigations.

    All while he pimps city contractors for personal gain. Money in his pocket via non-payment. Not a just circumvented process! But for him, we should wait until the process plays out before we judge. For Barry, we should "consider that this is people's lives we are talking about."

    But for little black business that happen to know the Mayor and get 5 cents worth of business. Fuck em! throw them, their good name, there financial stability down the drain at the slightest question improprety. And, after you find that they didn't break a law...keep on investigating anyway. Ruin them!

    That bitch Gray ain't raising any issues with the big white boys that get all the real business. The ones that he is "freinds" with for "20 years"...that give him free home repairs in areas they don't usually work, sell him 35K fences for 10K. And without permits.

    That bitch won't attack them. He attacks the little black businesses that aren't powerful enought to fight back.

    Gray is a f'ing fraud. And I'm the one that disgusts you. F'ing please!

    You should be digusted by the poverty pimps like Barry and his Crony Gray. How many committees does Barry still sit on? Must be because , as Barry put it, he and Gray still "love" each other. How sweet!

  • Fred

    But wait - did or did not Gray vote to censure Barry?

    And this probe reminds you, Truth Hurts, of the Ken Starr investigation of Clinton? Really? No. Really?

  • hymesb


    I was zoning. I see your remarks were not to me.

    But Gray is still a phoney grandstanding hypocritical Barry Puppet.

    There isn't an independant bone in his body.

    I hope he runs for Mayor. That way, I get to see those domino's fall. If he doesn't, then several more years of Barry running the city council.

  • Fred be real


    Gray did virtually nothing to Barry. He voted to censure him and took his chairmanship away.

    But he didn't say a word of comdemnation. He didn't ask him to resign. He left him on several committees. He just sat their and hid behind a unanimous vote to do shit.

    And yes, Ken Star is a perfect analogy.

    Star was tasked with finding anything he could no matter how long it took. They never got Clinton for breaking any laws prior to the investigation. He was impeached for lying to the investigator about a virtually unrelated topic. I think the original topic was real estate.

    And it was something like the 10th investigation the republicans launched. And all they cared about was tearing Clinton personal approval ratings down because his policies and performance were getting results.

    They, in effect, called Clinton a liar and thief for years in an attempt to demonize him to their base. And to caste doubts on Clinton within his party. If you say something enough, it will stick..true or not.

    Sounds like Gray and the Council's tactic with Fenty to me. They have attacked every decision and investigated every questionable move made by the Fenty. They call him arrogant, lawless, toxic.

    Oh, and everything Fenty has done well. Was the previous administrations accomplishments.

    You see the similarities yet?

    Maybe you will when they get back in controll. Hell, we could use more of that Barry Style leadership that took DC to the heights of civilization.

  • proballdc

    Well, if Fenty has nothing to hide, and has done nothing illegal, unethical or wrong, then he has nothing to worry about right? That goes to his staunch supporters on this board.

    However, if there is evidence of wrongdoing and it is uncovered, I believe that those who supported the strongest sanctions against Barry for $15000 should be calling for the Mayor's head on a platter for $85 million.

    Lest you be a hypocrite worthy to be ignored.

    Nothing to loose here, the lawyer is working pro-bono.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

    Fenty does not have a very good track records when it comes to legal probes. Ask the D.C. Bar.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ Fred: On the topic of frat buddies, let's also look at hypocrit Gray's frat brother Bruce Bereano. Bereano is a disbarred lobbyist and convicted felon. His crime? Basically fraudulently funneling money to Maryland politicians that he lobbied on behalf of clients. Gray was well aware of Bereano's record (having been criticized by WAPO in 2004 for taking contributions from him during his ward 7 campaign) when he ran for council chair in 2006.

    So what did Gray do in 2006? He had Bereano throw a huge fundraiser in Baltimore and purposely omitted the event from his schedule, hoping nobody would notice. Well he got caught -- again. There are Gray frat brother developers who've benefitted from city contracts as well as additional felon campaign donors in Gray's closet. He's not to be trusted.

  • Anonymous

    I'm with you proballdc!

    Maybe Mr. Trout will finally get some answers and accountability on the ten-month-old, multi-million-dollar questions about Fenty and his pal, Keith Lomax, from "Drivergate."

  • Anonymous, too

    Tony Williams was no paragon of contracting virtue either. And, how's that vow "to provide a first-rate contracting process" going for ya, Mr. Mayor?

    Report Cites 'Pervasive' Mismanagement
    By Dan Keating
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, December 5, 2006; B04

    A year-long task force study found widespread deficiencies in how the District spends $3.75 billion a year, failures resulting from both negligence and intentional behavior, according to a final report released yesterday.

    A task force of city employees and outside experts described a culture in which "neglect is pervasive in both major and minor ways" and in which "violations are not treated seriously." The panel was created after media reports about hundreds of millions of dollars spent without contracts or through no-bid deals.
    The report strongly criticized a decision by Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) not to appoint a chief contracting officer during the past two years. The contract office was run from September 2004 until last month by Deputy Mayor Herbert R. Tillery, who does not have the background or experience required by statute. The number of purchases and amount spent without proper contracts "ballooned" during Tillery's term, the report says. Tillery left the government last month.

    "For the past two years, the Office of Contracting and Procurement has been without a qualified, permanent or even full-time Chief Procurement Officer," the report says, which "decreased the office's effectiveness and created the unfortunate appearance that compliance with procurement policy is not a high priority."

    "It's not Tillery's fault. He had no experience," the task force chairman, Matthew S. Watson, a former D.C. auditor, said in an interview. "It's difficult to lead if you have to rely on your organization to tell you what has to be done. It's a symptom that no one takes procurement very seriously."

    Rules for making purchases are "regularly ignored," the report says, and people who violate clear prohibitions are not punished.

    Vincent Morris, a spokesman for Williams, said in a written statement yesterday that the mayor "made massive improvements" and that contracting is "miles better" than it was when Williams took over.

    The city's contracting office has not been adequate, said a statement issued by Mayor-elect Adrian M. Fenty's office, and Fenty vowed to provide a first-rate contracting process.

    A separate review by the Government Accountability Office, requested by Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.), who chairs the House Committee on Government Reform, is expected to be finished in January. The District inspector general is also completing a review of city contracting.

  • Marion’s Proxy Vincent Gray


    Give me a break with the "if you have nothing to hide. Pull down your pants and let me see your booty crack" arguement.

    That tactic is as old as water.
    There is nothing directly connecting Fenty to the award of these contracts. All they are doing is sullying his reputation with enuendo and accusation.

    You heard Thomas...the investigation would have been over if Skinner had testified. But Skinner "left him at the altar." All this for the testimony of just one subcontractor?

    How about this?

    Barry's (thru his Proxy Gray) doesn't have the money or record to challenge Fenty in an election.

    So he is campaigning with the gavel.

    Barry doesn't need to run a committee to hold up most anything Fenty wants to do. And if Gray is Mayor, he won't need a council seat to run the District.
    Remember, he is mayor for life Baby! Don't hate the player...hate the game. Those Ward 8 non-profits are not his only proxies? Not by a long shot. Believe it, Barry ain't no joke.

    This is a classic performance by Barry and the Marionettes.

  • downtown rez

    This is a lot of smoke without any real fire.
    At the end of the day, people will have to choose between Fenty's version of responsive government and the Gray/Barry style of old school patronage, graft, and kickbacks.
    For me it's an easy choice- I'll pick Fenty every time.

  • Wendy Glenn

    Thank God elections are still done by the citizens and residents of Washington DC and not outside interests and opinions.

    We know who we support and why; the fact that others disagree is not relevant nor do we care. Gone are the days when others picked our leaders for us and we had to support rules and laws that did not even consider us a whole person or worthy of breathing the same air, eating in the same restaurant or living next door.

    I will not support Fenty in this election because he does not support me or my family. Clear and simple.

  • HeldResponsible

    We will all be HeldResponsible for turning our heads when we see wrong in our community. Barry is an enigma, a riddle wrapped in a joke. As a matter of fact he is a joke.

    This time he will go to jail and that is where he belongs. As far as Fenty and Gray is concerned, why don't some "real" witnesses or folk who is, may and know someone who is, may benefit from wrong doing, step forward like that "whislteblower" Sharon Wiser did to Barry. We need more 'SHERO'S" LIKE HER TO STEP UP! She is not blogging and talking shittttttt under a sudo name, she is going to tell it on the mountain, now who will be next?

  • Skipper

    Did Gray ever get the permits needed for the construction work done at his house by his contractor buddies? Will the special counsel be looking into that and other Gray home-repair shenanigans?

    Will LL look into whether the average person avoids major fines when they're caught doing construction without permits?

  • Five To Go

    I agree with @Anonymous, too. I would add the following using some of your words. "It is difficult to lead if you have to rely on your frat brothers , Michelle Rhee, Peter Nickles, and Sinclair Skinner,to tell you what has to be done.It's a symptom that you, Mr. Fenty don't take Public Service very seriously. Remember, Mr. Mayor, You Work for the Citizens of DC, not New York City, et al.
    @Wendy Glenn, you said it all, I too, will not cast my vote for Mr. Fenty.

  • proballdc

    As I said, if Fenty has done nothing wrong, he has nothing to worry about. For those with difficulty at reading for comprehension, that only includes wrongdoing that directly connects him to legal and ethical lapses as a public official.

    I am all for responsive government, but I am not for responsive government that comes at the cost of public corruption,kick-backs and theft. Not with the council and certainly not with the chief executive of the city. Corruption is Corruption.

    For those who think that this probe is designed to muddy the stellar reputation of Adrian Fenty, have you forgotten that it was Fenty who stole money from an estate he was assigned to as an attorney, only to return it after being caught, reported to the D.C. bar by the family and sanctioned by that same bar? He stole from a dead man's estate. I'd say he has done much to sully his own reputation. Unless, that, too, was someone elses' fault. Perhaps Gray? Barry? Jesus?

    Patronage and kickbacks is as akin to D.C. politics such as a diaper is to a baby's hind parts. And like that diaper those politicians tend to be full of shit. They all need to be treated like the diaper, balled up and thrown into the trash.

    If Fenty has done nothing wrong this probe will actually help him in his re-election bid. It will exonerate him from suspensions of corruption and ethical lapses from the mind of many. He should welcome it and be completely transparent by being completely forthcoming with information material to the investigation. Although, many still have other non-fiscal issues with the man. However, if we do learn of such legal and ethical wrongdoing, it is incumbent upon the press to aggressively publish the FACTS to the public to allow for them to make an informed decision in the primaries.

  • downtown rez

    I'd agree with you proball, were it not for my suspicion is that the probe is less likely to turn up dirt than it is to muddy the water. My further suspicion is that at least some of our supposedly honorable councilmembers see that as the main goal.

  • Marion’s Proxy Vincent Gray


    See that is the problem, I am reading for comprehension.

    And this is what I comprehend.....this is an attempt by the Barry/Gray crew to attack Fenty. They don't care if nothing comes out of it as long as the accusation is there. You are enabling them by putting forth that "if you have nothing to wide for daddy" arguement.

    I am a Lawyer. Let me tell you. If a policeman made that arguement to you about your house...and you let them are a damn fool. You maybe innocent...but many an innocent person has landed their butt in jail being stupid. Most procecuters aren't looking for the truth. They are looking for a case they can win. Gray ain't looking for the truth. He is looking to win.

    All that other crap is just that....CRAP.

    No one is pro-corruption. And, of course, the Legislative Branch has oversight responsibilities and the executive should respect those responsibilities.

    But the politics of this are obvious. The timing of it is obvious. And the intensions are obvious. The outcome is obvious. Somewhere, in the minutia of the testimony, they will find something else to investigate. These investigations will go all the way up to Sept. They want to start with White-water but are hoping to find Lewinski.

    Do you comprehend that?

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  • proballdc

    Well MPVG if you are a lawyer, you also know that it is impossible to get to the bottom of illegal activity unless and investigation is carried forth. As a lawyer, you understand that your postulation about the motives of the council chair and council persons is your opinion and not grounded in irrefutable fact. Some may find that opinion to be "crap" and others may agree with you. Me, I would just rather get at the truth. If the council has alterior motives yet produce facts that suggest that taxpayer funds have been illegally misappropriated, or that there has been fraudulent activity that extends to the Mayoral suite or that there has been gross ethical violations, I really could care less about their motives. Truth and Facts are what the public is ENTITLED to when it comes to the activities of public officials; let the public make a determination on whether or not they care about investigative motives in the face of facts.

    If you are right, and the Mayor has done nothing wrong, I am going to presume that this entire investigation will backfire onto those who are calling for it.

    You might call it convenient timing that they, the council, have called for an investigation now, however, the PUBLIC has been calling for an investigative review into the transfer of $85 million to a quasi-public entity (Housing Authority) that has since been doled out to friends of the Mayor who lack the requisite engineering licenses to acquire a PLLC or, much less, carry out the requirements under the contract.

    As an attorney you should understand that public officials are called to avoid even the "appearance" of impropriety. Had the Mayor done this, with the counsel of his personal attorney, serving as the District's Attorney General, we wouldn't be having the conversation.

    As far as the police searching an individuals home, you compare apples and oranges. Fenty's personal rights are not being violated. this investigation is on behalf of the public.

    I think the people are smarter than you suggest. They can discern pretty good the difference between character assassination and legitimate investigations.

  • tired

    Way to go proballdc I applaud everything you said and Wendy Glenn you are absolutely right. As a citizen of the District of Columbia I am entitled to answers to where my tax dollars are so if Hysmeb is upset because he has this his fixation about Gray and Barry to damn bad. Get over it man see a doctor ,that bald head mayor needs to explain his actions. He would not get my vote.

  • tired

    typing to fast take ***his*** out. Thanks

  • http://CityDesk TONY

    Are any of Grey's Frat Members any darker than him?