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Police Make Arrest In Woodland Murder Case

Shooting, Columbia Heights

The D.C. Police Department have announced that detectives have made an arrest in the Calvin Woodland murder case. A press conference has been scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at police headquarters' third-floor line-up room. The 18-year-old was shot and killed in a parking lot on the 800 block of  Barnaby Street SE in late January. He was shot seven times.

The murder received a lot of attention. Woodland is the brother of Councilmember Jim Graham's chief of staff Calvin Woodland Jr. His father is the late activist Calvin Woodland Sr.

"We're very relieved here," Graham says of the arrest news. "Of course it's an allegation, not a conviction."

Reginald Rogers, 18, has been charged with the murder, according to Graham. "What I am understanding from our own sources here, they had a fight some weeks earlier and that seemed the justification. That's what we're hearing," Graham says. "I don't know what the justification was. That's one thing that had been suggested. They had been beefing in other words."

"It's been very challenging for everyone here," Graham adds. "[Calvin's] managing as best he can."

Fox 5 reported at the time of the murder:

"D.C. Police say 18-year-old Calvin Woodland was standing in the parking lot of the apartment building where he lived when at least two people approached and announced a robbery.

The teen is the son of community activist Calvin Woodland, Sr., who passed away in 2000.

D.C. Police say the younger Calvin Woodland was shot multiple times as he stood in the parking lot. He was known as 'Pouda,' a nickname his father gave him, and he had just landed a job at a Southwest recreation center, where he was due to start work Thursday.

His family and the people who knew him best say they are devastated."

*file photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • Manor

    I wish the dead 15 year old on my doorstep at Rittenhouse last week would receive some attention as well. This city is like a Steven King novel, and demons go about their business quietly unremarked by all.

  • Stone

    This alleged suspect is a youth already committed to the care and custody of the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. Let's see if Fenty will address this revolving situation head on.

  • tired

    Hey Stone I would not hold my breath this is not a photo opt. Kids are dying in this city and he could careless.

  • saladman

    Calvin Woodland and Calvin Woodland, Jr., are brothers? That sounds confusing.

  • GeorgeFormanthe9th

    Saladman- Yes, but they are both Calvin Woodland Jr. One was the 18 year old and the other is Graham's Chief of Staff. How can anyone be confused by this?

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  • http://none hi

    this is crazy

  • http://none hihihihihi

    fucking crazy

  • MissYouPooda

    Calvin Woodland was a great young man.He was my bestfriend.Pooda was the type of friend if he had 2 dollars and you had nothin he would give you a dollar so you both would have something. I love and miss my friend dearly.Please dont disrepect him by leaving imature comments.

    Miss you Calvin everyday I think of you