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Morning Roundup: Broder’s Gonna Work It Out Edition

snowball with log through it
This time, it's not about a charticle. In today's Post, David Broder takes on Dana Milbank, Jason Horowitz, and "journalists who fancy themselves great campaign strategists." Our video guy is standing by.

HEY SPEAKING OF THE POST: One of the paper's boldface names stinks up the joint with a widely ridiculed column, the paper's executive editor axes it, there's all kinda inside-baseball media swirl, and the paper's media columnist does...nothing about it? Seriously, where's Kurtz on this?

BUT THEN AGAIN THIS IS NOT A MEDIA COLUMN! It's a morning roundup! Some things that happened yesterday:

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  • Dave

    Or... Don't Believe Milbank's Hype.

    Or... Fear Of An Anonymously Leaked Planet

    Or... It Takes A Nation Of Brauchlis To Hold Us Back

  • tired

    Hey city paper when are you going to write a correction article on the Acorn fiasco. I read Bradblog and you guys were mention.